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The Elden Ring Crack is a fantasy action RPG where you choose your own class, forge your own style and play as your favorite character.
In the game, you take control of an adventurer who travels throughout a vast world and experiences a multitude of challenges as you struggle to become an Elden Lord. In the game, you can fully customize your character from its appearance and accessories to weapons, armor and magic.

The game features a new party system that allows players to freely form and switch their party. Each member is given a class that specializes in strength, speed, and magic. When you enter a new area, you can decide on the composition of your party in order to maximize the power of the team.

The game features a vast world full of excitement filled with dungeons, fields and other things. A battle system with a full range of special moves and a job system will allow you to progress even further, with new skills unlocked as you level up.

You can freely transfer your character to a new server at any time. You can also form a party and play with others directly.


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– Creation and production –

– Saplus – Graphic Designer/Illustrator

– Funicular – Game Designer

– Armonia – Game Designer


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Create your own character.
  • Customize your character’s appearance.
  • Adventure in an open world.
  • Receive gear drops from monsters, collect gear, and craft items.
  • Explore huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs.
  • Advance in experience, skill, and skill gathering.
  • Receive quests from NPCs and mine for resources.
  • Receive prizes for exploring and defeating monsters.
  • Engage in a high-strung and exciting RPG battle against monsters.
  • Manage the equipment of your party or sidekick.
  • Utilize the skills, weapons, items, and spells that you own.

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                Elden Ring Crack + Product Key Full Latest

                “The game has a much bigger and more in-depth world than most beat ‘em ups.”

                “It’s more than just a reskin.”

                “A well-constructed game with a lore all its own.”

                “It’s the best FF game for Android.”

                “I really like how the difficulty keeps changing according to the situation.”

                “The combination of the new magic system and monsters really feel dynamic.”

                “The choices you make throughout the game can actually have a large impact on the way you play the game.”

                “It was a hard game to review. It’s hard to find games for phones that aren’t too easy, because it’s hard to stop myself from just playing until I get the ‘A’.”

                “It’s a really good game, but I don’t think it will be considered among the best games for the platform.”

                “…The game has a lot of content and good gameplay.”

                ▼“Culturally, it’s very well-detailed.”

                “There is a dark, witty, and colorful world.”

                “This game feels like a real game, like the light-hearted comedy of the Final Fantasy series.”

                “It’s like no other mobile game.”

                “It’s a wonderful MMORPG.”

                “It’s fun even for veteran RPG players.”

                “The game is well-made and fun.”

                “It contains a wide variety of monsters, and it’s a delight to go on quests to collect treasure.”

                “It’s hard, so don’t be surprised if it isn’t for you.”

                “It’s not going to be for everyone…”

                “It’s so cute and enjoyable that I want to play it over and over.”

                ▼“I was really surprised by how much content there was.”


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                ◆ STORY BEHIND THE GAME

                The noble souls of the Elsia kingdom secretly influence the political events of the region. Only the Ella clan, whose members are descendants of the Elsia elites, maintain a firm grip on a single castle.
                Within the castle, the Elsia royal family brutally maintains their grip on the region. There is nothing that can be done about this.
                ◆ A Collection of Contents ELDEN RING EAST OF WESTERN KINGDOM
                ◆ Hero Mode Original Story
                A striking scene of a small wandering party encountering an evil presence triggers a chain reaction. The story follows the group’s journey from that time forward.
                * New story
                ▶ Characters
                ○ Phalanthos
                ○ Necromancer Rogue
                ○ Elsian Archer
                ○ Eremi Scout
                ○ Etroch
                ○ Eremim Warrior
                * Other Character Mechanics
                ○ Acrobatic
                ○ Evasive
                ○ Parry-Bow
                ○ Battle Engine: ELDEN RING EAST OF WESTERN KINGDOM
                ◆ Digitally-Produced Music
                ◆ Character Support
                ◆ Heroic Battle
                ◆ Character Battle: A New Add-on for Fantasy
                * New characters, such as Rogue and Necromancer, will be added in the following update.
                * Playable on Android and iOS
                * Additional features
                “EAST OF WESTERN KINGDOM”
                ◆ Summary of contents
                ◆ Hero Mode Original Story
                This game is a spiritual successor to “EAST OF WESTERN KINGDOM” and the first title in this franchise.
                The story revolves around a villainous party that committed a great crime against the Elsia kingdom. It is a story that will take the player across three time periods.
                ◆ New story
                ▶ Characters
                ○ Phalanthos
                ○ Necromancer Rogue
                ○ El


