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The licence key included in the licence key list has to be the key that will be included with the licence key you will send to your licensing agent. The licence key you send to your licensing agent has to be the same as the one that is included in the licence key list.

Using e-mail is the quickest, safest way to send a licence key to your licensing agent. The licence key that you send to your licensing agent will be included in a licence notification sent to you by your licensing agent.Q:

How to make use of string in a list

I have a list with a string and a list of numbers in each string as shown below:
a = [‘-1.2’, [1,2,3,4,5]]

I want to create a list like:
b = [(‘a’, 1.2), (‘b’, 2.1), (‘c’, 3.2), (‘d’, 4.1), (‘e’, 5.1)]

I have tried converting list-of-list to list but then when I do:
list = list(map(lambda x:(k,v) for k,v in x))

it throws error:

TypeError: ‘type’

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