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NameElden Ring
Rating4.96 / 5 ( 3304 votes )
Update(12 days ago)



Become an Elden Lord, and bring your enchanted sword to the Lands Between to slay monsters and survive.


*1. Are you new to the Android Market? Please see the Android Market Support page for more information.

*2. For troubleshooting information, please see the Troubleshooting Guide.

*3. While the game requires 1GB of free space, please make sure that sufficient space is available on your device. The installation package size is about 1.3GB. If the installation fails, please free up some space on your device.


• New monsters to fight

* The newly discovered legend of the mighty sword.

* The hollowed-out monster called the Wandering Knight.

* And more!

• Updated monster AI

Monsters now react to the surrounding circumstances and adapt to the player’s situations. For example, monsters deal damage less often when in front of pillars or when under heavy attack.

Monsters’ attack patterns have also been changed to make the game more fun.

• New Battle Skill to Unlock

Added a new Battle Skill called “Equip Skill.” When equipped, you will equip the Battle Skill in addition to your normal skill. Battle Skills are activated by equipping the Battle Skill box over the attack button, and only one Battle Skill can be equipped at a time.

Equipping Battle Skills will provide a stacking buff which increases the effect of your Battle Skill in battle. The stack amount of Battle Skills will decrease when the Battle Skill is thrown away, so it is important to equip Battle Skills as often as possible to maximize your effect!

• Various minor improvements


*The external game data will be stored to the external storage. If you have the modified data on your device, please ensure that you save them to your own device.

*If you delete the game data from the external storage, your game progress and settings will be lost.

*The game will also be deleted


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Character Creation
    -Set the appearance of your character by using weapon and armor skinning
  • Customization of Equipment:
    -Equip a variety of weapons and armor based on your stats, and modify them
  • Magic System:
    -Pressure or sacrifice magic to manipulate the elements and become an all-powerful Magic Lord. During battle, cast your magic to overpower your foes.
  • System to Alter the Lands Between:
    -Collections of patches and coins used in service of the hero shake the Lands Between. Alter them to change your fate.

    Patch: A collection of the shape of the lands between

    Coin: Money that brings you changes in the lands between
  • Weak Points System:
    -Move stealthily or attack aggressively to defeat the opponent. There is no point in striking a rock with a hammer.
  • Combat: Unique with Overpowering Sudden Impact
  • Character Growth:
    -You can increase stats through gameplay, and gain experience based on your level
  • Maps and Minigames:
    -Online games, where you and your friends face on the map and compete in special dungeons
  • System to Deal Damage:
    -Fight with bombs to deal massive damage to your enemies. There are no limits to using it.

    • It’s not just TANGO!
      -It utilizes anime graphics, with Japanese TV anime voiceovers

      It’s an RPG about Fantasy!
      -It uses the Japanese RPG system of TANGO!

      It’s not just adventure, but has multiple elements of drama!
      -The background story is interspersed with dialogue that runs in parallel
    • For music lovers
      -A soundtrack with lovely music of the Lands Between
    • Play online
      -Play wherever and whenever you like, with other players across the world

      It’s compatible with the Global Play Online system, so you can play with your friends and travel together!

      The Global Play online system lets you play while connected

      to the online service

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      JEAN-GUY JUIN, MixWave, March 17, 2016

      Greetings Lords, and welcome to another edition of… well, not a walkthrough but more like a complete information disc and catch up on my previous reviews. Let’s start with the basics: the game is a fantasy-themed tactical RPG from Square Enix and developer Conatus (Log Horizon), a studio that’s best known for its action RPGs like ‘Silent Hill’ and ‘Dead or Alive: Dimensions’. These are titles that follow a pretty well-known formula: huge levels, gritty backgrounds, all the usual RPG staples. When it comes to the core mechanics, ‘Elden Ring For Windows 10 Crack’ takes a similar approach. So let’s dive right into it!

