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NameElden Ring
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An RPG-style fantasy action game. A long-awaited fantasy RPG comes to life in the form of the Dragon’s Dogma. The fantasy action RPG, Dragon’s Dogma, is now available on the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and in the PlayStation®Vita system.
The Elden Ring is where “No Trades are Allowed”:
The Lands Between are a world of people who have refused to trade goods. It is a lawless area that has resisted the authority of the Elden Ring.
In the Lands Between, there are no laws, and everyone has “Strength”.
As part of the Elden Ring’s efforts to regulate the Lands Between, a powerful “Black Dog” named Zagtark the Shadow has begun to terrorize the Lands Between. He has destroyed the towns of the Lands Between and has blocked the path to the Elden Ring.
Why does the Black Dog come after us?
The answer lies within the Dragon’s Dogma, a long-dreaded book that was stolen from the Elden Ring.

The story of a saga with a high sense of drama unfolds in the Lands Between.
・ A World of Danger and Adventure
The Lands Between are a lawless area where you will find everything from blockages that block your path to an ominous, shadowed mountain.
・ An Epic Drama
Drawing the lines of fate between the characters will lead you to a dramatic story that fuses together both strong characters and powerful feelings.
・ Online Play
You can freely enter the territory of others online. As you play together, it’s fun to communicate with your friends through text messages.

Make the Ordinary Extraordinary with Customization

Equip your character with weapons, armor, and items.
Customize your appearance and define your own custom class, including your appearance.
You can also have unique style.

The Functional but Beautiful

Player and equipment that look outstanding.
The user interface reflects the magnitude of the amount of information that can be displayed.
The full screen view for each individual screen is approximately 360 degrees.

The Feeling of Compression

An intuitive menu and easy-to-use interface.
You can instantly access all the parts that you need to know, while feeling as if you are floating in space.

The Eye-catching Designs of the Graphics


Features Key:

  • More than 150 weapons
    A large range of weapons to choose from, including both high-tech and low-tech weaponry.

  • More than 140 pieces of armor
    Select among a wide variety of excellent materials to protect yourself.

  • More than 200 spells
    Mesmerize and imprison your opponents, bring down beasts, and summon an army at your command.

  • More than 80 bosses
    Fight powerful and heartening bosses to increase your power.

  • Ancient Noble Goddesses
    Meet the ancient gods that rule the lands in distinctive portraits.

  • Upcoming DLC announced
    Detailed information on available content and prices will be announced later.

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