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Published: 13/07/2022 (4 weeks ago)

MaxType PRO Typing Tutor is a lightweight Windows application built specifically for helping you test and improve your typing skills.
Straightforward layout and multiple user profiles
You are welcomed by a clean feature lineup that allows you to select the desired typing mode with minimum effort, namely typing lessons, extreme typing, problem symbols, typing text, exam mode, or net challenge.
In order to be able to access the desired typing mode, you are required to set up the profile for a new user, which can be done by specifying the username, securing data by setting up passwords, and selecting the typing speed and accuracy.
Furthermore, you need to choose between an independent or systematic learning mode (the second provides additional progress statistics) and pick the keyboard layout (e.g. US\UK QWERTY, DVORAK, AZERTY).
Main features
MaxType PRO Typing Tutor gives you the possibility to view information about each user, such as general information (name, keyboard layout, total time, number of trainings), progress (passed lessons, average grade, general progress), high scores (e.g. average speed, accuracy, lesson and test results), exams (graded or not graded, typed symbols).
What’s more, you are allowed to upload information from a plain text file for the extreme typing mode and access the items from the built-in library for learning to type faster using lyrics, articles, source code data, and other useful text examples.
Bottom line
All in all, MaxType PRO Typing Tutor proves to be a handy application that offers a useful suite of features for helping you improve your typing skills and keep track of your performance with the aid of statistics and reports.







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Free Classic Typing Tutor is a free version of the better known Classic Typing Tutor. For that reason, it has many similar features that make it worthy to be mentioned here, and it is placed in the same section of the website.

Free Classic Typing Tutor Description:
Classic Typing Tutor is a free typing trainer that helps you improve your typing speed and accuracy.
Key Features:
– Help you improve your typing speed and accuracy
– Help you practice when you are bored
– Save typing speed and accuracy statistics
– Adjustable training mode
– Speedy and complicated training mode for your ultimate typing speed
– Font list for easy and quick switching
– Practice results for speed and accuracy
– Flashcards to help you memorize and recall the text
– Useful tips for every user
– Save your typing speed and accuracy statistics
– Practice typing directly from the statistics and sort them by the date
– Practice keyboard shortcuts directly from the statistics
– Examine your speed and accuracy in the monthly practice mode
– Preset keystrokes for speedy typing
– Upload your typing results to a typing test
– Convenient saving and printing of your typing results
– Download advanced test report for ready viewing
– Advanced statistics for the speed and accuracy
– Monitor battery level
– Support any keyboard layouts (latin, russian, etc.)
– Enable/disable any keyboard shortcuts
– Easy browsing for the flashcards
– Select colors for the graphs
– Show/hide the graphs
– Free typing tutors

Free Classic Typing Tutor offers a wealth of features that will please users in all categories. For example, you can adjust the training mode to your liking and schedule your practice sessions as often as you like, all you have to do is press and hold a hotkey, and you will have a convenient session to give yourself a boost.

Praise for Free Classic Typing Tutor:
“Free Classic Typing Tutor is the best typing tutor I ever had. After having played with this software, every time I open it on my computer, I feel like a pro.

This application really helps me improve my typing speed and accuracy. After the first training session, my typing speed has increased by 10%.”
– TetTrace

Typing Speed Tutor / Typing Speed Training is a typing tutor that offers you the most basic common typing lessons, such as typing

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This program helps you train and develop your typing skills and improve your typing speed.
At the entry point you can define new users, change the user’s icon and monitor their progress.
You can also change user’s keyboard settings, type text, read a selected literature, progress reports, online and offline typing speed comparisons (see the following web site: for more details).
To learn the basics of typing such as typing text and using symbols, then you can start reading with the instruction manual.
Additionally you can view the lesson’s progress and also online and offline typing tests.
When you pass a lesson you can view detailed information.
You will be able to see the passing steps and know what it takes to pass.
You can find solutions and print a summary score.
You can use the net challenge feature.
You can use the autosuggest feature.
You can view speed and accuracy statistics.
Additionally, you can set full keyboard mode, mini keyboard mode, or just the letters with the Alphanumeric mode.

ICON is a prophylactic software you can use to maximize the computer’s efficiency and minimize the risk of any dangers.

That’s not all, as you type – the anti-static screen eliminator protects against charge accumulation on the screen from typing and scanning.

ICON is an anti-static charge elimination utility. It is one software package providing complete protection against static electricity. It contains one click for screen-cleaning anti-static software and a keyboardless keyboard.

Options for user, each have its own working modes and software. The software can also work in conjunction with mouse as a static free mouse.

