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Your goal, to become an Elden Lord, is to travel from the three cities, Waking Sands, Sacred Oak, and Burning City, to the Lands Between to spread the word of the legendary Elden Ring.

POCKET, the place where people live and trade, is a huge city in the Lands Between.

In POCKET, you’ll discover a vast world full of exciting contents.

The bonds of a small circle of people are connected with a large circle of the lands beyond.

Among the various quests awaiting you, an unexpected cold welcome awaits you at the Forbidden Fortress!

The story of the Lands Between begins…


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▼Character Development:

Your character learns and gains experience throughout the game. You can choose what you want your character to have, whether it be a tough and strong warrior, or a powerful mage. You decide your character’s personality and develop him depending on your play style.

▼Weapon and Armor:

You can freely select any armor and weapon and combine them, and use them on your character. You can even use magic while wearing armor. For instance, a rare magic “Hatena Sword” can make you invincible. There are many such magic items hidden throughout the world.


Magic has many forms and is derived from the nature of the world. You can learn magic from experience, from books, or from a person who has learned it. Magic has an unlimited level, but the more powerful your character becomes, the more damage it will deal.

▼A Large World:

In addition to the city of Waking Sands and the city of Burning City, the world is divided into five regions. The areas in POCKET are connected to other areas through a network, allowing players to easily travel between them.

A huge world full of opportunities and diverse contents awaits you as you explore.




Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Lord Clan Points
    Your lord and his retinue have a wide variety of attributes. Surpass other lords, by becoming the highest ranking member of your leader’s retinue. With further accumulation of Lord Clan Points, your lord’s strength and abilities increase as well.
  • Online Multiplayer
    Via the internet, or even alone in the dark, you can travel to worlds and dungeons where your friends are waiting. You can even enjoy online play with your hominid friends using the United Hominid Clan!
  • A Free and Responsive Keyboard
    Even though the virtual keyboard is displayed where necessary, you can play by the original keyboard with no limitations.
  • Best graphics
    RPGs are known for colorful and detailed graphics, but Elden Ring more than delivers. Dedicated Japanese sound and music animation teams worked tirelessly to raise the standards for the full Elden Ring package.
  • Brand New Story
    A Multilayered Story.
  • Content details:

    Price: 7500 Yen.


    Press website:

    You can obtain the official English website.

    Fangokurine website:

    You can obtain the official English website.


    Link to news at Fangomomo.

    Fangomomo profiles:


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    11 tips and tricks to defeat Kirin and you’ll be able to get the Kirin Reaper!
    Note: You must be level 31 for this quest.
    Kirin reaper quest
    The Kirin Reaper
    Requirements: level 21, Kirin and Master training items, Kirin reaper quest item.
    Descripton: You must defeat Kirin using your Rift.
    1. Equipping the Kirin Reaper quest item, open the Rift, and align it with Kirin on the field.
    2. Defeat Kirin and obtain one Kirin’s Soul.
    3. Talk to the NPC on the group of NPCs at the north-east side of the field.

    Warcraft History Month
    Season 4, Week 4
    ● New Warcraft!
    ● New World!
    ● Episode 5!
    ● New warcraft!
    ● Player Relations
    (That’s right, we changed our name to OGN WarCraft!!)
    New World
    After the tragic incident that happened in the Milky Way, the Alliance and the Horde have left to search for a new world.
    Player Relations
    Hello, everybody. I’ve been hard at work on our business side this whole time. The reason we’ve been on the back burner is because of the events that have taken place in Azeroth. However, I can’t stay quiet any longer. I’ve summoned two key people, and I’m confident that the company’s problems have been resolved.
    (The leader of the Alliance and the leader of the Horde.)
    The Horde
    I will be handling my duties as the leader of the Alliance.
    The Alliance
    As the leader of the Horde, I will continue the mission to protect Azeroth.
    (He wants to capture a world for the Horde.)
    Both of us want to protect Azeroth!
    Keep an eye out for new news. I’ll talk to you again in the future.
    * * *


    What’s new:


    Do not contact or harass the Administrator or any other user involved in the creation or running of the server. Do not refuse to abide by the Rules of Use on your own. Game reserve assistants fall under the use of this application. If there has been no violation of the rules or customs of game use and participants, the manager reserves the right to request removal of a user from the game completely. If such a request is made, the server shall immediately cease all communication and erase the user from the application. These are only grounds to remove a player:

    • Inappropriate appearance or conduct
    • Use of characters in violation of the Rules of Use
    • Intentional performance of character hacking
    • Dishonorable, immoral acts
    • Illicit acts of all kinds (immoral, lewd, theft) that do not directly qualify as fraud
    • For the criminal prosecution of unlawful actions and use of illicit drugs.

    Violation of rules is grounds for suspension of the Staff in the game


    Be friendly even to those who have left it for the sake of the game. :-)

    Don’t cry to the girlfriends of the Staff Members. :-)

    Don’t make too big of a deal out of the Law Enforcement’s arrival. :-)

    Try not to go to Erriwan or else the mountain will be ruined.

    Do take care of your health. Or else you’ll get banned. ;)

    Don’t be too careless. –


    • Do not beg for custom configuration of your character.
    • Do not beg for free access to all equipment.
    • Do not beg for the


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      How To Crack:

    • Download Elden Ring from the official website.
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    • Start your game using the CD key you received.

    How to Play the Full Version:


    Before installing the game, be sure to register on their official website. The registration page includes ‘emoticons’ that you can use while chatting with other players. When you register, you will receive a CD key for the purchased game in your e-mail after completing registration.

    When you play the game for the first time, you have to register. It is possible to play offline using the ‘Local’ option when you register, but once you restart the game, you have to register again. Since offline play cannot use the e-mail, you may lose the CD key. If you lose the CD key, you will have to register again, and then log in using the CD key you received.

    In addition, when you leave the game, the CD key expires, so you should save it.


    To download other classes or weapons, use the ‘Download Cross Class’ function. You can select your downloaded file using the ‘Select File’ function on the main menu.

    Although the file name is related to the class, you can also download anything you like.

    What is Epcha Ring:

    The epcha is a legendary artifact of great significance found deep inside the moons of the Lands Between. When the runes inscribed on its surface are read, people could see the appearance and behavior of a tiger looking from behind the clouds. Not long ago, the epcha was stolen and the powers of darkness became powerful. As a great hero, it fell to you and your grungule to recover the epcha and acquire the power of Astrea. The whereabouts of the epcha are unknown.

    The user interface of Epcha Ring can be changed in the Options menu. Otherwise, the game is designed


    System Requirements:

    Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later
    PCW Super Mario Bros.
    CD-ROM drive (supporting the Windows 95 OS)
    Internet connection
    More on this game can be found on Google with the search term: “Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars”
    Name Game Mode Type Description T
    Tempo Master Difficulty Slider Tempo modifies the difficulty and speed of the game. Slide it to the