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Ever wonder how the manufacturers of software, like Microsoft, Adobe,
Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Word get their codes, or what those
codes mean to the user? My goal is to show you some of the tricks
companies use to ensure your mouse can click with full force. In this
video, I will teach you some of the basic steps used by Microsoft when
you are creating a new mouse to use in a Windows Vista/XP/7 computer
and also show you how to see what Mouse Codes are available

The Code Guarantee Program can be used to ensure the Mouse Codes you
need are available. It is easy to determine which Code is required for
your mouse. From a different computer, call your Mouse manufacturer or
visit their Web site.

Companies that create software and hardware are constantly updating
their products to ensure the user experience is as good as possible.
One of the things they do to get their users’ feedback is to offer
codes. What is a Code? It is a combination of Letters and Number that
are used to identify a particular Mouse or Keyboard function. Software
companies choose a Code to represent any function or key on a user’s
mouse. The letter represents what the function or key is, and the
number represents which area of the Code is being used.

When Microsoft creates Windows and IE they will select which
function of your mouse to code or create a Code for. The letter that
represents the function of your mouse, the mouse area that represents
where the mouse is placed, and the mouse movement a letter
represents is called the Code. The Code can also represent the button
the mouse clicks. What’s the Code? Lets look at some of the
example Codes and the mouse they represent.


Mouse area



Mouse command

Back Button


Move to the far left of the screen and most important document


In many keyboards the F1 key is a part of the Code.

M to Minor Keys




Mouse Down Click

Mouse Left

Mouse Right


Scroll Scroll

Wheel Scroll


Mouse Click

Mouse Down Click

Mouse Up Click

Mouse Down Click

Mouse Up Click

Click the Mouse Up Button

Mouse Down Click

Mouse Up Click