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acca certus crack trial 45Munich, which hosted the 2014 Winter Olympics, and the city are taking big steps to make sure that security at Olympic venues and events never again takes a hit in the wake of two terror attacks in the last 16 months.

Munich recently drafted a new security plan and is preparing a “homeland” or parallel structure that will place security agencies under one roof.

The plan, which is being presented to the public for a second round of comment Wednesday, comes after the winter Olympics and other events prompted calls for reviewing security measures. The authorities say their approach to security is designed to improve and enhance existing security measures that have made the Olympics a success in recent years.

“Munich has been able to create its security institution in a way that enables it to meet the challenges of the future, and also to remain a positive example to other cities in the future,” said Wolfgang Egger, who is in charge of security for the 2014 Games.

The winter Olympics and the Euro 2016 football tournament, which follows, will be held in the Bavarian capital.

Eight of the 12 venues and the Olympic village were attacked during the early years of the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics. Eight members of the Olympic torch relay were killed in a bomb attack in 1984, and a police officer was gunned down in 1985 during a