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Published: 13/07/2022 (4 weeks ago)

Folders that contain a large number of files with different extension can cause a serious headache when it comes to extracting necessary information from within. The way to approach that type of situation is definitely not manual labor, but creating a file table which lists all files names, extensions and size is the way to go. In that case, AS-File Table can prove the dependable tool
Compact and simple interface
First of all the GUI cannot be resizeable, but there is no actual need to resize this app or make it full screen, as you won't spend too much time working with it.
AS-File Table has only three fields that help with the creation process. One for the path of the file you want to transform, one for the "Filter," and the last one for the output destination.
Use TXT file to create a file table
During testing is was noticed that if the output file does not contain a TXT file, an error pops up and the application freezes. When a TXT file is selected for output, the file table is created instantly. You should keep in mind that if the text file has content before the process, it will be erased. A prompt is displayed before that anyway, informing you about the override.
Text document file tables
After the process successfully is done, you can check the text document and notice that all files are listed with their name, extension, and size. The size is displayed in MB or GB depending from one file to another, but you can change that and make the program display only B(bytes). Simply check the "Size in B" box, and the next conversion document will show the desired format.
Handy and easy-to-use tool
In conclusion, AS-File Table is an excellent choice for inventory purposes regarding files and folders. It can easily be operated by any user and requires no technical knowledge.


Download 🔗 DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download 🔗 DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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Remove all duplicate entries
Create file table and text file output
Handy and easy-to-use tool
You can try AS-File Table for free. For the full version that offers more features and comes with more functions, you will have to purchase it on their web site.

When you enter the Processing plant, you are taken into a world of details and information, but what’s the best way of organizing that data? It’s one of the questions my client asked me, and I asked myself the same one.
When someone asked me to re-build their website, one of the tasks they had to pay attention to was changing the way the content was displayed so it could be easier to read, search, save, print and in general to find what you are looking for.
A way of passing information from the application to a separate file with the same structure can be done with excel, but if your client has several clients who will reuse that content, it would be best to manage your content properly with an XML standard.
In ASP.NET, this is as easy as
class ProcessData
public ProcessData()
this.ID = Guid.NewGuid();

protected string ID;
protected string Title;
protected string Author;
protected string Comments;
protected string Date;
protected string Category;
protected string Priority;
protected string Status;

It’s very easy to read, write and apply to the webpage, but everything is up to you.
Feel free to ask questions and share your thoughts, just remember that if you don’t own an account on my web site, your comments won’t be approved and counted to the total, so you’ll have to create a free account here.

After some tests and research, I think that the best way to input values into a XML file is using Parameterized queries. This means that when you run the select query, the select parameters of the current data inserted into the database are included in the queries and not send to the xml file.
In order to achieve this, a PDO statement is used, and inside it we must use two functions:


The function __construct() is called before using the PDO

AS-File Table Crack+ Free [Mac/Win]

Create file tables and check the file status in PDF format
Allows you to create a file table including the following file information for each listed file (referred to as file index):
* File name
* File extension
* File size in bytes
* File status (i.e. read-only, hidden, system, Archive…)
* Last access date/time
* Last write date/time
* Last change date/time
* File security level
* Owner of the file
* Owner of the folder (if it exists)
* Group of the file
* Attributes of the file
* Size of the file in bytes
* Operating system of the file/folder
* Path of the file
* Size of the folder in bytes
* Size of the folder in bytes
* Title of the folder
* Size of the file in bytes
* Date of creation
* Date of last modification
* Date of last access
* Date of last modification
* Date of last access
* Date of last writing
* Date of last changing
* Date of last writing
* Date of last changing
* Date of last access
* Date of last access
* Date of last changing
* Date of last writing

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5 out of 5

Popeye(verified owner)–May 23, 2017

Works very well. Out of the box.

The description says there is a file index displayed. I do not see that. What am I missing?

4 out of 5

–May 23, 2017

Customer response

Hi Popeye, thank you for your feedback! If you do not see the file index displayed you may have a screen resolution that is lower than 1024×768. However, if you can view the file table that is displayed, you should be able to select any file and see the file index in the bottom left corner of the screen.THE GOVERNMENT will tomorrow publish its decision on whether to protect the A2 road in Dublin.

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AS-File Table Free Download [April-2022]

Create table of files and folders in a text document.
Accessible as a shortcut in desktop.
Automatically converts documents.
Up to three columns:
File name
Size (Bytes or MB/GB).
Please note that there may be some comparison problems when downloading this product as it only runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Also, the program has been fully tested on a Windows 10 machine, but if you have any issues on this machine please email me so I can research and solve the issue. That is all!
You can download AS-File Table from here:

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C# HttpClient concurrent concurrent writes?

I’ve an ASP.NET web application with a lot of different processes that update the database.
I call a dll that does all the processing with the database, and that dll is responsible for updating the database.
The dll has a lot of calls to the database, and so does the web application, so I’m not sure how much concurrent access I can get for that application.


The question you need to ask is:

How much do I need?

If you can answer that, you can limit the number of threads as much as you need to.
If you can’t answer that, you can’t answer how much concurrency you should get

What’s New in the?

– Easy-to-use

– Transforms text files

– Protects files

– Truncates file extension

– Calculation of file size in MB and GB

– Trims the path

– Truncates name and extension

– Automatic or manual creation of the file table

– Will not overwrite your files

– Works with TXT files

– Handy and easy-to-use interface

TXT file created after the process is done

No need to remove content before creating a new TXT file table

Text document file tables

Automatically removes the TXT file title

The interface cannot be resized

AS-File Table


AS-File Table is available for both personal and commercial use. The licensing can either be free with limited features or paid.

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Just after the transformation is done, the file table is automatically created. It is created in the same path where the original file was saved, preserving the original file name with the extension.

1a. Hold your finger on an item to access the Shortcuts menu.

1b. In the Shortcuts menu, select Create a new shortcut, as shown in the screenshot below.

1c. In the Create a shortcut dialog box, add a name and select an application to be added to the short cut. In this case, you can select AS-File Table. Once you are done, click OK, as shown in the screenshot below.

1d. Once the application is added to the short cut, a dialog box appears. In the upper part, you can select an application icon to be added to the new shortcut. Once you are done, click OK, as shown in the screenshot below.

1e. The new shortcut is added to the dashboard.

2. Click an item in the dashboard to add the shortcut to the dashboard.The proliferation

System Requirements For AS-File Table:

Windows XP (32bit & 64bit), Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1
Intel Pentium III CPU @ 600 MHz, AMD Athlon CPU @ 750 MHz or higher.
2 GB or higher RAM (2GB+ for Extra Game)
25 MB of available space for installation
Bonus content:
10 Additional costumes in game
All available from in-game Store
Trailer of the game: