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AMPHIOTIK ENHANCER ST is a powerful 3D-Audio system, for novice and intermediate users, which processes standard stereo audio and converts it into an enhanced, rich 3D stereo output, increasing dramatically the listening experience.
In the STandard edition, you can place the channels of your tracks in a fully customizable 3D Virtual Auditory Environment surrounding you, and experience a complete immersion.
AMPHIOTIK ENHANCER is based on AMPHIOTIK TECHNOLOGY, which in turn is based on Binaural Technology. Binaural processing is based on HRTFs technique.
Virtual Worlds: The virtual environment is represented by the means of 3D-Graphics. New “worlds” can be generated and the dimensions of the world and the materials of the surfaces can be freely adjusted.
Sound Field Model: SFM is simulated by the means of Image Source Method (ISM) for the early reflections, in combination with reverberation algorithms for the simulation of the late part. Ultimate control over the sound field is allowed, by selecting the material, and thus the absorption coefficients, of each surface.
Virtual Sound Sources: There are five virtual sound sources, which are dynamically linked to the channels of the stereo input.
Positioning – 3D/2D View: Arbitrary positioning of the virtual sound sources and the virtual listener.
Listening over Headphones: When listening over headphones, the sound image is externalized out of the head.
Listening over Loudspeakers: Transaural-Audio – When listening over loudspeakers, standard stereo makes the sound come from between the two speakers in front of the listener. Transaural-Audio extends the sound field beyond the separation of the loudspeakers and the sound surrounds the listener. Arbitrary positioning of the loudspeakers is allowed in the horizontal plane.
Materials Absorption: Store the appearance and the absorption coefficients of materials.
Post equalization, Automatic Gain Control and more.
VST Compatibility:Windows Vista/XP/2000/98/95/NT/ME/2000/XP



AMPLIFIER is a free software for Windows, allowing to manipulate amplifiers and filters, to increase or decrease gain or create filters. The software provides a graphical user interface to modify the signal path of your amplifier with the graphical display of the amplifier and its effect on the signal.
The program provides a huge number of options to customize

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AMPHIOTIK ENHANCER stands for AMPHIOTIK TECHNOLOGY, based on Binaural Technology.
AMPHIOTIK ENHANCER ST is a collection of plug-ins that allow you to process three-dimensional audio signals into a wide range of mixed-reality 3D audio formats.
AMPHIOTIK ENHANCER ST (Standard) is equipped with 5 additional plug-ins:
AMPHIOTIK ENHANCER ST (Advanced) is equipped with the following additional plug-ins:
(REV 006 new release)
The audio plugins come with short instructions and recommendations on how to use the VST plug-in. They also come with a demo-track.
AMPHIOTIK TECHNOLOGY is based on the Binaural Technology. Binaural Processing is based on HRTF’s technique and finally, lets you hear the world like no one else.
System Requirements:
Hard Disk Space: 16 GB Free. It is recommended that the free space be at least 20-30 GB.
RAM: > 2 GB
Operating Systems: Win x86

Windows Vista (and later)
Video card:
DirectX11: Microsoft Inc. DirectX Compatible Video Card. The minimum requirements of DirectX11 is DirectX9 compatible.
OpenGL: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
Paint.NET and other program that could use Direct3D 11: Any program that uses Direct3D 11. You will need to look at how your version of Direct3D supports this.
Your video card supports hardware acceleration. All cards that support hardware acceleration of Direct3D 11 and OpenGL will support any version of VST plugins that use those technologies.
Other programs that use DirectX:
Any tool that uses DirectX that you want to test will need to be closed while running this program.
Other programs that use OpenGL:
Your video card will need to support OpenGL 2.0 for this program to work.
You will need to


