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Considering that JSON comes with a clear and simple output, it also means that the syntax does support special tokens like numbers, booleans, ints, so on and so forth. However, its semantic capabilities are minimal and appear to work only when the client, server, publisher and consumer of the data are closely tied together.
JsonToOracle is a handy piece of software that allows you to import JSON data to an Oracle database for better management of the information.
Easy setup and very few settings to adjust
The installation is quick, simple and does not require any special attention from your part. As far as the configuration part is concerned, you will be happy to learn that it is just as effortless. To be more precise, you can choose between two connection protocols, namely OCI or TCP/IP Connect.
While the first one entails specifying the database, username and password, the latter requires you to add the server and port of the database. At the same time, you can specify if you prefer to connect as normal or use SYSDBA or SYSOPER for this purpose.
Allows you to convert the data in just a few easy steps
Converting data from JSON to Oracle is also an intuitive task that should not give you any challenges. Therefore, after you access the Wizard for Importing in the task dialog, you can open and preview the contents of a JSON file. Since you can preview all the tables, you can configure the fields accordingly prior to the import.
It is worth mentioning that you can define how many rows you want to load and errors to allow once you reach the Summary step. Afterwards, you can hit the Import button and preview how the data is converted in real time via the status bar. On a side note, you should keep in mind that you can save the session and use the configuration to a repeatable task.
A tool for converting JSON data to Oracle
In the eventuality that you want to manage your data in a more versatile environment that also promotes greater performance as well as backup and recovery, then perhaps JsonToOracle could lend you a hand.


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JsonToOracle is a Java utility that lets you import data from JSON files to an Oracle database.
This utility

Please Note: This project is a sample. For a full working project please purchase the service plan for our projects.
JsonToOracle Description:
JsonToOracle is a Java utility that lets you import data from JSON files to an Oracle database.
This utility can import the data from JSON format to a Oracle table.

JsonToOracle Features:
– Import data into Oracle
– Export data from Oracle
– Get the data

Its an open source tool to quickly make a local Oracle Database that you can then use to run your mysql scripts. The only costs (apart from any license you would pay for Oracle Enterprise Database or Standard Edition) are a license fee from Oracle for the freeware project, and maybe additional license fees for making a commercial product with the same database.
A typical Oracle Database has the following:
Oracle Database (Oracle Database 10 or later)
License for

Oracle Database (Oracle Database 10 or later)
License for

Oracle Database for SQL Access (Oracle Database 10 or later)
Oracle Database for SQL Access
License for

Oracle Database for MYSQL SQL Access (Oracle Database 10 or later)
Oracle Database for MYSQL SQL Access
License for

Oracle Database for Oracle Access (Oracle Database 10 or later)
Oracle Database for Oracle Access
License for

Oracle Database for Python (Oracle Database 10 or later)
Oracle Database for Python
License for

JsonToOracle Description:
JsonToOracle is a Java utility that lets you import data from JSON files to an Oracle database.
This utility can import the data from JSON format to a Oracle table.

JsonToOracle Features:
– Import data into Oracle
– Export data from Oracle
– Get the data

JsonToOracle Description:
JsonToOracle is a Java utility

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The JSONToSQL JTO application is an open source tool to
create a database table based on a JSON field. It is a
complete solution for extracting and converting JSON
data from files and databases into SQL tables.

JSONToSQL Description:

JSONToSQL (JSON to SQL Table) is the next generation of
JSON to Tables app, and is open source and portable.
It can convert JSON data from various sources like
JsonFile, WebService, DBMS, Databases & Files,
etc. JSONToSQL is a compact and convenient way to
manage JSON data. It supports CLI, GUI, and Web
interface to perform fast JSON table conversion and
Key Features:

Saving the original and converted JSON documents or
objects for offline conversion.

Decode, convert, or encode JSON objects/documents
with various methods.

Import JSON data from a text file or database.

Copy, clone, filter or search JSON data from various
sources, and export the results to a SQL file or

Convert JSON data into SQL tables

Import SQL data into JSON objects.

Run SQL scripts on JSON data sets to create or
update, alter table, or add new fields to the
existing table.

Multiple modes of data exploration

Support various conversions: From Array, Hash/Map,
List, Table, to Row/Array

Tested with several JSON data formats:

Parsing JSON data from text file or database

Parsing JSON data from PUT, POST, Get, and
POST data.

