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ClinicMaster is an easy-to-use, highly configurable software designed for small to medium clinics.
ClinicMaster allows for multiple entry and multiple exit appointments.
ClinicMaster is an all-inclusive software package, including all billing, accounting and practice management.
ClinicMaster has extensive support including training, pre-planned training support and a full product support team.
Contact us to purchase your licence or make a free demo.

ClinicSave allows you to enter appointments, update each appointment with a single click, view all your clients on one screen and print invoices and/or cheques easily and accurately, all with a few simple clicks.
ClinicSave has been designed to work with the best of the best. We chose feature rich software and have designed it to take your business to the next level.
ClinicSave has been designed by healthcare professionals for use in professional practice.
While initially designed to manage the day to day operations of massage clinics, ClinicSave may be easily adapted and configured to run in any clinical environment.
Designed with flexibility and user friendliness in mind, ClinicSave caters for any practice regardless of size. From single therapist clinic or mobile operations, to multi-therapist, multi-modality businesses, ClinicSave is packed with features and functions designed to greatly reduce the time needed to administer your business.
Here are some key features of “ClinicSave”:

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ClinicMaster manages you and your clients from the very first contact with the client through the session conclusion.
At the end of the session the user will be able to send an invoice to the client from ClinicMaster.
ClinicMaster also allows the user to block a client from appointment for any reason.
In ClinicMaster you can manage the finances, day to day scheduling, and billing and accounts receivable.
ClinicMaster allows for entry of the following information:
Rates per hour
Rate per body part
Rate per massage
Initial charges
Payment records
Doctor’s Opinion
Treatment Summary
Other Options
Schedule of your Practice.
ClinicMaster Description:
ClinicMaster provides an efficient and user-friendly interface for managing your business.
ClinicMaster is designed to manage a single practitioner or a couple of practitioners offering the same service.
ClinicMaster is perfectly suited to practitioners who have a single therapist, or even multiple therapists.
ClinicMaster allows the user to control all aspects of his or her business efficiently.
ClinicMaster allows the user to manage:
• Appointment Booking
• Invoicing
• Scheduling
• Quick note

ClinicMaster Description:
ClinicMaster offers an efficient interface for both staff and clients.
ClinicMaster is designed for use with multi-therapist, multi-clinic businesses and includes all features of a complete management system.
ClinicMaster includes appointment scheduling, invoicing, patient notes, booking of treatment sessions, reservations and payments.
ClinicMaster includes:
• Progress Notes
• Booking Hours
• Surgical Level
• Health Records
• Invoicing
• Booking Treatment Sessions
• Progress Note

ClinicMaster Description:
ClinicMaster is a comprehensive application designed specifically for the massage therapy industry.
ClinicMaster was designed with the industry in mind.
ClinicMaster includes:
• Scheduling
• Tagging
• Bookings
• Client Reviews
• Staff Messages
• Data Import
• Standard Report
• Data Import

ClinicMaster Description:
ClinicMaster includes all the features and functions of a full management system.
ClinicMaster offers an

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ClinicMaster is the result of an amalgamation of three well known and quality software products.
Gantt: Essential for organising the appointment flow through the clinic.
Clinic: Scheduling appointments and administering bookings.
Cashbook: A general ledger for the clinic.
Designed by massage therapists and the Gantt Project team over a period of time, ClinicMaster is a user friendly business management solution for a massage clinic.
Key features:
■ Clients can be easily routed to a single therapist.
■ Appointments, bookings, cancelations, payments and more are all displayed and managed in one window.
■ Allows for text to appear along side each booking.
■ Client can search for therapists and other massage businesses.
■ Graphical reports on appointment activity
■ Customisation of the application is easy with the application builder.
■ Appointment and payment entry fields are easily configured through the settings panel.
■ Allow any document to be attached to an appointment.
■ Client can be issued a range of vouchers for their next treatment.
■ Invoicing to clients and clients can be set to a range of payment methods.
■ Daily, weekly, monthly and annual appointment cycles.
■ Allows for customisation of the appointment display.
■ Ability to save session details for easy later use.
■ Customise the log on screen.
■ Intuitive interface.
■ Easy to set up and use.
■ Extensible.
■ Can be used as a standalone product for small businesses or as a mainframe for larger enterprises.

Mac Os x 10.6.4–10.8

iPad iOS 6.0–10.3.2

Run with administrator privileges!

Physical version may require additional software to be installed

Good to have:

iTunes Connect


Minimum requirements

iPhone or iPad




iPod touch

2.3 GHz processor

1024 x 768 screen resolution

The library contains componentization for applications developed for Mac OS X 10.6 and later. Developers using this library will need to refer to Apple’s documentation on how to use the Apple Public Source license. Use of the public source license will allow you

What’s New In ClinicMaster?

ClinicMaster is a powerful little business accounting tool that is easy to use. It

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