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recolored11licensekey, got any ideas? Is there a way i can get near the end of the level? Stuck on “draining the swamp” level (obviously) on my first playthrough and i can never find the hidden passage. Is there a secret trick that i’m missing? Just found some flashes of plasma out of the corner of my eye but i’m not sure they’re from the door or some sort of visual cue to look for i don’t know. Stuck on first level of the game.
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How do I pull in the most recent version of a local Git repo?

I’m building a web site and for me to change my local copy of the git repo to a different git repo, I’d have to go through and change all my files that need to be changed.
I’d rather just connect to the remote git repo, pull in the most recent update, then make my changes and push to a new location.
I thought the approach would be to use git remote add origin and then use git pull origin master, but this seems to just try to update the remotes master and doesn’t pull in the files that actually changed.
Does anyone know how I can specify that I


Try the following:
storage[0] = storage[0] + ”
And leave out the print result:
Based on this answer:
using StringIO:
import sys
from StringIO import StringIO

data = “””some text

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storages = []

for line in data.splitlines():

for storage in storages:
storage = storage.strip()

storage = storage.strip()

if storage.startswith(“some text”):

rest = storage[6:].strip()

if ”

” not in rest:
storage = storage.strip()

for c in [ch for ch in rest if ch in ” “]:
storage = storage.replace(c, “_”)
storage = “_” + storage

storage = storage.

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