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■ Seamless transition with fast speed and smoothness
– From the constant speed of attack to the immediate stop of the movement, the movement speed is increased to the speed of an arrow.
– A strategy game is offered in the following manners:
* A simple method that is easy to perform is also high in skill
* For the traditional Japanese style, where the joy of the game is to move and think
– Your movements feel natural as long as they comply with the AI

■ Deeply immersed battle experience
– Advanced AI allows you to experience hand-to-hand combat
– The AI equipped with artificial intelligence that can be decided by the player, manages its own actions in a variety of situations
– Think about whether to use a weapon, dodge, counterattack, or fall back to your defense

■ A variety of stunningly designed characters
– A variety of unique and high quality outfits with action elements
– Various effects are shown depending on the action elements of the outfit
– A variety of weapons are also offered
– The equipment that is capable of hunting is displayed on the map in addition to the weapons and armor

■ Online environment where the player is connected to another player’s thoughts
– A variety of characters that can enter the online game
– Adventurers exchange support messages during missions
– With the increased number of adventurers in the online game, the player can experience the same adventures as another player
– Players can experience the adventure of the other player

■ A dynamic, detailed map that links to the action
– Every player is equipped with a map that opens in a new place, where you can view your own progress as an adventurer
– A simple map that lets you navigate a map that is easy to understand, and a detailed map that is detailed even during the exploration
– You can select the map with the player that you are connected to

■ The presence of guilds that benefit the player
– The guild is a place to share information about the game and adventure with guildmates
– The presence of guilds also offers a variety of quests that you can complete
– You can gain support, check the success of the guild, and access new quests

■ A rich event and


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A Skill and Race based World with limitless possibilities
  • Character creation and evolution as you play
  • Dynamic Battles and a vast amount of skills
  • A rich story brimming with emotions
  • Randomly generated dungeon and lands
  • Over 200 pieces of equipment (11 new warriors return)
  • Recruitment procedures
  • Warring System
  • An epic drama that splits into a multitude of characters
  • Define your Path
    Judging from the changes youve made to your party, youve chosen one of the four paths. Your surroundings reflect your choice and will change as you ascend to a higher level.

    The Lands Between has been destroyed and has been overtaken by vile monsters. A power from the past has appeared, perhaps calling for you to rise and become a warrior who should be feared by everybody.

    Dream Chaser, a powerful demon faction, has suddenly appeared. Its goal is to conquer the Lands Between and destroy it. The fate of the world is at stake and the selection period for the heroes will be in progress.

    In this situation, various new features, like a campaign world and the Adventure Journal, will be introduced. Moving forward, new features will be introduced to facilitate seamless transitions as you progress through the story.


    A variety of playable characters, each with his or her own abilities and occupation.

    Race: Races include humans, humans with high attributes, elves, elves with high attributes, magians, angels, demons, and elves with high attributes. You can freely choose a race, but within each race, humans with high attributes command the highest position and mages the lowest. They can also freely choose their jobs on their own.

    Character Class: Characters choose the classes of warrior, priest, mage, and rogue in order to specialize in a particular combat or magic. You cannot choose all four classes in a single character, but you can freely distribute the classes among your party.



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    – 10/25/2018, Gamezilla

    “The game sports a solid overall polish, with simple controls, well-designed character creation, and a pleasant sense of game-world. Its visuals are great, with great design and animations; it’s not a game you’ll miss playing.”

    – 10/21/2018, Pocket Gamer

    “There are multiple online modes and thousands of weapons. The combat is strong, diverse, and fun, and you can even tackle the occasional boss, which is something of a rarity in games like this.”

    – 10/19/2018, IGN

    “The story seems to be relatively interesting, but the game is essentially a generic fantasy action RPG that borrows from Pokémon in terms of leveling and battling mechanics.”

    – 10/18/2018, Gamereactor

    “The story and world seems to be the most stand-out element of the game, as it gives off a lot of charm that’s missing from other fantasy games of its ilk.”

    – 10/17/2018, Digital Spy

    “All in all Elden Ring looks and plays like a faithful, generous tribute to the classics.”

    – 10/17/2018, Xbox Japan

    “The game offers a stunning introduction to a vibrant fantasy world, as well as a variety of classes and different types of enemies and bosses.”

    – 10/15/2018, CNET

    “Elden Ring is as stylish a RPG as you’ll find at launch.”

    – 10/15/2018, Gamezebo

    “Elden Ring doesn’t stray far from the old-school RPG formula, but it makes good on the mechanics that have made those games special for so long.”

    – 10/15/2018, GameSpot

    “Elden Ring is a big, beautiful, and polished game.”

    – 10/14/2018, Polygon

    “It’s part JRPG, part action role-playing, and with everything from world building and character development to fighting and crafting systems. But it’s also its own, novel, game.”

    – 10/12/2018, The Game Arcade

    “Elden Ring is a pleasing beast, a beautifully crafted game with high replay value that celebrates the best of old-school role-playing games, action RPGs, and fantasy.”


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    An incredible and ominous entity

    During the era when gods breathed with their lives, a man of strong personality was born to rule. It was a demonic young king named Tarnated…
    Elden RIng is an action RPG where the player can enjoy an incredible fantasy-oriented world from the new world.

