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Published: 14/07/2022 (4 weeks ago)

Accessing your favorite web pages requires you to have an application that can hook you up to the information superhighway. Wiggly Browser is one of them and comes as an alternative to the existing giants, promising to bring a lightweight and fast navigation experience.
A little rough around the edges
When the main window is brought up it tempts you to give it a try. The provided preview section is large enough, with navigation options and address field occupying very little space. It also comes equipped with common features that bring it closer to being a practical application.
However, after a little time spent using it, you notice features tend to function a little slowly, even though navigation speed only depends on the type of connection you own.
Add tabs, track history and manage bookmarks
In the provided toolbar you manage to find a button that stores all available features. You can work with multiple tabs, but opening one too many might bring unexpected consequences.
Additionally, all pages you access are kept in a history tracker for monitoring purposes or if you accidentally close an important page. From the dedicated window you are able to view and delete items but there is no way to access given pages.
Last but not least, an integrated bookmarks manager allows you to store your favorite pages in order to quickly access them when needed. These are only kept in another window, with no possibility of making items visible on the toolbar.
Even though you can keep an eye on navigation history and you can save frequently accessed pages, upon closing the application all managed entries are lost, leaving you with only an illusion of the provided features.
In conclusion
All in all, Wiggly Browser is not exactly what you would expect from an application that lets you access web pages. It comes equipped with features that only manage create a false impression of a fully functional browser. Overall, it tries to get the job done good but gets stuck along the way.







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The program is not supported or compatible with 64-bit operating systems.
Cubemagic may be the dream solution that will help you to create digital discs of your favorite PC games in the most stylish and fast way.
The program is very easy to use and is not complex at all.
The user interface is divided into three main functions and two additional options, allowing users to create a Disc, record games and add screenshots to the disc.
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■ Features:
■ Automatically scans and detects all EML files in specified folders
■ Transfer of EML files as attachments
■ Drag and drop for adding new EML files
■ EML files can be converted to other formats
■ Allows reading of message contents and attachments
■ Freeware alternative to Thunderbird and Entourage
■ Extremely simple UI, with customizable interface
■ You can scroll multiple EML folders at the same time
■ No configuration settings needed
■ Powered by the open source Java
■ No real-time updates, 1 version only
■ Windows Vista, 7, and 8 compatible
■ Free for personal use
■ Runs on Windows XP
Hux – Filterable messages in Thunderbird – Thunderbird builds a database, known as the message store, of all of your email messages in order to access them later. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Hux, a powerful extension that helps you filter your messages right away.
Hux is free and supports all of the major email accounts that you already use. Its basic functionality should be more than enough for most users. It is compatible with Thunderbird and Mozilla-based desktop email apps including Thunderbird and SeaMonkey.
It just takes a few minutes to set up Hux, but you are looking at a free add-on that improves your email experience. You can set it up, uninstall it, and forget about it.
A modern user interface
■ Summary:
■ Hux is a free add-on for Thunderbird and SeaMonkey
■ The extension comes with a modern user interface that helps you manage the messages right away
■ It automatically creates a database for email messages
■ You can set filters based on various criteria
■ Other interesting features include filtering by category, sorting and filtering of messages by sender, and group mailing
■ It’s compatible with all major email services
■ The basic version costs $10, but the free version is totally free. The paid version has a more beautiful user interface
■ A trial is available for $2.95. You need to register, but it is totally free and no credit card is required.
Guerrilla Mailer stands out for the fact that it supports multiple email accounts. It can read them from the

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Chainsaw Description
Chainsaw is a handy tool that enables you to quickly search photos and then send them to a selected email addresses, in a matter of minutes. It offers a very user-friendly GUI and a nice, neat and appealing interface.
Chainsaw offers its users an incredible set of options. In addition to these options, it also provides some really nice tools, so it is in your best interest to make use of them.
Chainsaw is a handy tool that enables you to quickly search photos and then send them to a selected email addresses, in a matter of minutes. It offers a very user-friendly GUI and a nice, neat and appealing interface.
It is important to mention that this piece of software cannot be used with any device where it could be installed onto, such as a USB stick. It is a Windows only application, so you are required to have a version of Microsoft’s operating system.
When you install the application on your system, you can open the program up immediately. You will be presented with a start menu where you can choose from several options, such as searching photos or sending them.
Windows 7’s default email client, Windows Live Mail, is also included in the program, so you can upload files directly from it. It is possible to directly attach your files to the chainaw email, so you don’t have to have another application to attach your pictures with.
The interface is visually appealing, and if you feel like customizing it, you will have enough tools to do so. You can make the window larger and increase the screen resolution to better see the images as they are displayed.
You can choose from a number of preset themes, each of them having a different color scheme and interface. In addition, you can also choose the size for the window from the drop-down menu, so you can control the proportion of your screen space that you want to use for the application.
There are several handy tools that the application comes with, including a search bar, which is clearly highlighted at the top of the screen. You can use this tool to search for specific individuals, and then click on their pictures directly from your contact list.
Another really nice tool is the “Contact” tool, which will allow you to quickly add a new contact. The application offers a list of all your contacts, and there is also an option to specify a group of contacts. This way, you can be informed about the information that is stored regarding each person in the group

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You are a good friend of nature? Or perhaps you are a good friend of the Great Outdoors?
If you enjoy the feeling of being in a jungle, then you are in good company with this beautiful Joomla 2.5 theme.
Out of all the themes that you can find in the internet today, Jungle is a stand out. The reason is that it’s not only amazing, but it is also practical and easy to setup.
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You may do some configurations or edit some options in this section.
What’s Running checks a server to see what

System Requirements:

OS: Windows Vista / 7
Processor: 2.3 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 256 MB graphics card
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Processor: 3.0 GHz Intel Core i5
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: 1024 MB graphics card
This application