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The Elden Ring Activation Code was formed thousands of years ago as the sole ruling power of the Elden Lands. In a brutal ritual, the Elden Ring cast aside their blood brothers and sisters in the lands of the Elder and were reborn the Elden Lords. They were given the power of the Sunstone, which bestowed them with the six-rayed power of Valkorianism, and they drew strength from the vast treasures of the Elden Lands. The Elden Ring ruled the lands from a capital in stone known as Eagun, and it kept the lands at peace and provided safety and wealth for the people. But the peace was broken in the year 0 when the enemy invaded the lands, and a dark age descended on the Elden Lands. Now the Elden Lords war with each other and a new age of chaos has dawned.

The Elden Ring might have possessed the power and strength to conquer the lands, but their pride has become their enemy. It is the time for the Elden Lords to unite in eternal Valkorianism and break their chains for once. The forgotten lands of the Elder and the lost Elden Queens will await their return once more. The Legend of the Elden Lords, Chapter 0

• Elden Ring Official Soundtrack
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(1) The Legend of the Elden Lords: Chapter 0
(2) Elden Ring Official Soundtrack
(3) Elden Ring Official Soundtrack

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• Official Soundtrack
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“A timeless fantasy, built on a solid foundation of the traditional RPG.”

“… The Legendary Elden Ring is a worthy entry for the fantasy RPG genre…”

“… Familiar systems meet a new twist, with thoughtful characters and a captivating storyline…”

“For those who loved FFVIII, this game has all the nostalgia you desire. For those who don’t, this game


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • An All New Features Mode
    • Explore and battle in the vast open world
      You can freely move around unrestricted by sea, mountains, and other obstacles. It is a world that brims with surprises, and you can get lost in the future and become an ancient city in a secluded wasteland.In addition to the world map and dungeons, the graphics of each environment can be freely changed, making it different from the day to night cycle.

    • Customize and evolve your weapons, armor, and magic
      Equip a variety of weapons and armor to suit your fighting style, including different types of spears, short swords, and shields. Combining steel with soft leather makes for a unique combination. Furthermore, magic is a powerful tool for use in battle—magical magic like water, earthquake, and acid, as well as telekinesis, hallucination, and illusion.

    • Explore an Old School Open World
      Adventure outside the dungeons. Use the time to explore the world-map, complete achievements and collect mysterious treasure.

    • Become an Anointed Guardian
      • Train via game-play
        Use the battle simulation to train your party of 4 members and master your skills.

      • Receive automatic EXP along with your battles
        You will earn EXP with every single attack, and you will also earn EXP from rescuing the NPCs. If you equip weapons or armor via the App, you will also receive EXP.

      • Escape from the Dungeon
        A dungeon is not always a place to be reduced in HP. Find a weak spot to gain access to it, or escape the dungeon with your strength intact.

      • Gather Elden Salve to Energize Yourself
        The Elden Ring can assist you in battle. An anointed guardian can use the Elden salve to receive buff after every attack, and recover the HP depleted in battle. You can also unleash powerful special attacks with the proper Elden Rune.

      • Online and Offline Multiplayer Play
        Battle against randoms or play with online friends in asynchronous real time. You can also use a party of up to four players and wander around the world with them. Furthermore, the living world is not limited to when you are online or not online.

    System Requirements:


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      REVIEWS “Elden Ring Product Key” game:

      A Game of Fantasy Set in the Lands Between

      Adventure game that allows you to explore the vast and exciting world of the Lands Between. A unique fantasy action RPG where you can freely create your own character.
      The game’s story takes place in the Lands Between, a world where fantasy and real life meet. The Lands Between is a fantasy world where magic and technology exist side by side. You are a warrior from the Land of Destruction, a world full of danger. You have a request from the Queen of Destruction. As you explore the Lands Between, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.
      There is a vast world with hundreds of inhabited villages in addition to cities and towns. You can visit the adventurer’s camps that are scattered around the fields and dungeons, and create party members with a female elf, a baby dragon, or an odd-looking guy in a bag. You can also strengthen your character’s skills with experience points you gain by fighting monsters and solving puzzles.
      The game is a unique fantasy action RPG where you can freely create your own character. If you have an adventurous spirit, feel free to customize your character’s appearance, equip weapons and armor, and increase your character’s strength to become a strong warrior. You can develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your strength or mastering magic. You can progress from beginner to expert by slowly advancing through the game’s areas.
      You can freely create a party by recruiting party members from other players. You can freely switch party members when you find new members in a certain area, and they will accept your invitation to your party. You can travel with other members of your party together, and you can also fight together in battle. Once you defeat a special enemy, you can store your leftover experience points as a learned skill and be able to access it at a later point.
      There are online play and multiplayer options. You can also connect with other players in asynchronous online elements. Additionally, the game supports a unique asynchronous online element that allows you to feel the presence of others. You can see where other players are, and you can also find out where they are when you happen to wander to a spot in the same area. In multiplayer, you can enjoy the synergy of your party members and fight together with other party members and adventurers.
      In the game, you have a mysterious phone


