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Download Setup & Crack > DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download Setup & Crack > DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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About Forever Entertainment, Inc.

Founded in 1994, Forever Entertainment, Inc. has grown to become a leading publisher of games for PC and console platforms, primarily in Japan.

About Dunadise

A young developer based in Osaka, Japan. The company focuses on creating action RPG games set in immersive fantasy worlds with high visual quality.

The Tarnished Sword

Steel yourself against a brute of a leader; fight off a band of wyverns, take a journey to a cursed temple; fight on the front line alongside a strong-willed princess; and defend the Land Between from a gathering darkness… don’t just worry about the formidable foes you encounter in the Lands Between. We’ll also be answering questions for players on the official Elden Ring forum.

For any questions, please refer to the official site (in Japanese).


Elden Ring Game ©2020 Forever Entertainment, Inc.

©2020 Dunadise.

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A Vast World: A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.
  • Smart AI and Vast Exploration: A smart AI system, which learns your strategies and attacks from your actions, will make the experience of exploring and meeting enemies more fun. Even the hitherto undiscovered dungeons are arranged comprehensively.
  • Elden Ring provides:

    • Challenge Horrors with Epic Quests that are Close to Your Heart!
    • GeoMap of the Lands Between
    • Combat-intensive AIActionRPG Features

    Discover the Path of War, as a Tarnished Hero!

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    Morrowind: The Original Game:

    Elder Scrolls® Online: Morrowind is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game set in the world of Tamriel™. Players can live on their own and/or within the ESO community to explore the land of Vvardenfell, and they can


    Elden Ring (Updated 2022)

    “The game structure is already complex and the scope is quite broad, so I can’t wait to see what the developers will implement next.”

    “On the gameplay, the important thing here is the context. The story of the game, the lore, and the setting. As for the story, this seems like it will be very interesting in the middle of dark times.”

    “The setting already offers you a variety of opportunities to test your character. I feel like the world is so vast and the story so deep that it will be fun to come back, go further with the characters you created, and experience the outcomes of other characters’ choices in various situations.”

    “There are four main aspects of this game: the story, the gameplay, the arena and the role-playing elements. It’s no exaggeration to say that the story is the main focus, and it was difficult to give this game a score of only 8.5.”

    “The game is shaping up to be a mixture of Ar nosurge and Diabolik Lovers, and you can tell by how intense the release schedule is. It’s a big fantasy RPG with action elements, something that I’m always looking for.”

    “I’ve been looking forward to this game since it was announced, and it’s great that it’s already out. For those of us who love action RPGs, the fantasy action RPG genre is what we’re looking for.”

    “I haven’t played an action RPG in quite some time. I think I can see myself enjoying this game.”

    “The first action RPG in a long time that offers interesting gameplay, multiple areas, maps, and a lore and story that feels like it’s at the front and center.”

    “A concept that I’ve been wanting to see for a long time has finally come.”

    “It offers a lot of functionality and has a lot of content, but it is not released yet.”

    “In typical action RPGs, the location the battle takes place in is not important. But in Elden Ring, the location is more important than the battle itself.”

    “It’s an


    Elden Ring Crack Activator [Latest]

    – Version: 1.2.0
    – Release Date: Feb 16, 2019
    – Game Type: Action RPG
    – Language: English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, German
    ▷ Contents
    (1) Character Creation
    (2) Equipment
    (3) You can freely exchange weapons, armor and items
    (4) Battle System
    ・ Champion System
    ・ Skills
    ・ Abilities
    (5) System
    ・ Difficulty levels
    ・ Character Development System
    ・ Gathering System
    ・ Loot System
    ・ Item Exchange System
    ・ Guild System
    ・ Multi-Language Translation
    – Version: 1.2.0
    – Release Date: Feb 16, 2019
    – Game Type: RPG
    – Language: English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, German
    (1) Drama
    (2) Direct Connectivity
    (3) Asynchronous Play
    (4) Multiplayer Features
    (5) Guild and Character Evolution
    – Version: 1.2.0
    – Release Date: Feb 16, 2019
    – Game Type: RPG
    – Language: English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, German
    ・ SYSTEM
    ・ COMBAT
    – Version: 1.2.0
    – Release Date: Feb 16, 2019
    – Game Type: RPG
    – Language: English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, German
    * If you want to play ELDEN RING, please make sure that you have an Intel Core i5 with 3.1 GHz or greater, 8 GB or greater of RAM and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 (2 GB or greater) or greater graphics card.
    * This game is not on Android.
    * If you have a support request, please contact a developer and we will provide a solution.
    * For any other inquiries, please visit the “Support Center” ( or contact an official account.
    * The official Twitter account is
    * The official Instagram account is
    * Further inquiries please visit


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    “The Tales of Tarnage III is a masterpiece in battle action role-playing games.”
    “RPGs focused on players’ freedom to create and to replay, with the RPG genre embraced to new heights.”
    “Action RPGs combining the battle and adventure elements to create real pantheon experience”

    Mon, 11 Jul 2019 14:41:00 +0000>WORLDS RETURN BY CHOICE.
    ♢ Choose the world you want to explore. From the crowded cities of the West to the isolated kingdoms of the East, the player takes control of up to three female adventurers at the same time.
    ♢ Taking on the role of a Summoner who can use summons to attack, and along the way learn the magic of every world.
    ♢ A World to Discover is Modelled after a Unique 2.5D System:

    Combine and personalize your characters

    Walk, open chests and buy equipment

    The World is Gritty and Suspenseful
    “A world where fantasy and reality intertwine.”

    Works on several genre masterpieces, from prestige television, to such prestigious film and animation production houses as R.RIDGE, NOBEL PRODUCTIONS, SUNDIAL FILM PRODUCTIONS, and MARQUEE.
    The team was assembled to assist in executing the cinematic vision of the film in a timely and cost-efficient way.
    WILL WORK WITH YOU: We have the resources to make any concept idea a reality.

    “The Infinity Blade movies are the culmination of years of work, from concept design to final creation.
    They were a great help to us because they made us realize that we had to tighten the narrative on the [Blade] books and find the best possible way to execute them to reach a similar passion and professionalism level as the movies.

    Thu, 07 Jul 2019 13:54:14 +0000


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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

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    World War games (Nebil, Pronyata, Shmanisi etc) are being held throughout the Glaska project, and the Space Force is deploying powerful armaments to exterminate the dragons of the planet.
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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Mac OS X 10.9.0 or later
    Processor: 1.4GHz Intel Core i5 or later
    Memory: 4GB RAM
    Graphics: Intel HD 4000
    Storage: 128GB available space
    OS: Mac OS X 10.10.0 or later
    Processor: 2.3GHz Intel Core i7 or later
    Memory: 8GB RAM
    Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1060 or newer
    Enhanced Requirements:


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