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O3Spaces Workplace Crack

O3Spaces Workplace is a Web 2.0 Document Management & Collaboration Solution for, StarOffice and Microsoft Office users.
O3Spaces Workplace brings document management and document collaboration features to / StarOffice and Microsoft Office, including real-time version control, automated check-in/check-out and document security.
O3Spaces Workplace offers you freedom of choice. You can use the office suite of choice on your computer, and have O3Spaces Workplace offer its unrivaled user friendly Document Management and Document Collaboration solutions for (distributed) teams, workgroups & departments.
O3Spaces Workplace provides a centralized and secure document repository, where your organization’s files are stored. Based on roles and permissions, individual users, groups or departments can be granted access to files, folders and Workspaces.


$135 per User

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O3Spaces Enterprise is a centralized Document Management & Collaboration solution for distributed enterprises.
With O3Spaces Enterprise, all documents and folders are stored in a single secure data repository. The solution enables roles and permissions-based group access and collaboration features. Additionally, metadata is used to provide support for indexing, searching, tagging, workflow, version control and security management.

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O3Spaces Workplace With License Key [Mac/Win] [Updated] 2022

* With O3Spaces Workplace Serial Key you can back up your / StarOffice / MS Office documents and bring them into the office with you.
* You can edit and share your documents immediately.
* You can move files and folders, access your old files, and go back to previous versions.
* You can find your old versions with version history.
* Use version control for live revision control of documents, shared with other users, in real-time.
* Collaborate with other users in real-time with O3Spaces Workplace Crack Keygen
* Use Groups to organize your documents in multiple file repositories.
* O3Spaces Workplace Download With Full Crack offers an Open Source Document Repository
* You can use O3Spaces Workplace Crack Mac (without O3Spaces Workspace) as a Web 2.0 Document Management and Collaboration Solution for & Microsoft Office
* O3Spaces Workplace For Windows 10 Crack is Open Source software. It is free for use and available under the GNU General Public License.
* O3Spaces Workplace Cracked Version is a 100% compatible Java Web 2.0 Document Management and Collaboration Solution for, StarOffice and Microsoft Office
* O3Spaces Workplace has been developed by O3space GmbH, and was initially developed with as the foundation and the original YAXIDoc documentation by Samir Khlebnikov as the reference and documentation base.
* O3Spaces Workplace is licensed under GNU General Public License
* O3Spaces Workplace is 100% compatible with, StarOffice and MS Office
* O3Spaces Workplace is fully Open Source and 100% Open Source
* O3Spaces Workplace can be downloaded from
* O3Spaces Workplace can be downloaded from SourceForge, as is.
* O3Spaces Workplace is licensed under GNU General Public License 2.0
* O3Spaces Workplace is completely Open Source and Open Source
* O3Spaces Workplace is 100% compatible with & Microsoft Office
* O3Spaces Workplace is Java Web 2.0 technology
* O3Spaces Workplace is 100% compatible with, StarOffice and MS Office
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O3Spaces Workplace [Win/Mac]

O3Spaces Workplace features document-level security features to ensure that only users with the correct access rights can access the files they’re working with, plus a centralized document management and document collaboration platform where you and your co-workers can collaborate in real-time, store, search and share documents, spreadsheets and presentations from any computer or mobile device. The document management and collaboration features include:

Real-time Document Collaboration:

“Automatic check-in/check-out” and “Automatic revision and time-stamp”

“Document Security” – security features and “access rights” for each document

Security features for individual documents including a digital signature for each document

Search Based Collabration

“E-mail alerts” when a document has been updated

Automatic image and/or video capture

Automatic page or paragraph numbering

Web 2.0 Document Collaboration & Document Management

“Workspaces” per User, Group or Department

Browsing, archiving, backups and custom view creation for documents

User Favorites and Favorites folders

“Context-sensitive” document preview (if available)


Work with O3Spaces Workplace on a trial basis for 30 days.

If you decide to subscribe, you can pay monthly, annually or yearly for your software. O3Spaces Workplace is available for a single-user license (SEL), a multi-user license (MUL) and a team license (TEL). You can choose which license fits you best.

Check out our O3Spaces Workplace Webpage for a video demo of our customer reviews, use cases and screenshots. Click here to visit our homepage.

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O3Spaces Workplace Help

Our online help is available 24/7. Use the search box, select O3Spaces Workplace from the menu and press Enter. Alternatively, you can click the Help button in the O3Spaces Workplace Help window.Q:

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What’s New In?

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O3Spaces Workplace:

The power of Office

A rich feature set for managing, creating and collaborating on Office documents.

An intuitive and easy to use interface for managing documents.

O3Spaces Workplace ready

Compatibility with Office

The user interface of O3Spaces Workplace is based on If you are using a different office suite, you can easily migrate your O3Spaces Workplace documents to your preferred office suite. O3Spaces Workplace is compatible with these document management solutions:Q:

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I have created a custom MasterPage using Sitefinity. I want to be able to add a code block to the page load, or the ItemDataBound of a ContentType to fill a HiddenField (data) with the current Page.Title.
I am attempting this using a “data macro” on the MasterPage.
Sitefinity generates this code:
System.Web.UI.WebControls.Button btnApply = this.FindControl(“btnApply”) as System.Web.UI.WebControls.Button;
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btnApply.Attributes[“data-control-value”] = this.Page.Title;

I can pass a value to the hidden field, but I can’t find a way to get the CurrentPage.Title.


I can’t find a way to get the CurrentPage.Title.

Well, if you use the standard master page of Sitefinity, and you have the Layout with Title, as the one shown below…

…you will find that the master page has a Page_Load method which will get you the title, in Sitefinity’s “

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VGA Display: 1024 x 768
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