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NameElden Ring
Rating4.14 / 5 ( 5762 votes )
Update(13 days ago)



Elden Ring Download With Full Crack, with Translated Release in 2017.
Elden Ring is an action RPG with an advanced combat system as well as an enhanced fantasy world that resonates with the player’s subjective sensation.
Elden Ring features a vast combat system, and it will provide you with deeply emotional and thrilling action.
Elden Ring is an independent studio that is currently developing the game with its own unique and original ideas.
Castle Network is the only publisher for Elden Ring.

Castle Network is currently developing Elden Ring with fantasy action and strength.
We are open to any suggestions or ideas regarding the production of the game.
● Introduction to the Development of Elden Ring
• Game-Minded Environment
We, the Elden Ring Game Development Team, created an environment that was not only unique but also meticulous. We created an environment that offers a flow for online play, consisting of various maps and dungeons, in a world with a clear, painted backdrop. You can freely explore this world.
• Dynamic World
The Land Between, the main setting of the game, consists of wide fields, small villages, unique dungeons, and various natural landscapes. You can freely travel in this world. For example, enemies may suddenly rise when you attempt to travel through a certain area, or a village may suddenly appear. In addition, your character will randomly encounter random events that affect the story, such as fire spreading across the village.
• Perfectly Detailed Dungeon
The dungeon, which is the main means of attacking enemy bases, is also a main factor in the completion of gameplay. To create a dungeon that is full of great character, the team employed the ideas and processes of creating a unique scene. The attention to details was absolute when creating the art, and the world will have a new aura in your hands.
• Dynamic Camera and Flow of Space
The camera is an important factor that affects the player’s gaming experience, so we made the camera both elegant and beautiful. In order to provide you with an immersive experience, we also tried to implement flow of space. The camera moves according to the angle of the character, and we also incorporated the idea that the camera is leaning toward the character’s attack direction.
• Advanced Game Mechanics for an Intense and Thrilling Action
We are creating a game that not only offers a great story but also offers a well-balanced gameplay experience. For example, we do not believe that having a great story is enough to inspire


Additional Information

NameElden Ring
Rating4.14 / 5 ( 5762 votes )
Update(13 days ago)


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • An Epic Story in the Lands Between
  • Explore a Vast World, Discover Various Bosses, and Make Friends in the Online World
  • Easy Creation of Character
  • Three Thousand Basic Spells, More Than Three Thousand Unique Spells, and Special Magic
  • An Overwhelming Number of Character Growth Points
  • Global Rank HP and Stamina System
  • Raise, Carve, and Train a Strong and Courageous Characters Based on Seven Attributes (STR, DEX, AGI, INT, LUK, HP, and STA)
  • Easy Solving of Quests
  • Well-developed Challenge and Skill Acquisition System
  • The Glorious Source of Mana
  • An Epic Global Ranking System
  • Thirteen Classes, Ten Arts, and More than 300 Skills to Customize Your Character
  • A Mythic Dungeon: Phantom Tower
  • Rise Up as an Elden Lord in the Lands Between in this Fantasy Action RPG!
  • The Binding of Hyruu, the Tarnished Ring of the Elden Ring|クリスマス 仕様 [DQ-2011-TS-GNEGO-00183A]

    New Fantasy Action RPG (HFAR), a turn-based fantasy action RPG.
    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    Explore a vast world, discover various bosses, make friends in the online world, and easy creation of your character.
    As “global ranking”, the number and hierarchy of players increases globally, and results in that players’ shoulders become higher. Please check the rankings.
    An overwhelming number of character growth points required for leveling has been decreased, and will not be required for leveling in the future.
    * Players are required to temporarily use the material to secure an account increase.
    A title change, character reset, and reset of character data of the player


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    ▼ I need to say something.

    Looking at the graphics in the announcement trailer, it’s clear that the man-hours that went into the development of this game were immense. It was a passion project that took the world by storm.

    ▼ But now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…

    The concept for this game was so interesting, it’s something I’ll always remember, and be moved by.

    … in the main, I’m rather impressed with the high quality of work put into this game.

    ▼ I was a bit on the fence when I played it, but the replay value, and how it played out overall, has been a complete joy.

    ▼ It really challenges the relationship between character growth and crafting.

    ▼ It’s so smooth… I think you’ve really done it, Agie.

    The graphics are truly amazing. I’d love to play this game again and spend more time in the world and on the characters…

    ▼ Each improvement, new feature, or refinement is aesthetically and functionally significant.

    I should’ve shown it to you all at the E3 reveal…

    ▼ That is a wise man.

    It’s a game that I can get lost in, and it makes me happy.

    ▼ That’s what I like to see…

    Part of me wants to thank you for letting me enjoy this game.

    ▼ I’m sure that your fans must be feeling something like this.

    Oh, it’s all just so splendid. I’m really glad I played it.

    ▼ It’s because of the people that experience this game in the future that I’m so happy.

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    – The Lands Between, a vast world where you can freely live as a member of the nobility

    – Explore the expansive world and seek out hidden dungeons, engaging in combat or leisure activities

    – Customize the appearance of your character and equips with weapons, armor, and magics


    – Progress and advance the status of the character

    – Acquire gear through defeating monsters, and improve your equipment at a large number of shops to keep pace with the most recent level


    – Unlock new weapons and armor as your character advances in level

    – Acquire rare items by defeating monsters, using your money, and participating in the “Skill Book” events

    – Acquire the item type that you have the most affinity for


    – An androgynous form that can be the plaything of the gods

    – Mysterious Yet Profound, an unforgettable adventure story set in the World Between













    ◆Who is the ‘Black Sun’?


    This game is optimized for PC.


    ◆ 1. Change the color of the Main Menu Window

    ◆ 2. Change the color of the Weapon List Window

    ◆ 3. Change the color of the Equipment Window


    ◆ For all adventurers in the game


    ◆ For all adventurers in the game


    ◆ Sound Volume

    ◆ System Optimization Setting

    ◆ Change Game Mode


    ◆ System Optimization Setting

    ◆ System Optimization Setting

    ◆ Sound Volume


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    A 64-bit operating system
    DirectX 12 or 11 compatible video card
    Intel Core i5 or equivalent
    8 GB RAM
    60 GB available space
    64-bit OS version
    I ran the test for a half-hour before finally deciding to write a blog post. For such a long period, all the results remained very similar. Not one game had encountered a single issue with Windows Update during the test period. As far as the performance was concerned, there was barely any variation. The minimum number of frames per second reached in our test was 77