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Published: 13/07/2022 (4 weeks ago)

Developed for programmers, MyGeneration is a versatile software utility capable of generating code from templates written in VB.NET, C#, JScript and VBScript, including code for non-Microsoft OS.
It can also generate ORM architectures or O/R Mapping files for architectures such as Gentle.NET, Opf3, NHibernate, and others.
The tool offers support for Microsoft SQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, FireBird, Interbase, SQLite and VistaDB. It requires the Microsoft Data Access Components SDK to run properly.
Clear-cut interface and database configuration
Wrapped up in a user-friendly interface, MyGeneration lets you get started by configuring database options for connections and templates. You can select the connection driver and edit the string, customize data link properties, specify the path to the language mapping and database target mapping file path, select the language, and indicate the user metadata file.
Customize template settings
When it comes to templates, you can establish the number of tabs, change the default template and output paths, ask the tool to display line number and copy the generated output to the Clipboard, disable the timeout on scripts, apply a custom proxy server, or override the code page and font. Settings can be restored to default.
Open, edit, encrypt, compile and execute templates
You can open templates for C# Zeus, VB.Net Zeus, VBScript Zeus or JScript Zeus, as well as create new MyGeneration or SQL files. Syntax highlighting is supported, so you can easily tell apart blocks of code.
Apart from editing the templates, you can use an advanced search-and-replace function (match case, match whole words only, regular expression, wrap around, transform backslash expressions), show line numbers and jump to any line, as well as encrypt, compile and execute templates. Moreover, you can display white space, indentation guides and end of line, and increase or decrease the font size.
Evaluation and conclusion
We haven't come across any stability issues in our tests, thanks to the fact that MyGeneration didn't hang, crash or prompt error notifications. Its impact on computer performance was minimal. On the other hand, the app hasn't been updated for a pretty long time. Nevertheless, you can discover its features for yourself.







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Code generator for VB.NET, C#, VBScript and JScript

Generates code for.NET, JScript and SQL, including code for non-Microsoft OS

Generates code for database relations: Sequel, Detach, Nhibernate, Gentle

Supports Microsoft SQL, MS Access, MySQL, Oracle, SQLite and FireBird

Optional support for Oracle 11g

Required: MS Data Access Components SDK


Download and install

The first thing to do in order to install MyGeneration is to download and unzip the package. Then, move the executable file in the system PATH. As of now, the latest version is

How to use

If you launch MyGeneration for the first time, it will show you a welcome screen in which you can configure its various parameters. Open your database manager, configure the properties if needed, and use the code generator to create your new file. It will launch the application with an open file dialog, from where you can select your database file.

Figuring out how to use MyGeneration can be confusing. However, a short tutorial would do the trick.

In the image below we can see the MyGeneration wizard for C# generation

In the first page, you can configure parameters such as if you want a line to be added to the generated code or not.

Next, enter the text to be generated in the Code Text property. In this case, we’ll generate a class with a public property and we’ll display it in the code editor.

Here, we can add various text color properties. Here we can choose the background color. Note that the font may be changed to white. This determines what will appear as the code blocks, and the blocks with the corresponding keywords.

The page allows you to change a few properties related to the code. In this case, we can change the line and indentation and comment properties. It also allows you to specify the language type (in this case C#).

In this case, we have chosen to add a public property with a public get and set. We can also change the string format, which is useful if you want to know more about how many spaces or tabs each line will contain. The last option is about the output file, which can be specified to appear in the executable

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MyGeneration is a tool that generates code from templates written in VB.NET, C#, JScript and VBScript, including code for non-Microsoft OS, which will allow programmers to develop applications and websites without having to deal with code automation.

