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In the eventuality that you own a Blackmagic digital camera, then chances are that you want to take advantage of the latest improvements and new features added regularly. Blackmagic Video Assist is an application designed to simplify the way you upgrade the firmware for your DSLR camera.
While it may seem like a waste of time at first, you should bear in mind all updates issued are self-contained and therefore, you no longer need to search for and download the correct versions before you install the latest updates. To avoid potential issues and mostly errors, it is recommended that you uninstall the previous versions of the app you had.
Another noteworthy advantage of using a dedicated tool to upgrade the camera's firmware stems from the fact that the app can read the current version installed and it provides recommendations as to what firmware you should download. Consequentially, you do not need to worry about installing the wrong files.
Similarly to other apps in this category, you need to connect the digital camera to your computer via a USB cable. Afterwards, you just need to follow the instructions displayed in the GUI. It is worth mentioning that the camera reboots once the update is complete and that the screen can flick for a few minutes. You should not get alarmed, as this is a normal behavior,


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With the new Blackmagic Video Assist you can easily upgrade your camera’s firmware, including Canon EOS 1D-C, EOS 1D-SLR and EOS1D MK II models.

All updates are available as high quality videos taken with the highest quality cameras. You can download them to your computer and keep track of them even if you are not connected to the Internet.

Improvements over previous versions of Blackmagic Video Assist included:

Recent Version

Please email me when available.

System requirements for the Blackmagic Video Assist:

Install type: Standalone

Mac OS X: 10.6 or later (10.7 recommended)

Windows: XP and later (7 recommended)

Please note that MAC compatibility with the latest version might not be reliable.

Canon EOS 1D-C, EOS 1D-SLR and EOS 1D MK II (Canon DSLR models)

The latest updates for Blackmagic Video Assist, the firmware for Canon EOS 1D-C, EOS 1D-SLR and EOS 1D MK II models will be delivered through the app. You should only contact Blackmagic after you have set the camera to Firmware mode. In order to set it, go to the Shooting Menu, select Firmware Mode, and choose Yes. If Firmware mode is not activated, check that you have selected Automatic Mode in the Shooting Menu, and then choose Yes in firmware update mode.

Start the app and select Canon EOS 1D-C, EOS 1D-SLR or EOS 1D MK II.

Click the Proceed button to start the update.

New cameras are always tested for compatibility and additional features.

Updates for the camera firmware take approximately 10-20 minutes to complete.

The wizard for the firmware updates displays the status of the transfer:

The status displays Green if the update is completed successfully and ready to be viewed.

When the update is ready, the next section should display the latest download version. Click on the Next button.

The wizard will display the version of the firmware installed and the current version of Blackmagic Video Assist compatible with your model. If the firmware needs to be upgraded, the system displays a Red icon, and clicking the Next button will resume the update. If the firmware version is up to date, or there is a compatible update available, the system displays Green

Blackmagic Video Assist Activation Key

The Blackmagic DSLR Camera Firmware Update App (version 1.1.2) is the first professional-grade DSLR firmware upgrade app for Mac. Blackmagic Video Assist helps DSLR camera owners to install, update, and maintain DSLR camera firmware.
Blackmagic Video Assist provides an easy-to-use interface, unlike most other DSLR camera firmware upgrade apps out there.
Blackmagic Video Assist also has built-in scripts to install, update, and maintain the DSLR camera firmware. This means that you do not need to worry about manually entering the script files and sequence.
Blackmagic Video Assist allows users to select the latest firmware, select a language, and then skip directly to the update process.
Blackmagic Video Assist allows users to select whether to save the updated files directly to the SD card of the camera or to the desktop. This way, you can preserve the existing files.
Blackmagic Video Assist is used to upgrade and maintain DSLR cameras, including but not limited to: Blackmagic Cinema Camera (Micro Four Thirds), Blackmagic Cinema Camera 4K (Micro Four Thirds), Blackmagic Cinema Camera HEVC, Blackmagic Cinema Camera RAW.

Main Features:
• Removes wasted time because of conflicts and downloads unnecessary files
• Uses SD card or HDD space
• Provides recommendation on which file to download
• Automatic updates via online and local scanning
• Easily select firmware version, language, and save location
• Learn and translate new scripts based on your DSLR camera’s latest firmware
• Learn and translate new scripts based on the new version of your DSLR camera’s latest firmware
• Automatic update in progress
• Displays update progress
• Automatically show and hide buttons according to your choice
• Supports most major brands such as Blackmagic Design, Sony, Canon, and so on
• Supports DV/DVCPro/DVCProT, AVCHD, XDCAM HD, and MPEG-2/H.264

• Connect Blackmagic Digital Cinema Camera to your computer via a USB cable.
• Launch Blackmagic Video Assist.
• Under “Camera”, you can select the camera model you are using.
• Select which language you wish to use, such as English, French, German, and Japanese.
• Select “Camera Update from SD Card” to save the files to the SD card of the camera.
• Select “Camera Update to Desktop” to save the files on the computer

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The Video Assist is the first application designed specifically for editing and managing the firmware of your camera. It is a unique solution for computer technicians, photographers and video editors to regularly update the firmware and to upgrade the firmware of Blackmagic Design and other cameras in the future.