Parsing JSON data from XML file.

Supported DBMS:

Selecting various SQL queries in JSON format.

Create table in SQL as well as drop SQL tables
from an existing JSON document.

Parsing, converting, encoding, decoding, and
inserting data.Q:

salt/zabbix boms doesn’t work

I have a problem with installing zabbix via salt. It goes error.
I managed to get IP, CPU and disk info. But I can’t to launch system zabbix server.
I have file /opt/zabbix/salt/zabbix/key/zabbix.pem.
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JsonToOracle 0.176.0

JsonToOracle is an open source JSON to Oracle conversion program that allows you to convert JSON data to a database.
This is an ODBC import tool that allows you to connect to your database and import JSON data from a variety of sources including files, web services, databases and other applications.
For your convenience, this is a free, open source software that does not require any payment, no installation and does not introduce any other types of restrictions.
This handy utility is a user-friendly and convenient JSON converter that allows you to import the data in a few easy steps.
The installation will take around 15 minutes and it is compatible with all system versions.
In the Import Wizard of the program, you can preview the contents of an imported file in a graphical environment so that you can verify the output format in real time.
The progress of the import is monitored via the progress bar. In case you feel that the conversion has exceeded its time limit, you can specify the number of rows that need to be loaded into the database.
Furthermore, you can verify the number of errors as well as warnings encountered by hitting the tab on top of the screen.
The data imported by this converter can be integrated with Google Sheets or Apache Bigtop.

You can find a step-by-step installation process, a quick start guide, video tutorials, an installation archive and an online help file.
JsonToOracle supports MS-SQL, MySQL, Oracle and Oracle Sqlite databases and has a 64-bit version as well.
JsonToOracle is designed to convert JSON data to databases such as Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server, SQLite, Sybase, DB2 and MS Access among others.

If you want to see the JsonToOracle demo for yourself then you can download the trial version here and then register to download the full version.

Originally written for MySQL but now also supports Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, MariaDB and MS Access.

JSON data imported to a database
Once you have installed the software, you will need to access the Connections panel, select the Oracle Database that you want to use and access the Database Properties dialog. From there, you can select Import from file or web service and launch the wizard from the Import Data from menu.
To begin, you will need to drag and drop your JSON file in the Data Import area. Afterwards, the wizard will display all your data in

What’s New in the?

JsonToOracle is a tool which allows you to import JSON data to an Oracle database for better management of the information.
Since it is extremely easy to configure, the software allows users to quickly get the job done within seconds and make it available for repeated uses. It also lets you configure which tables to be used, as well as the fields and rows to be extracted from the JSON data.
Moreover, the tool allows users to import JSON data to a table, a view and a function. Once you have tried the software out, you will be in a better position to decide if you should continue using it or go for something more efficient.
Additional Features:
You can easily export all the data from a table or function to a CSV file.
The report generation is also available.
Provinces (SA, WA) are supported.
JsonToOracle License:
The trial version of JsonToOracle is adfree and does not require registration. In case you buy the software, you can activate the software directly.
JsonToOracle Download:
JsonToOracle is available for download from its official web-page. The site provides a 30-day money back guarantee, which you can use if for any reason you are not satisfied with the software.
Please note that we do not produce any crack or serial numbers for this software.Q:

Cisco ASA to reroute non-SSH incoming port 80/443

I have Cisco ASA to forward incoming requests from a client on client’s IP address and port 80/443 to the internal server IP address and port 80/443. I have this working fine with SSH, but when I run the same configuration with port 80/443 I get a connection refused error.
The command used is:
access-list FILTER_INPUT extended permit tcp host eq 80/tcp, host eq 443/tcp

The configuration also includes
http_access deny all
telnet_access deny all
tftp_access deny all
ssh_access deny all

Client 1 is on
Any ideas what’s happening here?


We have identified the issue, it wasn’t ASA related.


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System Requirements For JsonToOracle:

CPU: Intel 4th Generation (Haswell or later) Core or AMD equivalent
Memory: 4GB RAM (8GB RAM for VR Mode)
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or AMD equivalent
Screen: Display must be compatible with the Oculus Rift
DirectX: Version 11.0
Mac: Requires OS X 10.8 or higher
Windows: Requires Windows 7 SP1 or later
Software Requirements:
DRM: Software created for PC will not be compatible with Mac or Linux
Oculus Runtime: Windows only