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      ■ Introduction
      I’d like to introduce myself as one of the developers of ELDEN RING: Rise.
      I was born in Japan and spent my childhood and elementary school years in Tokyo, and I’ve made several games and learned several technical skills. I joined a game company called Chainsaw after graduating high school, and currently work as a game developer for NIS America.
      I’ve been in love with various games ever since I was a child. However, the time has come where I’m confident enough to promote ELDEN RING: Rise and love adventure games. This game has multiple chances to take you to an unprecedented fantasy world, and I believe in the strength of your will. Please do your best!
      ■ System
      The system of ELDEN RING: Rise is a 3D action RPG. By controlling the character with the touch of an analog stick, you can move around freely in a limited degree and explore the world that is entirely different from in the original game, while attacking monsters and searching for the required items. You can customize your skills, weapons, armor, and magic to your liking.
      ■ Fantasy is Born from a Myth
      The Lands Between are separated into five political countries. The five countries are called the “Lands Between,” and there is a great rumor that the lands are subject to massive wars since they are at the center of the “Lost Lands,” which is a very mysterious, dark part of the world. While ELDEN RING: Rise is a game of fantasy adventure, characters from a myth carry within them. I’m sure you will enjoy the result of the deep and complicated work of the development team.
      ■ Keywords for ELDEN RING: Rise
      1. Explore – enjoy the gameplay while traveling through the Lands Between
      2. Fight – boldly go to the “Lands Between”!
      3. Character Customization -Create your own character through raising and leveling the characters
      4. Customize -Equip weapons, armor, and magic and enjoy the unique battle
      5. Choice -the ability to choose the course of action
      6. Happiness -satisfy your soul and express your true character
      7. Party System -join a friend or make an online party and cooperatively fight
      8. Tyranny -Unusual enemy appearances, strong characters, and a vast world.
      ■ Art
      While ELDEN RING: Rise has been designed with various kinds of weapons, armor, and magic, it is true that the


      What’s new:

      The Chaldees have rounded up all the Drelsha elves, stole their children, and have been trying to seduce the elves into joining their ranks. You were able to drive them into the ground with your high level of anger. As you care for the elves that you battle with in the backcountry, you will talk to one who has sung the praises of the Elves, and use it to attempt to lead the Elves in ally with the Chaldees in order to send them back to Azeroth.

      I am a 19 year old college student who has an abandoned character that I would like to find balance in.
      The first part of the class is already completed, the second part is the one that I am having the most issues. I have no problem in the first part of the class, but I struggle with the second. I would like to find some advice on how to complete the second part on top of freeing my poor undead in part 1.

      Krakala´s Recent Forwards

      The spell wizarding spell is a special spell that once cast, the caster doesn´t lose his or her concentration for a couple of seconds.

      The caster of the spell has to make a gesture where a small dot appears on the ground.

      The dot is the casting location of the spell and that point on the ground can be used by the caster´s minion.

      With Mmmmh, the Minion will devour sand or dust and the spell will become stronger by one level.

      With Yooh, the Minion will devour soil or earth and the spell will become stronger by one level.

      With Laa and Sii, the Minion will devour air or wind and the spell will become stronger by one level.

      With Oooh, the Minion will devour water or moisture and the spell will become stronger by one level.

      With Wooo and Hh, the Minion will devour fire or flames and the spell will become stronger by one level.

      With Eh and Aha, the Minion will devour earth or stone and the spell will become stronger by one level.

      With Kh and Zee, the Minion will devour metal or rock and the spell will become stronger by one level.

      With Vak, the Minion will devour a different element and the spell will become stronger by one level.

      Attack what you see.


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      Rails character issue when value is read from database

      I have a small Ruby on Rails app that models characters in a fantasy roleplaying game.
      In the system, I have a field where users can enter their attributes.
      The field gets created as a text field in the database, and when the user enters their stats they are stored as a varchar column in the table.
      The issue I’m having is if the user enters a string like “str” for strength, instead of reading it as “strength” (as I’d expect), it is reading it as “str”, so the stats for strength become “str2”.
      How can I get it so that strings that are entered are stored correctly in the database?


      When you want to do that in database you need to use some type conversion in database.
      Try to add a migration like this in a database:
      class AddStrenghtColumn 255

      // IQScrollViewController.m
      // Created by IqDe on 15/6/3.
      // Copyright (c) 2015年 IqDe. All rights reserved.

      #import “IQScrollViewController.h”

      @interface IQScrollViewController ()

      @property (weak, nonatomic) IBOutlet UIScrollView *scrollView;

      @implementation IQScrollViewController

      – (void)viewDidLoad {
      [super viewDidLoad];

      [self.view addSubview:self.scrollView];

      #pragma mark – ScrollViewDelegate

      – (UIViewController *)viewControllerForScrollView


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