The application provides two methods: a GUI and a CLI. The interface is simple, intuitive and accurate. The CLI is a really powerfull tool to update cameras. It allows to reset, deactivate, upgrade and manually write your camera’s firmware.
You can choose to upgrade and downgrade the firmware, activation the power mode, go to the menu, activate the camera menu, Reset the camera, Activate the different modes for action recording, activate the Live View, activate the monitor or lock the camera.

Blackmagic Video Assist is not compatible with Sony cameras, Olympus cameras or Hasselblad cameras. It is also not compatible with Canon, Pentax, Nikon, Olympus or Sinar cameras.

About Blackmagic Design

Blackmagic Design, headquartered in Denmark, is the world’s leading manufacturer of professional video and live production tools. The company also produces professional video and live production equipment for broadcast, film and the post production markets. The Blackmagic Design range of high end video and photographic products for professionals, professionals and amateurs alike has been renowned worldwide for its innovative and world leading designs. The wide range of video and live production products include the Digital Video Assist (VTR), Digital Cinema Camera (OVCam), high quality audio recording equipment (Powerplant), Focus & Exposure and the DaVinci Resolve™ editing software, as well as one of the industry’s first onboard ESD/EMI shields for video and audio inputs, the Blackmagic DaVinci Control™. The company is a subsidiary of IDT, a 100% subsidiary of Linspin Inc. and is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen stock exchange, (ticker symbol: LMD). For more information, visit

I have had a DPA 5000 microphone for many years now. I have also had it through many hands; mainly because of the onset of the DPA 5000’s on sale. The earlier the better. I had used my DPA 5000 many times. It worked for movies, music, interviews and other things that need an omnidirectional microphone. Finally, I bought and paid for one for my wife. She is using the

What’s New In?

This application is an essential upgrade of the Blackmagic! suite of tools designed to make you, the user, more efficient in the use of your camera. For example, you can easily upgrade your camera’s firmware and ensure the best possible picture quality on your camera, as well as the most stable operation, since the app also checks for the available firmware version of your camera.
It uses the app database on the Android Market to display the latest firmware versions and allows you to download and install the latest version using a web browser. In addition, the program can be used to download and install up to 9 firmware updates at a time and you are able to download and install new firmware versions when the update servers are online.
Aside from downloading and installing firmware updates, the application can also be used to check for both available and missing device drivers using a web browser and show all the information related to the drivers and firmware. In addition, it can be used to access the information stored in the internal flash, such as images, videos or recordings, and download all the available information.
Furthermore, the Blackmagic! V1.9 SDK update adds new features and lets you edit the preferences, create and use new operation tabs on the menu, manage files using a local file manager, auto update the firmware using a web browser, and more.
You can now edit the preferences, create and use new operation tabs on the menu, manage files using a local file manager, and auto update the firmware using a web browser. Moreover, you can check out the information stored in the internal flash, such as images, videos or recordings, and download all the available information.

Seamless mirrorless integration for easy video editing workflow

The Blackmagic Design DeckLink Ultra 18 monitor-recorder features a built-in 13-bit deinterlacer for 1080 HD support. The deinterlacer supports the Blackmagic Production Suite free of charge, allowing customers to include deinterlacing in their workflow.
The DeckLink Ultra 18 is bundled with the unique Fuse Edit and PowerGrade for Mac. It features easy-to-use drag and drop workflow and picture-based color grading with a panel of over 10 professional-grade LUTs. Fuse Edit allows you to edit footage using familiar video editing tasks, and will detect and correct common video problems and distortions, including lens aberration, chromatic aberrations and jaggies, while the included ArtFlow Character Control tool offers easy automation for choosing pre-defined character

System Requirements:

Windows 10 64-bit (with the latest patches), Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, or Windows Vista 64-bit
Intel Core 2 Duo processor or equivalent
3 GB RAM, 7 GB available hard drive space
DirectX 9 or later
Full-Screen Display
Sound Card
Keyboard and mouse
How to install:
Download the software. Run the.exe file. Press the Install button on the interface.
How to uninstall:
If you have previously