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“The BMW X3 has new engine, new transmission and new chassis tuning on board. New engine tuning was one of the key factors in the chassis development, as we wanted to retain the driving characteristics of the previous version while improving even further on the performance.” – BMW xDrive brochure.

Brakes and suspension are largely unchanged.

“We have deleted all the unnecessary components of the previous chassis concept, resulting in a lighter, more compact and better-balanced vehicle than before. The key to this is the slightly more severe wheelbase on the new model. In this way, a harmonious interaction of the body and chassis will become even more apparent.” – BMW X3 brochure.Calcified Commotio Cerebri in an Adult.
Commotio cerebri is a rare, yet serious neurologic condition, characterised by acute transient ischaemia due to a commotio cerebri syndrome (CCS). CCS in adults are mostly caused by Blunt Force and may occur due to a loud acoustic noise with varying intensity, depending on the location of the blast. These injuries are usually minor and resolve spontaneously. The objective of this article is to present a case of calcified commotio cerebri in an adult with its treatment. This 41-year-old male was examined for a headache that was associated with nausea and vomiting. A Commotio Cerebri Syndrome was diagnosed based on symptoms, a physical examination that showed a throbbing headache in the occipital area and papilledema; and the existence of a calcified lesion in the posterior temporal area of the skull. This case illustrates the importance of a thorough physical examination, which is the basis for a prompt diagnosis and appropriate management.“I think it’s