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BBC News NI’s economy correspondent

The Bank of England has suggested Northern Ireland will only see a modest rise of GDP during this decade. The high street faces the beginning of the end, says the BBC’s Sile Breogan. Shop owners fear a rise in inflation. But they worry that people are still shopping even when they are unable to afford it. Sales are higher than ever before but are still at the lowest level since 1996. This year is forecast to be even worse with the recession hitting all the harder in Northern Ireland. Retailers are braced for a tough year, as the real economy suffers and credit conditions, which are vital for expansion, weaken. ‘Shopping nightmare’ RAPID GROWTH Deputy Prime Minister Simon Coveney has taken the strong view that the recession here will be worse than in the rest of the UK. But he warns that there are a number of complicating factors. The first is that Northern Ireland – like the whole of the UK – is expected to continue with the extra £7bn a year that it will get in day-to-day spending from the EU budget for as long as it takes to negotiate the end of that arrangement.

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StumbleUpon What are these? E-mail this to a friend Printable versionInvestigation into the factors influencing the number of days between admissions.
To compare the days between admissions for patients in a service providing a high, intermediate and a low ratio of orthopaedic admissions in comparison to a control service with a low ratio. The relationship between the difference in the time-dependent density of patients between two services was investigated. The number of patients per service on day d of admission was calculated as the product of the number of patients on the previous day and the ratio on day d. The number of patients at the control service was used to calculate the average proportion of patients admitted within 12-14 days. The mean number of days between admissions was calculated for each day of admission to determine whether the number of days decreased or increased over time for the services with a high, intermediate and a low number of orthopaedic admissions compared with the control service with a low number of admissions. Time-dependent changes over time