    Create a unique character with a variety of weapons, magic, and armor

    Elden RIng is the debut title of Carpe Animam, an action RPG producer.
    We have added deeper and higher detailed character templates with beautifully created illustrations on the background.
    By freely changing the appearance of your character, you can actually be the character you want to be.
    Combine the weapons, magic, and armor you will equip with the skills you learn, and develop your character according to your play style.

    Exploration Is Equally Important

    Elden RIng also puts exploration, which expands your experience, as the equal partner to the gameplay experience.
    Incredible open fields and huge dungeon interiors faithfully reproduced in three dimensions.
    You can experience an immersive and impressive journey in the Elden Ring.

    A Fantasy Adventure Written In Bits

    During the era when gods breathed with their lives, a man of strong personality was born to rule.
    A multilayered story written in fragments.
    Travel to the Lands Between and work your way through a variety of events and a variety of stories.
    Enjoy the sense of puzzle in discovering the story behind the fleeting events that takes place in the Lands Between.

    Play As Others by Connecting Online

    Furthermore, by inserting the asynchronous online element, other players can feel your presence and travel together with you.
    Based on the player’s match, you can experience the different play atmosphere or meet interesting people in the game.
    There are a variety of interesting events you can enjoy.

    Please Visit

    – Carpe Animam

    – Carpe Animam Official Homepage

    – Carpe Animam Official Facebook Page

    – Carpe Animam Official Twitter

    About Carpe Animam

    Carpe Animam is a brand of Carpe Animam that was established in 2014. It was born in a desire to connect people with the immense world of fantasy through visual and narrative arts. Carpe Animam offers full-


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Become a true Champion. Discover powerful allies who will stand by your side until the very end.
    PC > XboxOne

    Adapted from the Persona series and developed by the ArtPlay studio, Persona 5 takes place in the lively city of a modernized Japan, where the protagonist, a young man named “Yosuke”, is enrolled in Seika High School. Yosuke joins the Phantom Thieves, a group of elite high school thieves who use their skills to infiltrate the minds of evil individuals. The game offers multiple and open-ended paths in which to experience the story.
    Genres: Role-Playing, 3D, Top-Down, Classic-Style


    Incorporates elements from the previous Persona games, while augmenting the engrossing narrative of Persona 5

    A modern day setting, where the plot line will affect the everyday life of the player and tie into the real world

    See your friends in game through the Street Pass feature that helps you share your life story

    Play as the Phantom Thieves in your interaction with others in the social sphere, including members of your everyday life, such as your sister

    Experience a nightlife with vibrant citizens where you can socialize, in the daytime, while you play as the Phantom Thieves

    Plunge into the story line with multiple and open-ended routes and paths

    Play as three unique main characters, who utilize different Persona “gifts” and play in different ways

    Experience the high school setting in Japan where you can freely play as yourself while familiarizing yourself with the culture of the game

    Deliver death to all the bad guys as Persona statistics are placed in a unique battle system

    Take part in high-stakes rivalries between rival streets that are not limited to standard fights

    See the bonds created through the story unfold in-game and how their relationships are connected to the real world

    Key features of the Persona series have been faithfully incorporated into Persona 5. Among these are a bustling city setting, where the protagonist finds his place in the high school, members of the Phantom Thieves, and a unique battle system, where the protagonist influences his enemies through his “Personas” and can utilize his combat prowess through “Summons.” The highly interactive “Social Link” feature lets players immerse themselves in the lives and social activities of their friends and develop their bonds, while the Arena—in which players can


    Free Download Elden Ring Product Key [Win/Mac] [Latest]

    1. Unrar.
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    5. Play the game.

    How to play ELDEN RING:

    Press F1 key or reboot to view instructions.

    • Easter Eggs
    This game contains many easter eggs for the fans. You can find them all at the bottom of the letter G.
    Easter Eggs:
    G1: Crush! The Drow
    G2: Lootaton! The Green Lion
    G3: Walk in the Room
    G4: The Hatred of a Dragon
    G5: Beast’s Whistle
    G7: Holy Blessing?
    G8: The Old Watcher
    G9: Tower of Death
    G12: Eliza’s Magiclocal constant = require ‘falcon.constants.http’
    local literal = require ‘falcon.literal’
    local string_table = require ‘falcon.string_table’
    local seq_table = require ‘falcon.seq_table’
    local url_encode = require ‘falcon.url_encode’
    local wrap_string_buffer = require ‘falcon.wrap_string_buffer’
    local uri_split_path = require ‘falcon.uri_split_path’

    local _M = { _VERSION_ = ‘1.0.0’, }
    local M = _M

    function _M.require_property(self, name, version)
    if version and version ~= “all” then
    falcon.require(‘’, name)
    falcon.require(‘’, name)
    return falcon.require(name)

    function _M.require_property_multiple(self, properties)
    for _, property in ipairs(properties) do
    _M.require_property(self,, property.version or “all”)



    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Run the setup with administrative rights.
  • Opt in for the GTA Online and any other concurrent games
  • After setup, run the game and play!
  • Lastly, click the button below for the download link of the RAR file!

    So good luck with the game and may your friends never leave you,
    as they easily vanish.


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows 7/8.1/10
    OS X 10.9 or later
    Steam (optional)
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