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hrPING extends the functionality of the standard ping utility that comes bundled with the Windows operating system, providing additional features for sending multiple packets to the target host, getting statistical data on the received responses and viewing a conclusive graphical representation of them.
hrPING works in the command console, displaying all the available options at each launch. Its functioning is identical to the Windows ping tool (namely to send ICMP packets to a remote workstation and wait for received echo responses), except for the additional commands that allows you to customize the operational and output options.
The application is capable of sending multiple packets (by default, it sends 4 requests), whereas the Windows ping only sends one packet at a time. You can configure the time (in milliseconds) to wait for a reply, the interval between two consecutive packets or set the program to ping the host until you stop it.
Furthermore, it comes with traceroute options, host resolving capabilities and tools for tracing the path back to its destination. The round trip delay is measured in microseconds, which significantly increases its accuracy, while silent load measurements are possible thanks to IP identification.
Also, the program allows you to view the timestamp of each request and it can count the number of replies and the ping failures or errors, displaying statistics on each.
One of the most important features of hrPING is the 'Graphics' window, which displays a visual representation of the incoming replies. You can modify the graph by changing the time scale or the average recording time.
hrPING aims to provide the tools and options that the standard Windows tool does not offer. It allows concurring packet sending and detailed statistical data, proving to be a handy tool for network administrators.







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PMSI Controls is a handy tool that can be used to control and view POWER MESSAGES in one of two ways:
Display mode: all the power-messages from all the Trays, and the power-messages from a single tray
Scheduling mode: all the power-messages from a single tray, and the power-messages from all the Trays
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hrPING Cracked 2022 Latest Version is a Windows tool for sending multiple “ping” requests to a remote host and waiting for the response to determine the round-trip time. It provides additional features like connecting to a host even if not using the network and more detailed statistical data.

The program does not have a Start menu entry and does not open a graphical user interface. You should run it from the command line in the background.

To run it from the command line:

Double-click on “hrping.exe” to start it. In the Windows Vista operating system, you must execute the command as the administrator in order to be able to run the program.

A window will be opened with the various options available and must be closed by pressing the close button on the taskbar or selecting Exit from the taskbar and choosing the option Run from there.

After you have run the program, you can go to the Configuration sub-menu and view the options available.

Some examples of options you can use:

In the Configuration sub-menu, you can choose from the list of available destinations the one you would like to ping, and select a list of Options. Note that it is easier to select the options and then close the window by pressing the close button on the taskbar.

Some options to consider:

– While running the program, you can also view the timestamp of the replies received, the number of sends made and the number of successful responses.
– Type a number to specify the number of requests to be sent, using this feature you can disable the “auto” setting, which starts sending the packets when it detects a delay greater than the amount of milliseconds you have configured in the Options table.
– Specify the list of Options you want to use by typing them in the Name column.

If you want to see the graphical representation of the replies, you can go to the Graphics menu and select which format you would like to see it by clicking on the icon that will be displayed. You can select from formats like PNG and BMP. The result is displayed in a graphical window of the same format in which the replies have been received, and is visible for a couple of seconds.

You can open the Graphics window by selecting the option Graphics.

The following options are available in the Graphics sub-menu:

View the time of the “Pings” sent, the “Pings” received and the “RTO” (Round-


hrPING (Host Ping Tool) is a Windows utility that send ICMP echo requests to a given IP address(es) and waits for the
reply. It has the following capabilities:
– Sends multiple packets in an intervals to the remote host and displays the results
– Identifies the remote hosts IP addresses
-Allows to set a specific timeout
– Allows to set the number of packets to be sent at each interval
– Displays statistics of each packet sent
– Allows to specify the IP address to be queried
– Displays visual results of the packet replies
-Allows to display and change the graph display and format
– Provides comprehensive detailed statistics of the replies and each packet
hrPING Installation:
Unpack the downloaded file and run the runme.bat file to install the program.
The following instructions are to be followed for use in all three (all, command and graphical) modes of the application.
hrPING Usage:
In the standard command console mode, run the hrping.bat script which sets the working directory to the destination folder where you have the Microsoft Windows operating system installed. Type the required options and press to start the operation.
In the graphical mode of the application, select ‘Graph’ from the ‘Options’ menu of the hrping.exe application and click ‘Run’ to start the procedure.
In the graphical mode, hrPING can be used to monitor networks by making several requests and looking for the failures that occur.
hrPING Features:
– Allows to send multiple packets in an intervals
– Allows to set a specific timeout
– Identifies the remote hosts IP addresses
– Allows to set the number of packets to be sent at each interval
– Displays visual results of the packet replies
– Allows to specify the IP address to be queried
– Allows to display and change the graph display and format
– Provides comprehensive detailed statistics of the replies and each packet

hrPING Language list:
– Bulgarian
– Croatian
– Czech
– Danish
– Dutch
– English (US)
– English (UK)
– Finnish
– French
– German
– Greek
– Indonesian
– Italian
– Polish
– Portuguese
– Russian
– Simplified Chinese
– Spanish
– Swedish
– Turkish
– Ukrainian
– Vietnamese
hrPING Launcher:
The installation of the launcher is similar to the installation of the application. The launcher is a native

What’s New in the HrPING?

hrPING is a very useful and powerful tool for doing high-speed network tests. It offers a number of useful options as to the speed of sending/receiving and average response time.
The program goes beyond a simple ping and offers to display a graphical representation of the replies. To this purpose, you need to have the program start an interval timer, which tracks the delay time in milliseconds. This time is then used to measure the response time by displaying the last 8 responses in a progress bar.
hrPING also provides several options to save the information, allowing you to modify the period of delay time.
You can also configure the program to stop the test after the number of specified replies are received. The program will then save the responses displayed in a history file in HTML format (hte file can be opened with internet browsers) and the statistics of the results in a standard text file.
The program can ping multiple hosts in succession and display the graphical representation of the replies in a window, to make the results more readable. The program can also provide statistics of the results and contain the following types of messages:
Number of responses sent
Number of replies received
Response time
Network connection time
Average response time
Packet type received
Network type
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System Requirements For HrPING:

Mac OS X
Required: OS: Windows 7/8
Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5/i7
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: 1024×768, nVidia GeForce GTX 260 or ATI HD 4870
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 20 GB available space
Additional Notes: USB keyboard and mouse recommended, USB dongle included.