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In order to improve your experience with our website, “cookies” are used, including technical and performance cookies, please consult our privacy policy for more information about the use of cookies. Be aware that this Privacy Policy may differ from the Privacy Policy on the Google website at Andrew Cuomo announced late Tuesday that an East Side restaurant is providing relief to those affected by the recent blizzard, which has claimed the lives of at least eight people, including an eleven year old boy who had been snowbound in his Queens neighborhood.

A crew of 200 volunteers from Kmart will remove snow from the stoops and yards of tenants, said Fred Deluca, owner of the upscale bistro Damenzo’s on 164th Street and Avenue P in Jackson Heights.

“It was something we thought could be done to help out,” said Deluca, 41.

The Kmart crew will remove snow from the parking lot and empty the snowblowers, he said.

News that the East Side store would use its cashiers’ time to help citizens affected by the storm has been met with outrage by some residents.

“Can’t they just help with their own employees?” said Vanessa Deluca, owner of El Corazon, a restaurant and bar on nearby Roosevelt Avenue.

“Why do they have to use their employees’ time to take care of the community that they are supposed to be serving?” Deluca said. “This is how they show their love for New York?”

The crew will be finishing up their chores at 4 a.m. Wednesday, said Domenico Dalossi, a spokesman for Kmart.

“It’s a wonderful gesture by Kmart to help out with the winter,” said Dalossi. “They’re committed to the community.”

The company has provided car washes, grocery delivery, and blankets to customers at its stores since 2011, he said.Hook.