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If converting images is what you’re in need of, reaConverter Standard is worth considering. Whether you’d want to convert something to a popular format
say, from JPEG to PNG
or are looking to tap into more specific, rather unchartered formats
such as CAL, DXF, and so forth
reaConverter is the app for the job.
Convert to your liking
No doubt, given the medley of formats available to you via reaConverter, there are a lot of users the app seemingly caters to. Upon booting up the app, you’re greeted by a quite simplistic yet intuitive interface that outlines this app’s duties right away: you can add your photos through the add files menu
or just drag & drop
choose the format you’d like it converted to, accessible at the bottom, and click start. And that’s that.
The app highlights the more popular formats through the aforementioned bottom menu, but you’re given the choice to add more, based on your needs. Thus, while a more typical JPG to PNG conversion isn’t much to talk about, the function to convert RAW files is particularly notable here.
The format saving option is just as notable, in that it provides a lot of usability in the case the user wants to get more specific with their desired conversion results: for example, changing the JPG format settings allows you to change the quality of the file, and even lets you pick the color space, if you know what you’re looking for.
Edit on the go
reaConverter also offers its users the option to edit the photos they’re looking to convert. For instance, from the ability to resize, rotate, crop, and even upscale your photos, all the way to being able to deploy color adjustments
such as brightness/contrast, gamma & color correction work
there’s a decent amount of usage one can get out of this app.
Even more, there’s also a Creative Retouching option nested in the same Edit images menu, which can perform lens correction, sharpening, artifact removal, and other such adjustments.
In conclusion, the functionalities that reaConverter puts at your disposal are promising. It’s just that there are a plethora of free apps with similar functionality, so this market is plenty filled already.

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Enhance, capture, & edit in seconds.
Get the photos you need in a few easy steps.
When working in manual mode, presets can help you focus on the details like the shadows, highlights, or noise.
Oftentimes, batch processing works better than manual adjustments for optimizing your images.
In just 1 tap, you can apply the Creative Retouching options to make your photos look their best.
Boost your editing skills by using the full feature set.
Convert & export in multiple formats:
Convert to image formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, PSD & PNG.
Select the desired output format from a list of preset options.
Save your images in a number of file formats such as:
Free up space on your memory card by converting RAW images.
Save space and time with custom options.
Ultra-fast conversion speed with multi-threading & various processing options.
Edit, resize, rotate, crop & do more with Creative Retouching on iPhone and iPad.
Rotate, flip & mirror photos on iPhone, iPad & Mac OS X.
Editing Options
Rotate, flip & mirror
Resize your photos.
Rotate 180°, flip vertically, flip horizontally or mirror left or right.
White balance, brightness & contrast.
Creative Retouching.
Sharpening, de-noising, lens correction, and more!
Auto HDR creates beautiful natural looking images.
Sony XP3 Hybrid Camera:
Capture RAW images at 10 FPS with full sensor zoom.
Process with our wide range of creative filters.
Use the full sensor to capture images.
Simple controls and intuitive menu.
Record video with stabilisation and manual settings.
Convert RAW photos to images.
Tilt-shift, focus stacking & light painting.
Also available:
Adobe Camera Raw & Lightroom Pro 3
Lightroom CC & iPad.
iZettle – Scan & send in seconds.
Google Translate – Meet new people in your language.
…and more!
You can now process your full RAW image stack in camera and have them automatically sorted and backed up. This may sound like something straight out of a sci-fi movie but is possible right now using a simple process and free app.
Automate your workflow.
Now you can make a one-tap edit to your full RAW image stack and share them

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Pictures you take on iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Google Nexus, and most other smartphones.

What’s New:

1. Fix crash bug when switching between categories.
2. Fix bug that causes image adjustment dialogs to disappear.
3. Fix bug that causes image adjustment dialogs to shrink unexpectedly.
4. Fix issue that prevented images from saving in “Standard.”

1.5.0 (12 Jan 2020)
– Fixed bug that caused images to not be sorted by new files in the recently added folder, or by date added

1.4.1 (21 Dec 2018)
– Updated for iPhone X

1.4 (20 Oct 2018)
– Preview Mode – You can now directly preview the result of your conversion before saving.
– Fix bug that causes images to not be sorted by new files in the recently added folder

1.3 (16 Sep 2018)
– Fix issue that caused images not to be converted when using iPhone 6, 6S, and SE.

1.2 (16 Sep 2018)
– iPhoneX issue – fixed issue that caused image size to exceed iPhoneX screen size.

1.1 (16 Sep 2018)
– Fix bug that caused images not to be converted.

1.0 (16 Sep 2018)
– Initial release
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What’s New in the?

■ A variety of powerful editing features
■ A variety of different formats to choose from
■ An intuitive and easy-to-use interface
■ A Creative Retouching function nested in the same Edit images menuTecmo is ready to bring its retro-franchise Tekken 7 to smartphones and tablets, and some early sketches can be found over on the new website.

The site details a “battle system with unique features” that involves three kinds of attacks — “light, strong, and heavy attacks,” — as well as two kinds of upgrades to your character that will allow you to add combos, power attacks, and stuns to your moveset. Some of the new features include “spells, traps, [and] barriers.” To show off the game in action, a few minutes of gameplay can be found below.

Interestingly enough, Tecmo Koei is opening a separate website for Tekken 7 as well, which will be devoted to Japanese, Russian, and European releases of the game. However, the teaser trailer that’s been posted on the new Tekken site makes no mention of these regional releases.

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array_splice not working when variable is a number

I wanted to replace the “”, “,” value in an array with value in another array. For that I have used array_splice().

I have the array: $test_array = array(“num_data1″,””,””,””,”num_data2″,””,””,”” );
I am removing “,” from the array.
I am removing with: array_splice($test_array, 1, 3, “value1”);
Now I am pushing the value1 in another array.
$test_array_1 = array(“value1”);

So I have used array_splice($test_array, 1, 3, “value1”);
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array_splice($test_array, 1, 3, $test_array_1[0] );

It is not working. It is just replacing the first value in the array with the value from the array $test_array_1[0].
But I need to replace with the value from the array $test_array_1[0]
The result I am getting: num_data1, num

System Requirements For ReaConverter Standard:

OS: Windows XP SP2/Vista SP2 (32-bit & 64-bit)
Windows XP SP2/Vista SP2 (32-bit & 64-bit) CPU: 1.6GHz CPU (required)
RAM: 256MB RAM (required)
RAM: 256MB RAM (required) Hard Drive Space: 7.5 GB available disk space
Windows XP SP2/