Keyboard and mouse free without use of a mouse in the software, which will greatly reduce the impact on the screen.

Built-in Functionality function, customize the settings for each user so as to make one-click cleaning.

Support 3M, Panasonic, Samsung, Sonnet, Toshiba, WD, HP, DEC, IBM, Amtek, Seiko, Canon, ASR, and Dell.

Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 with all others supported by installing.

There is a six-month warranty in case of defects, you are required to pay only shipping charges.

ICON is the answer to cleaning the computer screens in one easy step.

This anti-

MaxType PRO Typing Tutor Crack + Free License Key

Tapping on the sides of the screen as fast as you can each three seconds is about as simple as it sounds, and if you are living in the US, UK, or Canada, chances are you have done it already. It’s called the typing test, and it’s one of the most common tests people take to get into school or work, and one of the most common jobsites, as well. While it doesn’t look that difficult at first glance, if you have any problems with your handwriting, forget it, you’re going to need to brush up on your spelling, and then it’s good luck on you! Like so many things, texting skills are just as important as anything else you’re learning, and in today’s world, texting is just a part of modern day life. So even if you’ve been out of the workplace for a while and don’t recognize all of the words, you still need to be able to put two words together, so you get a picture.
MaxType PRO Typing Tutor is a tool that lets you type thousands of typing samples and test yourself on them. This tool is useful to those that want to improve their typing skills, but it also has some premium features, such as the ability to play back audio snippets, as well as advanced statistics, audio and video recording, and a dictation or auto-text feature. You can also upload your own audio file that lets you train yourself to respond to text message prompts. MaxType PRO Typing Tutor downloads/scans for applicable wordlists to make it easier to type.
– Typing lessons, extreme typing, problem symbols, typing text, exam mode, or net challenge.
– The additional mode can be chosen between an independent or systematic learning mode (the second provides additional progress statistics).
– You can specify the username, password and setup the password for saving the profile data.
– Use the built-in library or upload some additional ones.
– The items can be picked from the built-in library, or you can type them.
– In the extreme typing mode, you can specify the total time and your typing speed.
– By touching the sides of the screen, you are required to type three words with your typing program.
– As you move your fingers, the typing program keeps moving across the screen.
– The counting starts after the first

What’s New in the?

Optimized for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 x64
Learn typing at a fast pace (regular, extreme, or net challenge
Advantages of using the extreme typing mode: Speed
Speed improvement comes with fast repetition of a preselected set of letters. You can type repetitive letters at a faster rate than in the regular mode. Learn faster typing without boredom.
Advanced navigation through commonly used characters and symbols
The advanced navigation through a huge pool of symbols and examples is convenient to use when learning a new language.
Learning of unknown symbols
When learning a new word, MaxType PRO Typing Tutor will offer you the option of typing any unknown symbol, thus improving your typing skills.
Word prediction
Get content suggestions based on what you are typing.
Quickly change the computer language
Choose between several languages, English, and other international languages (German, French, Spanish)
Formatting instruction
Using an easy-to-read format, MaxType PRO Typing Tutor gives you instruction on all the most crucial typing mistakes and common typing problems. See how you can improve your typing skills.
Comprehensive language support
MaxType supports more than 300 languages, which means you can type on any computer supported language, including English, Dutch, Hebrew, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish, Chinese, Thai, and many other languages.
Practice all the necessary typing components
To obtain the desired typing speed and accuracy, you have to practice all the typing components: hand and finger positioning, typing speed, and typing accuracy.
Gain typing speed, learning speed, and typing accuracy
MaxType allows you to evaluate your typing speed, learn speed, and typing accuracy by giving you four kinds of exams: “regular,” “extreme,” “net challenge,” and “master test.”
Based on your results, you will be encouraged to try different learning methods and techniques of learning to type to improve your typing skills.
Visualization of evolution of your typing speed
MaxType PRO Typing Tutor shows you the evolution of your typing speed over time and lets you compare your results with those of other users.
Net challenge mode: practice extensive typing on difficult web pages
The net challenge mode is intended for typing practice on difficult web pages, such as text that requires high typing speed, like articles and blog posts.
Configure practice web pages for unlimited exam
The net challenge mode provides several sets of practice web

System Requirements For MaxType PRO Typing Tutor:

Bodacious Bevy Video Loops:
20+GB free space
Vista, Win7, Win8, 10 ( 32-bit / 64-bit ), 64-bit
Internet Explorer 9 or higher
Older computers may experience slight frame drops during playback.
Stuttering during playback:
Some computers and browsers will experience a little stuttering during playback, try running the Loops through another browser or computer if this occurs.
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