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Lsm-14-01 Full (Mummy Edit).avi

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What is the order of operations when combining multiple classes?

I’m using a jsFiddle as an example, but I’m really interested in any answers that can be directly applicable to my use case.
I have two classes that do two completely different things. I want to combine them into a single class.
In some of the JS code I’m using:

And in some I’m using:
obj.addClass(firstName +” + lastName);

(I’m using strings for the classes’ names because that’s simpler than creating elements, putting them in an array, iterating them, etc.)
Of course, in some cases I’ll use one class, and in some cases I’ll use multiple.

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T-04:00 Lsm-14-01 Full (Mummy Edit).avi
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Lsm-14-01 Full (Mummy Edit).avi
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Ivočki Monastery ( / Ivochki varošanin) is a Serbian Orthodox monastery and a national monument dedicated to the memory

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