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Download Free Mafatih Al Jinan Farsi Pdf Book


Download Mafatih Al Jinan Farsi Pdf Book

Mafatih al-jinan meaning in English and other translationsPDF, MP3. Mafatih al-jinan (book) the text within is a combination of arabic and its. it was split into two parts compared to the arabic or farsi versions.. play mafatih ul jinan urdu pdf uktsc q&a islamicblessings.. Quran AlIslam Largest Digital Islamic Library Farsi Persian Audio Translation .Q:

Error with jQuery and PHP

I have got an issue with a script where the script is not able to load the required data to the page, I think the issue is in the php code but not quite sure. When I click the buttton it does what it’s suppose to do and the log shows the message but for some reason it does not get it from the php script and for some reason it the script only finds the first row of the DB but the 2nd row is completely ignored(and I do have the code that finds the second row in the DB, just comment it and it will show the issue).
It would be a big help if someone could help me with this since I am totally stuck with this and did try out many different methods already.
Why is it that the script only finds the first row and ignores the rest. And why can’t method find the second row?
Here is the code I’m using

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Mufatih al-Jinan Urdu PDF
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