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Published: 13/09/2022 (3 weeks ago)

Esf Database Migration Toolkit Professional Editon 6 2 28



Esf Database Migration Toolkit Professional Editon 6 2 28

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How to avoid the “__block” terminology when it comes to passing blocks as parameters in swift?

Here I have a function that has a few parameters. I don’t pass a block to it because it is pretty simple function. So the problem is that the language naming conventions (even the very basic version of them) are confusing me. Here is the code:
func foo(someNumber: Int, someString: String, block: (Int, String) -> Void) {
// someNumber and someString are passed without the “__block” terminology

I need to call this function with something like this:
foo(someNumber: “a”, someString: “b”, block: { (a, b) in
print(a + ”
” + b)

How to tell foo to pass the block without the “__block” terminology?
Is there a better way of doing this?


First, use an associated type to solve this problem. You can get rid of the block parameter too.
protocol Foo {
associatedtype B
func process(block: (B) -> ())

struct Bar : Foo {
typealias B = (Int, String)