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About Test Automation With Java + Selenium + Python

Recently, we are looking for test automation with Java/Selenium. Especially, we are trying to automate application login by Java + Selenium.
From the Java side, we have been able to get the app to open up and login properly, but the Python API simply does not work for us. We are very new to Python and I am looking for a Java/Selenium interface to run the Python test scripts.
I have looked at this solution, but it seems to require an interface to a remote machine, and it is not working with our test suite.
We also had the same issues with Python and Java, but I decided to stick with Python because there were more libraries to work with. Any advice?


The python API is the same as the java API, I just read the python API, its really easy.


What is the difference between two strings of very different lengths?

If I take two different strings of two different lengths, will they still not be unequal? And if they are not unequal, why? And how can I tell if the lengths of two strings are equal and not unequal?


In the context of strings:
If you define a String, it’s like a way of representing a list of integers.
Internally a String has all of its strings represented as a 1-based index, as a value.
So if you have
String a = “abcde”
String b = “efghi”

a – b = 1

The two strings are not equal.
The difference between them is the length of the strings.
This is just an example, and it could be that the two strings are equal, but represent different values.
There are different ways of comparing strings. To compare the equality of strings you can use

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