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MBackup Crack Free

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mBackup enables you to back up and restore data stored in secure mobile apps and files including photos, contacts, calendars and notes. The backup process can be suspended at any time, and the file and info associated with it can be sent to a third-party mail app.

When creating backups, you can choose between CSV, XML, MSecure, Dataviz Passwords Plus or Handy Safe backups. The content of the backup is encrypted with the device’s passcode or by using a backup passcode. The app is easy to use and includes standard features such as password management, file management, password encryption and decryption.

The app is powered by […], a Swiss company specialized in mobile security. It was designed by Swiss engineers with their own products to provide premium tools.

If you’d like to get up-to-date information about mobile security, check out the newsletters we publish and follow us on the […].

Installation and configuration

The mBackup installation process is quick and painless, and is suitable for users who don’t spend much time monitoring their mobile devices. You are required to enter a master password for the app, after which you can choose between dynamic and static ports. The former means data can be stored in a file on the device, while the latter generates the URL for the file through an access code. If you use mBackup with the static port, you have to enter the URL manually.

The CSV import mode is available through the editor. The drop-down menu lets you choose between notes and contacts, while the CSV format is only supported for Handy Safe (HSA) files. In the editor, you can also define the device category for the backup.

Password strength is displayed in the lower part of the app’s interface, and you can change it from Settings if you decide to change the master key.

The advanced tab is used to manage the encrypted data. You can open the encryption key or view the key info, the encryption status and the status of data encryption.

The app’s designer mentioned that the function to send encrypted data to other apps was implemented in version 1.6.0 and that new options to manage mBackup settings were added in 1.8.2.

The app is available for the following mobile platforms:



The program is compatible with the following devices:

iPhone 5

iPhone 5

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“Mobile Backup for iOS – mBackup – can be useful for everyday needs. You can easily back up information with help of the application, import it to your mobile device and restore files. You don’t need to fear a loss of data due to the fact that all the process is done by the application.”
“Mobile Backup for Android – mBackup – can be useful for everyday needs. You can easily back up information with help of the application, import it to your mobile device and restore files. You don’t need to fear a loss of data due to the fact that all the process is done by the application.”

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MBackup Activator

Manage and backup secure files on your mobile devices. Automatic backup to secure spot on your computer with the help of a unique self-contained password. Save your favorite photos, videos, videos, music, notes and contact cards.
A backup wizard for your Android and iOS devices.
mBackup Key Features:
Backups. Backups for easy recovery of all your device data. You can create a simple backup, a full backup, or a shared backup.
Locate your device. Find it and see it. With a simple click on your iOS or Android device, you can see its location.
The same password. Back up data with your unique password and never lose it again!
iCloud. Create iCloud backups. Sync with your iPad and iPhone, regardless of the device you use.
Share and restore your backups. You can share your backup with anyone you choose with the simple click of a button, and if you lost a backup, just restore it from the backup.
Security. Secure your password with a password generator, for added security.
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What’s New in the?

mBackup is a simple-to-use piece of software designed to give you an easier time backing up and restoring secure information on mobile devices running the iOS and Android operating systems.
After specifying a master password, you can seamlessly import data from CSV, mSecure backups, SplashID VID, Dataviz Passwords Plus CSV and Handy Safe 1.2 XML format, as well as export it to CSV and mSecure backups.
Swift installation and simplistic UI
Setting up mBackup is a rapid and uncomplicated task that requires minimal user attention, thanks to the fact that it integrates only familiar options. Once it is finished, you are greeted by a plain-looking window with a minimalistic layout, representing the tool’s interface.
Assign a program password
To get started, you are required to specify a password that will be used every time you want to launch mBackup, encrypt data, and restore it to the mobile device. It can be accompanied by a hint, so you don’t forget it. Otherwise, there’s no way of recovering the key.
Import and export files easily
After importing files into the main frame, you can view the product name and source type, along with the backup time and date. Any of these files can be easily removed with the click of a button, and you can export them by establishing the saving directory and file name.
Change the password and configure app settings
Apart from the fact that you can pick another master key, it is possible to tinker with the program’s configuration when it comes to the port (dynamic or static) together with the CSV import mode (use note as last field in the CSV file). There are no other noteworthy options provided by this software application.
Evaluation and conclusion
We have not encountered any unpleasant situations in our tests, since mBackup did not freeze, crash or display error alerts. CPU and RAM consumption was minimal, so it didn’t hamper system performance.
On the other hand, mBackup does not bring any extraordinary features to the table. Otherwise, it can be used as a straightforward app for backing up mBackup data and exporting it to mobile devices running iOS or Android.Read more

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, 8.1, 10, 2000, 2003, Vista, 2012, Mac
Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual Core or equivalent
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 8 GB available space
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 650M or Radeon HD 4670 or equivalent
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 Compatible sound card
Broadband: Broadband internet connection
Additional Notes:
X-Plane 11 requires a minimum of 64