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InstallGuard is a software utility whose purpose is to help individuals secure their operating environment, by blacklisting processes and monitor actions.
Fast install and straightforward UI
The installation process runs seamlessly and it is over in a few seconds, while the interface you come to meet encompasses a well-organized and clean environment. It consists of a navigation panel, a menu bar and several tabs which enable you to quickly access all available settings.
It can be used with great ease by anybody, including people with little or no previous experience with the IT world. Moreover, it is non-obtrusive, as you can easily hide it to the system tray at any point.
Password-protect the app
You are required to input a password from the first launch, yet this is a useful feature, as it enhances security. In addition to that, you can take snapshots (a list of all installed apps) at a user-input number of minutes, and you can view details in a TXT or CSV format.
Block processes and specific actions
It is possible to create a blacklist of all processes that you do not want to run on your PC, as well as block new installations. A message alerting users can be created and saved, while you can also monitor particular locations on the hard drive (Desktop, Documents, Music, Internet cache), and delete any new file that is created.
Disable system tools
Last, but not least, you can restrict access to the Task Manager, Command Prompt and Registry Editor, and alert the user with a custom warning message. The detection performance can be controlled with the help of a slider bar and you can delete the entire database.
To sum up, InstallGuard is an efficient piece of software, which is accessible to all user categories. It has a good response time, CPU and memory usage is low at all times, and we did not register any errors or crashes during our tests.







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published:31 Aug 2018


The “Swiss Army Knife” utility of Windows 10 (aka Store) and Microsoft’s Cortana. Highly recommended for non-technical users.

General goals to accomplish before using InstallMonkey to reset passwords and the installation status.
About InstallMonkey:
We use InstallMonkey by e-bit to reset all sorts of passwords and perform a myriad of other functions that can be done only in Windows.

published:22 Oct 2016


The Ultimate Guide to Install Windows 8.1 Pro (or other Version) on Lenovo ThinkPad T500. The Easy Way to Install Windows 8.1 on your ThinkPad T500 (including DualBoot).
STEP 1: Power Off Your ThinkPad T500.
STEP 2: Take out the battery (if the ThinkPad has a battery). If you don’t know how to do it, watch this video:
STEP 3: Leave the computer with the hard drive and nothing else so nothing can be connected to the computer.
STEP 4: The next day, turn the ThinkPad back on so it can load the operating system it was installed from.
STEP 5: Your ThinkPad should start, but you need to change the boot priority of the ThinkPad so that the hard drive is the first priority.
If you don’t know how to do it, watch this video:

History of the Microsoft Store

History of the Microsoft Store

Get the full story in Colliders exclusive behind the scenes video here:

InstallGuard 0.95 Incl Product Key (2022)

It is ideal for every user to protect their Windows PC from malware attacks, for example, when installing new apps, an unexpected software update or by installing external hardware.
InstallGuard Torrent Download Features:
The program contains a blacklist feature, where you can control which of the apps you do not want to run. By adding the malicious codes, you will stop the applications by default and schedule the protection of files with a reminder.
Installing new software automatically, you will get a warning message at the next launch of the operating system.
By default, the program blocks less than five seconds before the programs start, yet you can set a longer period with the help of a slider bar.
You can quickly fix a problem and check its priority by using the system hard drive information, as well as the first boot after the update.
To see a list of applications that have been installed on your computer. It is also possible to export the list as a TXT or CSV file.
Protect the registry from apps and system software, as well as the system file system itself by excluding the registry in the file system.
Use the simplest user interface to control the program and get a close-up view of all areas, though you can access advanced settings via an expert mode, if required.
A password-protection feature will be helpful to make sure that nobody else will get access to any important data.
Protect documents with a timer (hours, minutes or seconds), where you will get a warning message as soon as you create a new document.
You can adjust the detection performance with the help of a slider and create as many alerts as you want.
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Android NDK pass file to an object

Hello I’m trying to use c files via a pure c object i’m creating.
I’m trying to pass the file that the user’s touches to the object.
An example:
Object a;
a = new Object();


The object a have 2 c file as libraries, one for headers and one for source. The object can be called from a regular c cpp code or even another cpp through JNI.
So my question is: Is this possible, is there a way to do that?


It’s certainly possible. You can either have the library be a static library, or if it has a main() function, you can have it launch a C program. You can then run your C program within the

What’s New in the?

– No need for an internet connection
– It has a very simple user interface
– It can be used for your privacy
– The program offers Password protection
– Delete all new files and processes
– Easily create blacklists
– Automatic backup
– Share the created blacklist with other computers
– Completely safe and easy to use
– Easily search for information
– Block unknown applications
– Can be used for your privacy
– Firewall compatibility
– Heavily optimized to use as little system resources as possible
– Avoid duplicate files
– Easily monitor processes
– Stop applications
– Block crashes
– Delete file
– Delete Program
– Change system settings
– Monitor changes
– Update system
– Install programs
– Install apps
– Clear the registry
– Clear cache
– Clean drive
– Block file
– Block program
– Password-protect the app
– Monitor e-mail
– Block uninstall
– Block restore
– Block file overwrite
– Block restore
– Stop monitoring
– Stop process
– Remove duplicate
– Remove corrupted
– Easily monitor changes
– Delete file
– Clean drive
– Uninstaller
– Command prompt
– Task manager
– Process manager
– Windows version
– 100%
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System Requirements:

A television or video capable monitor or equivalent; please do not use standard definition monitors. Video capable gaming consoles are recommended for the best experience. The required system specifications may vary depending on the complexity of the game.
System Requirements:
Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit only)
Intel Pentium