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Formato Afil 02 Imss Editable Pdfrar [HOT]


Formato Afil 02 Imss Editable Pdfrar

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Os enviámos el formato versionado de formato Afil 02 Imss Editable Pdfrar.

Please help, how can I delete this elements?


This is a known issue in Excel that can’t be deleted with Excel or even with some other software. There are no extra commands in Excel that can do this for you. However, you can use the delimiter removing tool in Notepad++ to get this for you.
Please see this discussion for more info:

The present invention relates generally to information processing systems and more particularly to statistical analysis systems used to analyze data records created in response to queries submitted to such systems.
Broadly stated, statistical analysis systems generate output data records from input data records representing raw statistical data collected in response to queries submitted to such systems. An example of such an analysis system is an analytical management information system (AMIS), where the input data records would be database records describing facilities, such as buildings, and their statuses, and the output data records would be management reports summarizing the status of each facility. More specifically, the system receives queries specifying data to analyze and returns, as part of the output, data records specifying the facilities or facilities groups that are to be analyzed.
The output data records are typically constructed from raw statistical data collected at the facilities or facilities groups specified in the submitted queries. Such raw statistical data are encoded according to a predetermined format into statistical data records represented by tabular data, and the statistical data records are collected together into a database containing the statistical data records generated in response to each submitted query. The statistical data records are generated asynchronously, i.e., one at a time rather than all at once, to minimize the time required to process the submitted queries.
In conventional systems, in order to analyze a particular facility or facility group, statistical data records are collected at the facility or facility group for each of a series of successive time periods. Because some facilities and facility groups may be under active construction, or may not yet have been deemed sufficiently stable to be considered as being in an active status, queries generated for such facilities or facility groups requesting data only during inactive time periods are typically excluded from analysis, since raw statistical data are only compiled for these time periods.
It is well known that the