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Redwood is a free genealogy program that enables you to add or edit records of your close relatives.
Redwood currently supports only Windows 7 and Windows XP. There is no support for Windows Vista.
A detailed description of features is available in the Help section.

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Redwood Crack Free Download Features:
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Redwood Crack Download

This software allows you to create and manage a database that stores information about your family members. Each entry can be used to store basic details, like name, photo, birthday and year of birth. The features of the Redwood application include the ability to automatically generate a tree, view the family tree and create your own, digital photo album for each person.
More about Redwood
The program allows you to build a family tree based on the personal profiles you create for each family member. You can add details about each person, such as the name, birth and year of birth, relatives and any special talents.
After creating your family tree, you may want to display its complete structure. Redwood lets you do that with a simple click and displays a graphic tree. In the graphic mode, you can view the family tree layout. The features of the Redwood family tree include the ability to search for any family member; view photos, drawings, notes and other details associated with a selected person; generate an automatic family tree and view the family tree.
The program displays your family tree in a graphic tree in the Immediate Family view. You can customize the structure of your tree, based on the status of each person.
You may want to visualize the family tree even further. You can do this by clicking the right panel, which allows you to change the view. You can view the tree in the graphic mode or search for any family member.
You may also use the family tree to create a photo album for each person. Click the photo section to view your albums and add a comment. The software adds any photos or drawings to the album. You can also create links to visit websites of your relatives.
Apart from the family tree, you can create entries for each person and link them to the family tree. You can view each entry as an image, drawing or text. You may also note the information related to each entry by using the notes section.
You may create new entries by opening the selected person’s profile and clicking the Add button. To add existing entries, simply choose the selected person from the left panel and click the arrow.
The software enables you to search for any person in the selected dataset. If you select the search option, you will be redirected to the first available entry you may use to find information.
You can also create and link personal events to your personal history. For example, when you add a photo or an image to a family member, you can use it to represent that person’s

What’s New in the Redwood?

# Import files to the repository.

System Requirements:

Not all games work on all devices. System requirements are intended to help you determine whether your computer meets the minimum technical requirements to run the game, but the actual requirements may be higher. You can find a full list of compatibility with each OS here.
Windows – Minimum Specifications
Windows Vista or newer
3 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon 64 or newer
1 GB RAM (2 GB or more recommended)
1024 x 768 or higher screen resolution
DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with 1 GB RAM or higher