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Hdk Cv Joint Catalogue 2010 2011 .pdf | Checked ~REPACK~

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Hdk Cv Joint Catalogue 2010 2011 .pdf | Checked

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Why is git automatically uploading changes to my live server?

I use git in my project, but it seems to upload my changes automatically to my live server. Where does this come from?


If you have a remote called origin which is set to the name of your live server, then it may be pushing to it. This is (usually) turned off by default, in order to avoid it happening accidentally.
To disable this behaviour, edit your.git/config file and change the remote configuration to
[remote “origin”]
url =
fetch = :refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*

This will prevent it pushing in all cases, including if there is a push-to-live branch configured with git push, unless you are explicitly running git push to the live server.
However, from this post, it sounds like you are wanting git push to the remote server to update the live server, and not in general. In this case, just remove the fetch line above, as this is its default behaviour.
[EDIT] As @mattbee has pointed out, this probably still won’t work as expected if you are using a shared repository between your development and live servers. In this case, what you can do is add an extra remote called origin-staging which is set to the live server, and change the remote configuration as above. You can then use this remote when pushing to the live server. This is because by using a different remote, the origin remote is no longer the default so the fetch line above will not change the behaviour. This is shown in the bottom example on the git-scm FAQ.


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