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O Amar Moyna Gomix By Dj Keshabmp3As a baseball fan, I think it’s a sad day. Obviously, I think the commissioner’s office has some explaining to do, but I also think that the game is headed in the wrong direction.

Today’s penalties are mistakes in judgement that can only compound the situation. The Mets already let Clemens go. That’s a mistake. They were letting an aging baseball icon go before the next season, when he may actually be worth something to a team. But with all due respect to him, he’s no longer relevant. Is he still active? Sure. But he’s no longer relevant.

If you’re going to get rid of active players, what about the three full years remaining on Roger Clemens’s contract? You get rid of the most important three years of his career, because he’s too old and because he’s been on the shelf for the past several years.

If you’ve got guys with 11, 12, 13 years of service time in the big leagues and you’re not going to let them play until they’re 50 or 55 or 57 years old, then you’ve got some decisions to make.

The Mets got rid of some old guys. They’re now trading old guys. Why are they trading old guys? There’s nothing wrong with trading old players. But only if you’re willing to be patient. You have to let them play for however long it takes to be relevant to you again.

The Mets have now traded the equivalent of three more years of service time for someone who will only play two or three years anyway.

The Mets are going to miss Vito Luizzi’s arms. But how much of his 11 years of experience do you actually need to be competitive at this level? Vito was not a guy who played every day. He was a guy who threw in the high 80’s or low 90’s, with a good change-up. And he was a real weapon, because he could throw the ball either way.

That’s what the Mets gave up to get Roenis Elias. Elias has a great arm. There’s no question about that. But was he that much better than Luizini?

There are only so many days and nights in a

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This article is more than 1 year old

The Liberal party is planning to split its party room and move some of the 2,000 or so preselection candidates to another meeting to ensure more women and people of diverse backgrounds enter parliament.

A senior party source said the draft agenda for an increased intake meeting, scheduled to start on Thursday, details how the party room can be reshuffled.

Preselections are held every three years by the state executive of each state and territory.

The changes are intended to increase diversity among Liberal party members and allow for more women, Indigenous Australians and people from regional and inner-city Australia to be elected.

“We need to be able to look after our people and ensure we are doing enough to attract more women and people from different backgrounds who have been left out of previous Liberal preselect