AMPHIOTIK ENHANCER stands for AMPHIOTIK Tech. Enhanced Sound Technology. In the standard edition the channels of your tracks are placed in an automated and customizable 3D virtual environment. Playing with individualized immersion sounds pleasant and realistic.
AMPHIOTIK ENHANCER is the result of a long research period, in which the most important standards of 3D-audio technology were tested, combined with a detailed analysis of the hearing of humans.
One of the challenges of the audiophile community is to find a way to play music in a satisfactory manner. In the 3D-audio environment the active stereo image is accurate, and as the music seems to come from a certain direction in relation to the listener. The originality of AMPHIOTIK ENHANCER compared to other conventional 3D-audio systems is found in that the active stereo image is simulated, thereby creating the illusion that the sound is coming from a certain location.
If you use your PC for a long time, the default panning setting will not be ideal. In such cases, it is advisable to assign a different location manually to the desired virtual sound source. The headset or the monitor can be used to achieve this purpose.
Special thanks to Herman Van den Bosch, composer and music producer, who made great contributions to the development of AMPHIOTIK ENHANCER and AMPHIOTIK TECHNOLOGY.

X-Split 5 adds support for the new plugin type in X-Rite’s V-Line.
The new V-Line plugins are such luminance/luminosity adjustment plugins that are designed to analyze and adjust a given subject on the basis of its luminance components.

The new plugin type is based on the new V-Line hardware and software as well as the new calibration files for the new hardware.
With the new plugin type, you can adjust the luminance and the luminosity of any color of an object.
This plugin type uses the five-channel V-Line software from X-Rite and the new V-Line calibration files for the new RGB-D sensor.

With X-Split 5, you can now assign new subjects. You can choose a preconfigured subject list in the Application Settings in the new V-Line View (panel on the left in the V-Line View).
Furthermore, the RGB-D alignment tools can be used to align the calibration object and the subject. With the lumin


With AMPHIOTIK AMP-EnHancer you can transform your audio tracks into stereo 3D or surround 5.1 outputs. AMP-EnHancer plugins will let you use a 3D surround virtual environment to increase the real 3D and surround content of your music and increase the listening experience.
AMPHIOTIK AMP-EnHancer plugin is not a new technology, it is based on AMPHIOTIK technology, which is based on Binaural Technology (H.R.TFs).
AMPHIOTIK AMP-EnHancer plugin is released under terms of freeware and may be used under no limits.
AMPHIOTIK AMP-EnHancer plugin is available for Windows 32bits and 64bits platforms and is equipped with Language selection (English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, French, German and Dutch).
AMPHIOTIK AMP-EnHancer plugin is equipped with a 5 years guarantee.
An AMP-EnHancer Upgrade is mandatory if you have a previous version installed.
The VST plugin version is our first version, it will have bugs and will need improvements in the future.
AMPHIOTIK AMP-EnHancer VST plugin is avaiable for VST Plugin format.
Terms of Use:
Please read the “License Agreement” below before purchasing the plugin.
License Agreement:
As explained above, AMP-EnHancer plugin is released under terms of freeware. AMP-EnHancer plugin is NOT a paid upgrade, so it will need the installation of an AMP-EnHancer Upgrade version.
Paid Upgrade:
Due to the fact that AMP-EnHancer plugin is NOT a paid upgrade, you need to purchase an AMP-EnHancer upgrade:
a) first: AMP-EnHancer Upgrade (On Sale)
b) then: AMP-EnHancer plugin (of course)
For all the available upgrade versions, please read this article:

In order to limit the use of the plugins, purchasing an AMP-EnHancer Upgrade or the AMP-EnHancer plugin needs to be done in a single transaction. By doing this, you will never be charged twice.
You are in fact buying 1 plugin. If you purchase multiple upgrades, they are only considered

System Requirements For AMPHIOTIK ENHANCER ST [VST]:

Windows 10 Version 1607 or later (10.0.15063.239, 10.0.17763.133)
Windows 8.1 (8.0.10240.239)
minimum 2 GB of RAM
20 GB of available space
Processor: Intel Core i5
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 (2GB VRAM)
DirectX: Version 11
Wi-Fi and internet connection for game play and online services. This game requires a broadband Internet connection (cable, DSL, or fiber) with