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Published: 14/07/2022 (4 weeks ago)

D-Link SmartConsole Utility is a compact tool designed to help you detect and configure the D-Link Smart Switches. The program allows you to access the configuration of any detected switch and enables you to check the event logs with minimum effort.
Many corporate networks use switches in order to connect multiple computers and facilitate the communication within the LAN. As the switch configuration and maintenance is very important for the overall activity, using an effective tool is a must for all network administrators.
As the name suggests, this tool is designed for the switches produced by D-Link and is optimized for the Web Smart series. Its main purpose is to scan the network for supported devices and monitor them on a regular basis.
The main window displays the list of detected devices and allows you to change the basic settings for each of them. Thus you can easily modify the IP address and the gateway configuration from your desktop. Moreover, you can change the password for any device.
Additionally, you can view the events recorded by a switch in order to detect certain errors and prevent them in the future. An useful feature is the ability to remotely upgrade the firmware for supported devices.
Although the application displays detailed information and allows you to configure the switch, advanced users might need to view all the available settings. Since they are not available in the app interface, the SmartConsole Utility allows you to open the web-based management tool.
Unfortunately, the package does not include any documentation which means that you need to use the program by yourself to test its features. However, if your switch is supported by the app you should find a brief description in the device manual.
Overall, D-Link SmartConsole Utility is an easy to use configuration tool that can come in handy when you want to detect the Web Smart switches from your network.


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When your D-Link switch is connected directly to the Internet or is used as a router for a small intranet (small LAN), you can use another important tool to configure your switch – the DDNS service (Dynamic Domain Name System). This service provides a free and secure connection between the devices on your network (which include computers, printers and other devices) and your dynamic domain name. The basic principle behind DDNS is quite simple: a server constantly monitors the Internet to detect changes in Internet-address of your domain name. Every time an update is found, the server creates a notification which contains the new Internet-address and the new domain name. Your device will always be able to access the Internet (in turn connected to the router) via the “new” address.
DDNS is a very useful tool if you often do not have access to the router, access it in different locations (or at different times) or need to connect the router to other devices (such as fax or printer) or use another router for your network.
D-Link DDNS installation is very easy and requires no special knowledge. For this purpose, a D-Link DDNS service is provided by default on your switch. You can use the DDNS service either on the switch or on an intermediate device which will be the final destination for your Internet connection.
This service can be used only when your switch is connected directly to the Internet or is a router for a small intranet (small LAN). Before configuring DDNS, please have a look at the important aspects of this service.

Monitoring and Configuration:
After installing DDNS, the service will be operating permanently. It checks each time for new domain name and downloads the new Internet-address if there is. If you need to change the DDNS settings, you should use the switch interface. The Basic Switch Interface and the Console Interface (Advanced Switch Interface) have the necessary settings (for example, check the “Auto Update IP” options).
The following settings are available:
– The service is running automatically after the switch has booted
– You can set a time to check for changes in the Internet-address (the time interval)
– The new IP address and domain name (if any) will be downloaded every time the switch boots.
– You can use either the “IP address” or the “FQDN” as the destination.
You can check the DNS cache of the service to make sure that the new address

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Connects to the Web Interface of your D-Link Switches.

Supported D-Link Switch Models:































































D-Link SmartConsole Utility Registration Code

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What’s New In D-Link SmartConsole Utility?

Configure, view, and manage D-Link Web Smart Switches.
View the events recorded by your D-Link Web Smart Switches.
View the current operating system and IP settings.
View the available firmware versions.
View the supported operating systems.
Modify the operating system, IP address, and gateway.
Install or upgrade the firmware.
Manage your D-Link Web Smart Switches in a simple and convenient way.
Download D-Link SmartConsole Utility.
D-Link SmartConsole Utility Rating:

Problem:The package must include a serial number on disk as a text file.

Solution:You will need to search the device directory for files ending in.txt.

Analysis:The console utility contains two configuration files. A text file called dlink_web.txt and another called dlink_sw.txt. The.txt extension indicates that these files are ASCII text files. Both files are in the same directory as the console utility. You can copy both files to a separate directory from where you can access them and rename them to something other than.txt. For example, you could call them dlink_web.txt.txt and dlink_sw.txt.txt

Testing:Download the latest version of the utility. Run it and click the Save button, which should prompt you to save the files to the desktop. Next, launch the program and follow the steps to save the files to the desktop.

D-Link SmartConsole Utility Features:

This post is a review of the D-Link SmartConsole Utility.

The features of this application are:

You can view the list of supported devices and modify the default settings.

You can create new Web Smart switches and connect them to your network.

You can manage the firmware versions for the existing switches.

You can view the location of all supported firmware versions for the existing devices.

You can remotely upgrade the firmware versions for the existing switches.

You can view the events recorded by your switches.

You can view the current operating system and IP settings for each device.

You can view the current IOS and IP settings for each device.

You can create a new device

System Requirements For D-Link SmartConsole Utility:

Minimum Requirements:
* Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit) and Windows 10 (64-bit) are recommended.
* Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo CPU E6700 @ 2.40 GHz (i3 2100 @ 3.06 GHz), 4GB RAM
* Graphics: Intel® GMA HD Graphics or higher
* Storage: 10 GB available space for installation
* Controller: Xbox 360 gamepad
* Mouse: PC compatible pointing device
* Keyboard: PC compatible keyboard or keyboard adapter