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Python: handle encoding and decode unicode

I have a file with content in Russian. I am taking the required part using this code:
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This works well. But I need to convert it back to the original file content in Russian so

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MyGeneration is a very powerful VB.NET, C# and VBScript code generator.
A brand new version is available with added features. This version:
– Is faster
– Is more reliable
– Is more useful
– Has a new user-interface
– Has a new and improved template editor
– Contains a new Wizard for generating Direct3D code in the latest C# version
– Has a new debugger to enable you to set breakpoints on a template and execute it
– Supports a new SQL language
– Has a new GUI for making changes to the lines of code in a script file. Now there are options to insert comments, wrap around, indent the code, remove blank lines and tabs, insert blank lines, split the script file into segments, enable or disable preview or paste, and output to a file
– Has a new template editor that makes it easy to insert comments, indent lines, toggle wrapping, show or hide end of line characters and tabs and paste the script into the editor
– Has a new Wizard for generating Direct3D code in the latest version of C#
– Supports a new editor for inserting lines of Direct3D code (manual generation)
– Has a new Wizard for generating Direct3D code (automated generation)
– Has a new GUI for setting breakpoints in the generated code. It is possible to create breakpoints in very complex Direct3D code
– Has a new Wizard to generate an Indirect3D component that works with Direct3D code. The generator has a wizard that sets the name and version of the project, creates an installer that compiles all the project components and adds the generated project to the visual studio solution
– Has a wizard that creates a Visual Studio component project for the Indirect3D component
– Has a new Wizard to create an OLE Automation server
– Has a new Wizard to generate an OLE Automation server
– Has a new Wizard to create an ActiveX Automation server
– Has a new Wizard to create an ActiveX Automation server
– Has a new wizard for generating a visual c++ project which builds a component or dll
– Has a new Wizard to generate a DirectShow filter from a DirectShow interface
– Has a new Wizard to generate a DirectShow filter from a DirectShow interface
– Has a new Wizard to generate a DirectShow filter from a DirectShow interface
– Has a new Wizard to generate a Direct

What’s New In MyGeneration?

MyGeneration is a software utility to create custom software projects using VB.NET, C#, JScript or VBScript as a template language, and VB.NET or SQL for the result. You can create a database application, controls project or component, a user-interface from a template, or a user-interface and controls from a template.
The tool can generate code from a template of your choice, such as a JScript or VBScript.Net Zeus file, or VB.NET, C# or JScript templates. It’s also capable of generating custom code projects, including code for non-Microsoft OS.
This powerful VB.NET, C#, JScript or VBScript software utility can create databases using Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access, IBM DB2 or MySQL.
The tool can generate a database using Jet or ODBC, create a project or component, and create a navigation control, a user-interface from a template or a user-interface and control from a template.
Changes are validated against the language file, which can be translated into other languages using translation engines.
MyGeneration allows you to create, open, edit, encrypt, compile, execute and discard templates without compatibility issues.
Show line numbers for templates
MyGeneration allows you to generate code of the language used in the template. Moreover, you can display any line number that applies to that line. This can be very useful when debugging.
Examine and modify settings
The app lets you select the connection driver, the string used to connect to the database, the project template and language settings, the database target mapping file path, the user metadata file path and the location of the files generated by the application. You can also view the execution status for the tool, and set the wait period before execution to not exceed 5 minutes.
Delete and restore settings
You can delete template settings, override settings and modify the line-number margin on the status bar. A prompt reminds you to reset template settings when the next job is to be scheduled.
Language settings
You can adjust settings such as indentation guides, defaults for line-number spacing and opening symbols, database engine template, project format, project/component template, language-specific settings, language mapping, line-number setting, and the database connection settings.
Navigation settings
You can specify how the browser behaves when the browser requests a page. For example, you can use a local proxy server

System Requirements For MyGeneration:

● Internet connection
● Recommended:
● Windows 10
● DirectX 11 compatible video card
● For the highest graphics settings, an Intel Core i7 or AMD Athlon 64, or equivalent
● Intel Core i5 or AMD FX CPU, or equivalent
● NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, AMD Radeon HD 7870 or better, or better
● 2 GB RAM
● 1 GB video RAM
● NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250, ATI HD 3870 or better, or better