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Published: 14/07/2022 (4 weeks ago)

Portable FastKeys is a comprehensive and reliable piece of software that was created to help you carry out computer task more swiftly, providing you with quick access to frequently used programs, power options, websites, files and folders, all with minimal effort on your part.
No setup required
Being a standalone application, installation is not necessary in order to work with it, as all you have to do is run the executable which will automatically decompress the components of Portable FastKeys and allow you to start working with them.
You can store the items in a folder and place it on a removable storage device, carrying it with you wherever you may have use for it, without having to go through lengthy installation operations and most importantly,, without leaving a trace on the host system.
Simplify computer usage using shortcuts, hotkeys and other automated commands
When launched, Portable FastKeys retreats to the notification area, to minimize interference with your activity, but from where you can access it by double-clicking its icon. This will enable you to configure its functioning operations, modifying existing ones to your liking or getting acquainted with the default ones that suit your needs.
The application comes bundled with several different components, for instance ‘Start Menu’, ‘Shortcuts’, ‘Text Expander’, ‘Auto Complete’ and ‘Gestures’. The ‘Start Menu’ enables you to create a quick-access menu to the folders, programs and functions that you use on a regular basis.
The ‘Shortcuts’ section allows you to create your own hotkeys for performing a variety of actions, such as open, run or send a certain command. Using the ‘Test Expander’ tool, you will be able to create short text strings which, when entered, will automatically execute an action, replace a phrase or open a window.
Moreover, the ‘Auto Complete’ function of Portable FastKeys is capable of automatically adding a string of text when filling out forms or sending emails, to save you time. The ‘Gestures’ component helps you open, send or run apps, whenever you draw a certain shape with your mouse cursor.
A handy utility for customizing the way you work on your PC
In conclusion, Portable FastKeys is a useful and effective program that you can rely on to help you perform your habitual tasks more easily, saving you both time and effort, so you can spare yourself from executing repetitive or boring actions, while also increasing your work performance.









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3D Interface Recompiler is a software program that can be easily used to recompile and repackage an application for Macintosh or Windows, as well as other platforms. This tool was developed for use on a PC or workstation, but it can be run with little or no difficulty by using a Mac, iPad or iPod Touch.
The tool is designed to be used as a stand-alone utility or by downloading the appropriate version from our website. And it can be used with the Mac/Windows version of the software that was compiled, the standalone version or any other software program that you want to make repackage.

Netcoder is a famous and reliable software tool with which you can easily create videos of any kind, audio, images and also strings. It’s included in the Mac program called Lightworks.
Netcoder features
This specialized software is helpful in optimizing your Mac for the job that you’re trying to do. In addition to a huge library of plugins, it includes the ability to easily share your videos on YouTube and other social media networks or websites and to create private versions of your video for safe-keeping.
The program includes audio, and image editing options, and you can use it to encode your videos into different formats, including MP3, MP4, AVI and MKV.
Your video can be sent to your printer or to an external device using the feature of sending to a printer, an external device or a website. Netcoder also includes a feature for video transcoding, a function for converting video in formats that we are not really familiar with, and audio effects you can use to add a variety of special features, such as sound effects, or voice-overs.
How to use Netcoder
Users first download the program and then install it on their system. After which, they connect to the internet and upload their file, and the software will do the rest.
Netcoder includes a video conversion tool that will help you convert the videos that you have stored in your Mac to different formats, such as MP3, MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, VOB and FLV.
It works with every video file, so you can use it with video files that you have recorded on your Mac or even with an SD card, because it supports the newest formats.
Download Netcoder Now
Using Netcoder is very easy, and you don’t have to be a veteran to use

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The Offline Registry Cleaner is a powerful and reliable Registry Cleaner that removes deep-laid registry problems and restores your PC to the original factory settings (factory-fresh). It will quickly and thoroughly clean and optimize Windows registry and enables the computer to run more efficiently and fast, also keeping it safer.

Most commonly used Windows-based applications such as Internet Explorer, MSN/Hotmail, Windows Explorer, MS Office, etc. may experience glitches, errors, crashes and inconvenience even after they are updated. When this happens, many people tend to contact their website hosting service provider or technical support team for troubleshooting help. If they have any idea of what went wrong with the software, then they will try to fix the issue on their own but most times, it takes a lot of time, efforts and expertise.

However, a REG cleaner such as will save the time and efforts of the user and make the job easier. Using a REG cleaner, you can get rid of this inconvenience, restore original settings and make your PC perform better.

Portable FastKeys Full Crack software is a unique and extremely versatile piece of software which enables you to carry out a variety of tasks with minimal effort.

This small, yet extremely powerful tool can help you send files and folders from one computer to another over network by simply dragging them into a “hot folder”, or unlock and lock folder you choose, in order to have read only access to the files contained in it.