      First of all, it’s not an action RPG. Granted, the action elements do play an important role, but ‘Elden Ring’ has a whole lot more going for it than its predecessors. It’s set in the Lands Between, which is a vaguely defined region that’s somehow both magical and hot and with a vibrant population of “young humanoids” (the exact classification of these folks was unfortunately left rather vague, to say the least). Here, the natural imbalance of magic is out of whack (well, more than in the other game), causing there to be a race of stronger creatures called the Oni, who thrive on exerting control. While the Oni were once the heroes of this land, their racism now makes them hate the Elden, who’re divided into the Mages and the Soldiers. After the introduction of the self-proclaimed “Supreme Oni”, who unites both sides, the Oni-Elden war reaches a fever pitch and the Mages, Soldiers and Elden find themselves battling for their lives.

      Now this is where things start to get rather interesting. Firstly, there’s a bit of class-based play, with your character (a not-so-simple but fairly traditional choice of three classes: Soldier, Mage and Archer) being tied to one of three schools of magic. Secondly, there’s a rather beautiful yet slightly flawed overworld map on which you can explore and quest, and of course there’s a deep story and a variety of side quests and branching paths. Here we go again: interesting mechanics, abundant


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      RPG elements
      As always, the presentation has been greatly improved with the incorporation of RPG elements, creating a vivid story and easy-to-understand gameplay.

      Enjoy the Source!
      – Character AI and enemy patterns are improved
      – Evolved chase/destruction patterns
      – Evolved enemy behaviors and AI
      – Evolved enemy formations (including a new formation)
      – Evolved enemy AI (including an AI that understands the control of the surrounding terrain)
      – Evolved enemy evasiveness/defensive patterns
      – Upgraded enemy AI (in particular, a warrior with a sword)
      – Evolved obstacles, such as the nearby enemy, and the surrounding enemies
      – Various other minor improvements (see below for the specific details)

      AI improvements
      ・AI’s get together with one another.
      ・Enjoyed enemy faces, such as chasing or running away.
      ・Enjoyed attacking from behind, such as enemy formations, evasion, or defense.
      ・Enjoyed dodging and fleeing enemy arrows.
      ・Enjoyed fleeing and dodging enemy attacks.

      Updated graphics
      ・New background illustrations.
      ・New visual effects (beams, bullets, etc.)
      ・New character model and animations

      Improved animations and the playability of the game
      ・Characters move more fluently
      ・Movement and animations are smoother
      ・Touch and click controls are implemented
      ・An improved interface that is easier to use
      ・An improved interaction where you can use the mouse to perform
      a variety of actions (drag, etc.)

      Other features
      ・The game now supports new languages in the game menu, character creation and NPC dialogue.
      ・The game is now more clearly distinguishable from other games.
      ・Various other minor improvements

      System Requirements
      iPhone/iPod touch (iOS 4.3 or later)
      iOS (Data plan: free to Japan ($7.99 per month for 2GB or more).

      iPhone/iPod touch (iOS 3.2 or later)
      iPhone/iPod touch (iOS 4.0 or later)
      iPad (iOS 3.2 or later)
      iPhone (iOS 3.2 or later)
      iPad (iOS 3.2 or later)
      Mac (OS X 10.6 or later)

      Estimated Time
      iPhone, iPod touch (3G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, etc.)


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      Season Pass

      The Liber Celestium Gold Edition includes the following:

      • Four epic dungeons (Playable as a single player or with up to three players)
      • Six class missions (Playable as a single player or with up to three players)
      • Two bonus missions (Playable as a single player or with up to three players)
      • The Black Woods weapon system (one model to equip in all five classes)
      • A Black Woods emblem (one emblem to equip in all five classes)
      • Decorations, Bonus Costume Items, and Priest-only accessories

      In addition to these items, purchasers of the BlizzCon 2013 Digital Gold Edition will also receive a distinct in-game look that only the BlizzCon attendees will receive. *The game will ship with the BlizzCon 2013 theme on October 16, 2013.

      Season Pass Content Liber Celestium

      Welcome to the Lands Between, an open world realm of dungeons, quests, and players in the online world of EverQuest II.

      MMO Blizzplanet (, 02 Mar 2014 14:14:55 +0000Blizzplanet | MMOGuide.NET52246: Playing with PVP on WoW Arena Updates 21-23 wow trinity new valor and honor chain.>The way they’re telling us, we’re supposed to contend that finding the sword the guy said would kill the ultimate boss won’t really start a


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