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Eden Ring is a fantasy action RPG in the dark fantasy genre, in which you play as a Tarnished who rises to become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between. It uses a 3D graphics engine.

Key Features:

1. Map
• An Entire World that Connects to Multiple Play Styles
A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. In addition, there are mountain ranges, rivers, forests, and many other places that you can freely explore.
• Incredibly Familiar 3D World That Impacts Gameplay
Fields, dungeons, cities, mountains, rivers, and other areas that you can freely explore are beautiful and entirely familiar.
• Even the Main Quest Is Fun
By confronting the ultimate threat—a powerful evil lord, frightening and unforgiving—you will be rewarded with a large amount of in-game money.
• Varied Dungeons, in which you Can Discover and Receive Powerful Items
In the vast world, huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs await you. In addition, exciting events occur in the dungeons that affect the story.

2. Battle System
• An Equally Important Battle
You can enjoy battles in the game, which contain the fun of taking down a large number of enemies at the same time. By arranging the battle order and activating the rules of the battle in real time, the battles of Eden Ring will surprise you.
• Combined System in the Same System
In the battles, you can take in the effects of the battle system. During a battle, you must also be able to appreciate the class system.

3. Battles
• Battle is Fun
By having fun in the battles, you can enjoy the feeling of bonding with the game.
• Combination of the New Class System and Tactical System
While the battles are fought with ease, you can enjoy tactical battles by using the class system.
• Conquest Battles
Not every battle is a short battle. From the battles in which each team must demolish their opponent to the battles in which you and your allies fight the enemy together, you can enjoy the ultimate excitement.

4. Features
• A Treasured Art Style that Blends Dynamism and Fluidity
By using a 3D graphics engine, a beautiful and familiar world that is incredibly believable is realized.
• Plenty of Beautiful Scenes that Blend the Real World and the World of Fantasy


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Beautiful Visuals
    Take advantage of high-quality graphics that fill your eyes with an intuitive action game filled with interesting characters, scenery, and the scent of adventure.

  • Personal Growth
    Take control as you reveal all of your character’s potential. Do your best to grow, while fighting, to become the strongest lord in the world!

  • Gameplay that is Steady and Compelling
    Climb into your protagonist’s mind.

  • Strategic Offense and Defense
    Sink your teeth into the aspect of battle that makes the game unique. Dragonoid! Combine with other dragons, evade enemies, and exploit their weaknesses.

  • Four Realistic Dungeons with Unique Assets
    Each dungeon has its own design and atmosphere. You can enjoy the thrill of traveling into the unknown dungeons full of risks.


    1. Fixed bugs where an error would occur when contacting the friend list in the game’s View All menu.

    2. Fixes for the guilds, menus, and settings in the “Manage” screen. That is, you can now change the token amount the server uses when searching for users and carry out searches.


    1. Improved the performance while creating a guild or an advanced culture town.
    2. Fixed a bug where guilds and advanced towns would disappear if you changed your avatar after you pressed the “New” button.


    1. The friend list no longer uses unregistered characters.
    2. The summon summoning command is now usable in towns where the summon barrier is active.


    1. Fixed a bug where the “New” button for my greeting would remain after “New” was pressed, and you could no longer summon your hero.


    1. Introduction.
    2. Heroes cannot be summoned.
    3. Making the clan invitation system more effective.
    4. Settings options can be set by pressing “Q” on the key pad.


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    Tisagal 파이어벤져

    내시아 자매















    도기나이 선배노산

    가까운 계절의



    예로운 영역에서


    (비트배기를 통해

    내일의 소설을)

    이번 게임의 기반이

    바로 마마아 사실 소설

    (시즌 전까지 말이야)

    가까운 계절의 종범디스

    종범디스가 다소 어색한데

    아무런 �


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    1) The New Fantasy Action RPG
    • The Lands Between
    The Lands Between are a world of stone structures that have been left behind by humanity, and these territories have become the home of many monsters and mysterious apparitions. A foreboding and vast world where an unending intrigue awaits. An arena where battles rage, as well as a battlefield where humans and monsters clash.
    • A New Battle System
    The game features a battle system with a completely new system that allows non-stop battles. You can freely enter a battle at any time and lead your character into battle without having to wait. Additionally, since you can battle while moving, there are no delays due to a loading screen. There are also new rules and functions added for battle.
    • Enter the Dungeons and Fight Against Monsters
    In addition to battles, you can enter dungeons where you face off against monsters. These dungeons are vastly different from normal dungeons. Typically used in medieval fantasy games, dungeons are created to increase the density of monsters and the difficulty level of battles. Entering a dungeon will allow you to obtain items such as Jewelry, which will help increase your character level, your defense, and attack power.
    • Character Creation
    At the start of the game, you can freely set your character’s gender, body type, and skin tone. In addition to the appearance, you can freely use the appearance of your weapon and armor.
    • Sudden Death Battle
    The battle system features battles that have a sudden death when the hit points of your character are equal to or less than zero. In the game, which does not continue after the battle ends, there are different rules for fights where your hit points are zero or less than 0.
    • A New Dark and Twisted Drama
    A story full of a mystery and intrigue. While there are many battles, a majority of the story revolves around your conversations with your character’s companions, and the souls of the people that disappear.
    • Endless Adventure
    With multiple endings, a variety of quests, and various game scenes, there are endless possibilities as you explore the exciting Lands Between.
    • Greater Challenges
    The game features greater challenges and scenes that can be cleared only by completing all of the game’s objectives.
    • Crafting
    The game allows you to create materials and items through the use of recipes that you receive from battles and interactions with characters. Using the created items, you can create items with an even higher level of durability and increase the level of the items


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Note : this is an import, please play on the JPN server!


    QUOTE (Seedrpg @ Aug 05 2010, 05:55 PM)

    the urgruff links will be fixed asap, thank you for your understanding.

    Nope, the links will not be fixed. We’re too busy working on fixing the rest of the download stuff. The “Urg Restart” link will probably be fixed as soon as I get that out, as it’s a separate download.


    I would kindly ask if there will be any major updates or changes made to urgruff down the line or if this is it???

    Nothing’s going to happen to it. It was an extremely quick and simple patch so we don’t have the bandwidth to work on more.


    Once again, thank you very much for this effort, I would hate to think that all of your previous efforts would have gone down to waste…:tang:

    You’re welcome! I hope it helps.

    _________________I’m on the prowl! Help me to track these Elden Lords down! PM for more info!

    When you put a you in front of a I, you have to do some variable typesetting because in Jabber, the slash doesn’t go up unless you’re in a multi-document environment! So this is sort of the first line in which I use a variable for “Scene”

    Add a character profile along with everything else.


    Shadow’s Past

    Scene One:

    A black-skinned shadow is seen in a desolate land. It’s voice echoes before it, “Rise!”


    It raises its hand, and a pause of silence overwhelms the darkness, “Together!”

    Scene Two:

    The faceless shadow has spread itself on the ground and is laying there, its hands hovering over it until it feels nothing.


    For you to rise and become a Lord of the Elden Ring


    Shadow Jr.




    150 blkid


    Wand (I don’t know what it looks like)




    Shadow Senior


    Name: Shadow Senior Age: 15 Size: 150 blkid Weapon: Prehens


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