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Any solution to display image from database in MVC 3?

I want to display an image from a database which i have a url of and i want to display that image.I am using MVC 3 for project and i am also using jquery. I want to know that can i do it?


In MVC you have to use an Image Control
Here is a Tutorial on how to do it. It shows both ways:
Server Method – retrieve image
[Authorize(Roles = “Admin”)]
[ResponseCache(Duration = 30, Location = ResponseCacheLocation.None, NoStore = true)]
public ActionResult RetrieveProductImage(int id)
var product = db.Products.Find(id);

return this.File(product.ImageUrl, “image/jpeg”);

Client Method – AJAX
function RetrieveProductImage(id) {
type: “GET”,
url: “@Url.Action(“RetrieveProductImage”)”,
dataType: “html”,
data: {
‘id’: id
success: function (data) {


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