                What’s new in Elden Ring:

                * * *

                ** Features a variety of conversations that you can enjoy as you go.
                You can write letters to your companions.
                Trade items with your companions.
                Improve your skills with passive & active skills.
                * * *

                Recommended Video Settings

                • Resolution – 1080p

                • Input Method – Mouse, Keyboard, Gamepad

                • Controls – Controller

                • OS – Windows 10

                • UI – Default

                * * *

                *** Item Information

                Basic & Enhanced Items

                Basic items give you basic stats and abilities. Enhanced items raise the stats and abilities of your class.
                Class items distinguish your class and boost your class-related stats and abilities.

                Items can be collected from the monsters you defeat and can be used in the Enhancement System.
                Enhancement System

                The enhancement aspect of the game is meant to remove the limits of repeating battles and long grinds, and meet the needs of all players in a particular situation.
                It is an action RPG, and thus while it is a style better suited to retro gaming than 3D games, its reproduction more or less controls to linearity.

                1. Define Class – Define Your Own Class.

                2. Upgrade and Enhance – Enlarge & Upgrade Your Skills with the Enhancement System.

                3. Immerse Yourself and Roam Different Places as you Wish.

                4. Be a Customizable Adventurer of Your Own.

                Home System

                Possessions – Furnish Your House as You Like, Such as by Collecting The Various Items You May Find Now and Before.

                Travel System

                Hotel – Guest Room – Where you Can Stay a While With One or Two Other Players.



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                1. Extract all the rar files in the ELDEN RING directory.
                2. Run the created exe files.
                3. If you got errors, post them here.
                4. Thank you.

                How to Update:

                1. Download the update file and put it in the root of C:Users[username]AppDataLocalTempupdate.
                2. If you got errors, post them here.
                3. Thank you.

                How to restart the game after updating:

                1. Go to “C:Users[username]AppDataLocalTempupdate” directory and copy all files from “” to “res.old”.
                2. Run the created.exe file.
                3. If you got errors, post them here.
                4. Thank you.

                How to install ELDEN RING with a cracked exe:

                1.Download the update.
                2.Copy the crack into the update folder.
                3.If you got errors, post them here.
                4.Thank you.

                How to make online games:

                1. Download the update.
                2. In the “update.exe” file, find a line like that “prevent download”
                3. Remove the “prevent download” from the line.
                4. If you got errors, post them here.
                5. Thank you.

                How to Create a new account:

                1. Go to “C:Users[username]AppDataLocalTempupdate” directory and copy the related files for account.
                2. Run the created.exe file.
                3. If you got errors, post them here.
                4. Thank you.

                How to Log in (Offline):

                1.Go to “C:Users[username]AppDataLocalTempupdate” directory and copy the files for offline.
                2. Go to “C:Users[username]AppDataLocalTempupdate” directory and copy the files for account.
                3. Run the created exe file.
                4.If you got errors, post them here.
                5. Thank you.

                How to Install ELDEN RING with crackless:

                1. Go to “C:Users[username]AppDataLocalTemp


                How To Crack Elden Ring:

              • Download the pack “Elden Ring + crack” or “Elden Ring + Patch” and extract the “Elden Ring + crack” zip file.
              • Double click “EldenRing.exe” to launch it.
              • Click “Crack” button to start the crack process.
              • Copy the crack file to the installation directory.
              • Restart your system and enjoy the game.


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              System Requirements For Elden Ring:

              Compatibility: Windows XP or higher / MacOS 10.6 or higher (OS X 10.7 or higher is recommended)
              Personalize your personal message with customized jingles to use in-game or just as your in-game character jingle! Add as many as you like to the saved jingles list to use them in-game!
              With this mod, you can also enjoy awesome music and voice work by guests such as Hans Zimmer, Christopher Franke, and Brian Tyler.




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