For instance, if you’re transferring files from a PC at work to your personal computer at home, you’ll be able to select the location where your work files and folders will be downloaded to and create a “hot folder” on the PC where you are going to use it, and then simply drag and drop the files and folders you want to transfer to it, enabling you to get them to your PC without having to do complex and time-consuming tasks.

Similarly, if you want to take advantage of QuickFileShare, you will have to first get to the network folder where your shared folder is located, log on to it, unlock it by selecting the items in it that you want to work with and select a folder for the file you want to be transferred, after that, simply drag and drop the files and folders you want to share and your actions will

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This time I found the solution for those who have not found fastkeys as a stand-alone program, but have not found a way to install it. Portable Fastkeys 5 Portable Fastkeys is a FREE (trial) program that works great on any Windows PC, Mac or Linux. Portable Fastkeys is a standalone program and does not require any installation, just transfer the file PortableFastKeys.exe to any directory and run it. The folder PortableFastKeys should contain three files: PortableFastKeys.exe, PortableFastKeys.dmg and PortableFastKeys.ini. Fastkeys is a utility which will make your life easier by quickly going through your applications and hardware. It makes the most difficult tasks even easier, just type or draw a shortcut on the screen and, without moving from your seat, you can launch any application. It takes only a few minutes to learn. You can view files or files and folders without going through tons of menus. For example, you can type “*pdf” and the program will show all the files ending with “pdf”. You can go right to your favorites or recent files by typing “~/path/to/folder”. You can see a list of all apps installed on your computer by typing “app”. You can look up words or numbers in many places. For example, “” when typed in the address bar would bring up the Myspace search page, and “” would bring up the National Bank of America page. You can choose a utility or app from a list of all your applications. You can easily open a favorite folder by typing its name. There is a lot more! To use fastkeys, just download the free.exe file, make a.dmg image and install fastkeys. If you have several computers that you use, you can install Fastkeys on all of them at the same time. Fastkeys Lite You can see a list of your applications and hardware, view all documents in folders, get files and documents by typing its name, look up words or numbers, and open favorites without leaving your seat. Fastkeys Lite is a free program that works on any Windows PC, Mac or Linux. Fastkeys Lite is a standalone program and does not require any installation. Just transfer the file FastKeys.exe to any directory and run it. The folder FastKeys should contain three files: FastKeys.exe, FastKeys.dmg

What’s New In Portable FastKeys?

The updated version of AutomaticallyHide All Windows is now the latest and greatest on the internet and it is more automated and effective than ever. This is the most powerful automation tool you will ever download and the ONLY tool that will enable you to completely uninstall all the other windows cleaning tools out there. It’s so powerful that it is even better than the highly-rated 7+ star rated Windows Cleaner Pro.
One-click & Automated:
AutomaticallyHide All Windows uses very simple and easy to use settings so you can customize it to your own needs. The software allows you to hide all your windows, desktops and workspaces in a matter of seconds.
Hide all windows:
No matter what configuration you need, you can hide all your windows and desktops with ease, completely protecting your computer and making sure you never have to see any windows again.
Intelligent and reliable:
This software uses a powerful algorithm to detect all your running windows and desktops. It will switch on and off your windows according to how many are running and it will hide any window that’s not being used.
Cleaned up the speed:
AutomaticallyHide All Windows has a really quick startup time and runs with zero issues.

If you like SEOmoz’s signature page engine, use the SEOmoz Findings plugin, which brings all this to your site with no hassle or effort required. The plugin provides the same convenience that signature pages bring on the web, but without the hassle of writing a new piece of code for every website you build.

This is a High Performance, Free, Easy to use and Highly Customizable Twitter to Facebook Widget.
If you’re looking for the best way to show your followers that you are now on Facebook, the best solution for you is to use this Twitter Facebook Widget, also known as a Facebook page plug-in.
Just like the title says, it’s a plug-in that will allow you to show your followers a direct URL to your Facebook page, allowing them to easily share your updates and posts with their friends using the media that Facebook provides to them.
That means you can directly share your status, photos, videos, wall posts, and more using a Twitter feed without writing any code. It’s also an open source solution.
You don’t have to worry about having a set of PHP, MySQL, or any other kind of programming language to use this solution – the

System Requirements:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5 GHz or equivalent (Windows XP compatible)
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 1 GB free space
Graphics: DirectX 9 Compatible GPU
Internet: Broadband Internet connection
Sound: DirectX compatible sound device
Input Devices: Keyboard & Mouse
Startup: OllyDbg
Other: Screen Resolution: 1280×1024 or higher
Dlls will be used:
FCKeditor.dll (IE9 and IE8 compatible)