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C-Free Professional Full Version Free Download [Updated] 2022

C-Free Professional is designed for C/C++ developers, and comes with tools that can help them to edit, build, run and debug programs, regardless of their complexity.
Using this application, both C and C++ learners and professionals can make use of various functions that can help them to build their own programs with ease.
Since C-Free Professional comes with support for multiple compilers such as Cygwin, Digital Mars C/C++, Ch Interpreter and Borland C++ Compiler, to name a few, it can be used in every C/C++ development process.
The main window of C-Free Professional is user-friendly and includes almost all commands that a developer can make use of, being divided into well-organized menus and toolbars.
When it comes to creating a new project, you can easily access the Project menu and choose the option that suits your needs. Irrespective of the project type you choose to work with, the application comes with helpful wizards that will guide you throughout the entire process of adjusting the options of the current project.
The left panel displays various symbols with different icons that help you to locate the caret in the Code editor window. For instance, if you point the caret to a string that needs to be modified and you are not able to identify it anymore because of the long scripts, you can easily choose the proper command or symbol from the left panel and easily navigate to the selected symbol.
Moreover, C-Free Professional highlights not only keywords, but also function names, data types and constants.
Since it comes with support for GDB and CDB debuggers, the application enables you to insert breakpoints and attach the current script to a process by specifying its ID. Also, you are able to inspect the value of a variable, expression or memory content within a certain address range using the proper options from the Debug menu.
What’s more, the application provides a mechanism for inserting commonly used scripts and statements into your source code by choosing the ‘Insert Code Template’ option from the right-click menu.
Overall, C-Free Professional is a practical and useful software solution that supports multiple compilers and helps users to build and debug programs effortlessly.

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C-Free Professional Full Version


C-Free Professional Crack Mac is one of the best C/C++ IDEs to make your work easier. It is a compact yet powerful IDE for C and C++. You can edit, build, run and debug C and C++ programs. Using this application, both C and C++ learners and professionals can make use of various functions that can help them to build their own programs with ease.


The application supports 64-bit systems, including Cygwin, the MS C++ compiler and Borland C++ compiler. (32-bit versions are not supported at the moment)


You can work with simple projects, libraries and applications or even complex ones. And you can easily debug C, C++ and D programs or any other language you want.


You can edit, build, run and debug C and C++ programs. They are powerful enough to run even large projects and programs. Also, you can use all of the features of this editor.


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C-Free Professional

· Creates a new project from a template.
· Works with multiple compilers and debuggers.
· Supports multiple debuggers: GDB and CDB (Cygwin/GDB and Mingw/CDB).
· Erases typing errors by auto-inserting or editing the code.
· Provides various templates for your convenience.
· Highlights data types, keywords, and constants.
· Supports multiline strings.
· Supports importing files.
· Provides debugging options by ID, line, column, memory address, and many more.
· Support for multiple processors (optimization not available for all).
· CDB support
· Fixed bug #3
· Fixed bug #12
· Fixes bug #2
· Fixes bug #11
· Fixes bug #7
· New Debugger
· New Code Editor
· Various new options for Code Editor
· Various new symbols for Code Editor
· Many new features

C-Free Professional Review by user

Best IDE C++

May 13, 2016

Vishal Tyagi


Global Enterprise

Used the software for: 1-2 years

Reviewer Source

Source: GetApp




Ease of Use


Features & Functionality


Customer Support

Likelihood to Recommend:Not LikelyExtremely Likely

Pros: Make use of essential commands which every C programmer would want to use while developing software.

Cons: Takes a little time to get used to if you don’t have much C experience. Some of its options might be confusing if you are not an expert.

Overall: I found it to be the best C++ IDE out there. It is pretty good, but if you are not familiar with programming you might have issues while using it.

Good IDE for C++

Apr 28, 2016

Cristian Sánchez

IT Professional

Private Company

Used the software for: Less than 6 months

Reviewer Source

Source: GetApp




Ease of Use


Features & Functionality


Customer Support

Likelihood to Recommend:Not LikelyExtremely Likely

What’s New in the?

The Visual C++ Team provide your team with premium professional solutions that meet and surpass your expectations.
Visual C++ Team

SecureTide C++ is a fast, reliable C/C++ IDE that features a natural way of editing C/C++ code.
Unique in this programming IDE are the powerful functions that support you every step of the way and provide you with a world-class development experience.

Visual C++ Team offers the ONLY Visual Studio Plugin specifically designed for managing any kind of project and application.
Whether you develop simple applications, or create complex Windows, SharePoint, Websites, Mobile applications, etc, it’s important that you have everything you need to build, test, debug and deploy such projects in a short period of time.
Visual C++ Team Solution can help you to stay organized and be more productive, as well as to debug your code, configure your project settings, and connect to database.
Whether your application runs on Windows, Linux, OS X, embedded, mobile devices or native mobile apps, Visual C++ Team provides everything you need to have it ready for a variety of use cases.
Other Features

Support for most of the popular compilers and development environments

Helpful functions for copy/paste, single/multiple line commenting, jumping to and applying edits

Improved support for compilation modes

Enhanced project-management features

C++ Projects Plug-in

C/C++ Project Manager Plug-in

Java Projects Plug-in

Cross-platform (Windows / Mac / Linux)

Export project settings to a JSON file for later project restoration

Compile C/C++ code on-the-fly

Support the latest version of C/C++ compiler (e.g., Visual C++ 2015/2017, MSC v2017, CLANG/GCC/Gnu++ C/C++ Compiler)

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System Requirements For C-Free Professional:

The recommended specs for the game are 1GHz dual core CPU, 512MB RAM, and Geforce 7800GT or Radeon HD3850 graphics card.
If you have an older system then you might have problems running the game, if your system is really low powered then you might have to turn the game settings down. It’s recommended to have a modern system with at least 1GHz CPU and 512MB RAM.
We have tried to make the game run well on lower spec machines and have included settings to make it easier to play if you do have to