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Start with a simple Python script like:
import sys

def main():
if len(sys.argv) > 1 and sys.argv[1] == ‘-p’:
print “Filename:”, sys.argv[1]
with open(sys.argv[1]) as fp:
print ”.join(map(lambda s: s, fp.readlines()[0].split()))

if __name__ == ‘__main__’:

Then use the script:
> python -p somedir/filename.txt

If there is a blank line in the file, the script will leave it blank when you run the script.
I also had a simple idea about a solution using external program, but it seems the.txt files are not in a format you can easily process in a script like that. Anyway, here it goes:
Dump the contents of your.txt file to a temp file. Of course, you will then need to delete that.txt file:
> python -c “import os, sys; fp = open(‘temp.txt’,’w’); os.system(r’dump -H somedir/filename.txt > temp.txt’ if ‘-p’ in sys.argv else r’dumptmp’)”

Now go ahead and delete that temporary file:
> rm -f temp.txt

You should now have a binary dump of your.txt file. You should be able to use this binary dump with a tool like strings to get the same effect as the small Python script solution:
> strings temp.txt | grep -E ‘^.{11}$’


I often use sed -e ‘1!{/;$;s/;/
)(.*)/34/;e}’ *.txt

where the “..” means any number of characters, and the e (extended regex) statement handles any number of

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