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Wimax WI-Max 7234⬓s 1152MHz Processor. 2G/2. 5GHz WiMAX. | Touchscreen: 2. 4″ Touchscreen with 1024x600px display. IP8K4 PCB.. Simultaneous Dual HSDPA/EDGE: Yes.Ahmad Masjid Jadida

Ahmad Masjid Jadida (Persian: احمد مسجد جادیده ) (former Masjid-e Jadid, Jadid Mosque) is a mosque in Tehran, Iran. The mosque was the first mosque in the city.
The current building of the mosque was constructed in 1958. The mosque is located in the Jadid Circle neighbourhood.

It has a massive mosque which is composed of many irregular squares. This design of the mosque has been criticized and, at the same time, praised. Many officials visited the mosque but no one was able to fix its defects, including its volume and height, which were not suitable for the major mosque of Tehran.

The mosque is used for prayers.

The Imam, Fatemeh Khalaji, died on February 16, 2011.

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Category:Religious buildings and structures with domesMultilingual Propaganda: Turkish Embassy Abuses Google Translator

Recently, I wrote about the German government’s decision to ban German YouTube users from accessing a video of a Turkish official on the grounds that it is “racism.” And I noted how the Turkish authorities quickly launched a campaign to remove the video from Google. Now, Google has responded with a post about how it uses machine translation to help people around the world.

“While we may not be able to understand every language, we do our best to provide users with accurate, free translations when requested,” Google’s Eric Schmidt wrote. “We do not police the accuracy of translations. We rely on users to use our system responsibly,” he wrote.

Which, is the problem. Google does a great job of translating books, scholarly documents and the like. The problem is that they also translate this “news” on Erdogan.

Here, the translation and voice are actually about the same. Whoever translated it clearly