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NameElden Ring
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Join the Game of the Dragon, Tarnished
Lucid, glistening, and blessed.

You are one of the Elden, the people who stand on the threshold of myth and legend.
The humans and monsters in the Lands Between have been unable to exist without the Elden.
The newly formed Imperial Army is striving to erase the Elden from this world.
The Elden have no choice but to rise to meet this threat.

【Feature List】

New Main Character “Lucid.”
A Strong Fighter with a Clearing Mind.
Lucid is the leader of the twenty-fourth roving group. In the game of an Elden, the importance of direct participation in battle increases with each roving group. The number of available roving groups is changing. Lucid who is the leader of the roving group of the new generation, is once again the protagonist to battle against the Imperial Army.
Lucid bears the souls of the past Elden generals who fought courageously.

【Dragon Quest】 XIII/Lucid’s Play Style.
Unstoppable Force of Destiny.

Lucid is a strong fighter and fierce in combat. Lucid excels at close combat. Although he is a strong fighter, his special is a “Beyond the Dreaming.” The special is a state where his Attack Power increases by gradually increasing


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    “In this newly released RPG, players will play the role of the protagonist, a young man who was born from a mulberry tree. He has set his hopes on the Elden Ring, although he is impolite and unsociable. As a result, the hero’s path to obtain the powerful artefact is anything but simple. Amidst the dangerous clash between humans and the androids, the protagonist and his party have to carefully consider their mission. The players should also consider the meaning and influence of their choices before they pass through the game screen. Not only that, but they should also be determined to stand out from their competitors.”
    “If I could give a score I would give this game an A++. It is really a fine RPG.”


    “With its colorful and interactive illustrations, this is an RPG that truly captures the fleeting moments of a hero’s life.”
    “With its colorful and interactive illustrations, this is an RPG that truly captures the fleeting moments of a hero’s life.”


    “Elden Ring is one of the most compelling and full-featured RPGs of 2017. It’s a refreshing change from the often stale genre, and its unique art style also makes a worthwhile visual treat for any seasoned RPG fan.”


    “Elden Ring is a great RPG to invest your time and energy into. Its unique visual style and gameplay strategies always keep the game interesting, and its inclusive environment makes everyone happy.”


    “Elden Ring is a refreshing change from the oft stale RPG genre, with a seamless blend of action and RPG-style gameplay.”

    Giant Bomb,

    “Readers really like Elden Ring.”
    “Readers really like Elden Ring.”

    RPG Site,

    “As you battle your enemies with your attacks and spells, the amazing visual style really does help you to understand the logic of battles. However, the battles were so hectic that I struggled to understand what I was doing, and occasionally my party would get frustrated with me. But the things that are important in a great RPG are all present in this game. Overall, it is a wonderful experience!”


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    • Story Campaign
    ActionRPG story of an ordinary person.
    • 3 Tutorials per Episode (AI, PvE, PvP)
    To be enjoyed with a storyline that is as easy to follow as a novel. In the tutorial, you can learn the combat in a different game style, team strategy, the menu system, and more.
    • 5 Game Chapters
    From the beginning, you can complete all the game content. Although the pacing is slightly slower than that of a game that is hard to finish, you can enjoy it to the fullest.
    • Plus, you can enjoy all the content of the ELDEN RING without paying
    * For the trial version, the content for the singleplayer story is limited.

    Steam Features ELDEN RING game:

    1. Unique Visuals for a new style

    A hero with a stylish yet simple character design whose graphics are packed with spirit, elegance, and extravagance are caught in a beautiful and lush world.
    2. Unique AI

    Unique enemy AI that adapts to your actions, allowing you to attack the appropriate enemy at the appropriate time.
    3. Quality Soundtrack

    Music to accompany your adventure in a world full of artistic charm.
    4. New Characters

    New heroes that you can put in the elven race, improved versions of your characters from the trial, and new rules, such as “Newest” and “Legendary”.
    5. New Items and Skills

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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    We currently provide an offline mode for users of Nintendo Switch™
    – whenever you purchase the digital version of the game, you’ll be able to download the digital content on the console. Please refer to the official website for further details of the service.
    Furthermore, the game can be played in an online environment through the Nintendo Account. To start playing, you’ll need to link a Nintendo Account to your Nintendo Switch™ system. To set up a Nintendo Account, you can visit the system settings, and then click on the sign-in menu, and then click on the create a new account option.
    After creating your Nintendo Account, visit the eShop™ on your system. At the eShop™, visit the menu, Nintendo Account Settings, and then on the account screen, click on the Create a new Nintendo Network ID link.
    The system will then create a Nintendo Network ID for you. Click on the ID created to access the ID screen. In the ID screen, click on the I Accept the terms of use and the privacy policies, and then click on Register.
    Upon registering, you’ll need to enter your date of birth and an 8-digit number to confirm your identity. The ID number you receive from Nintendo will not be the same number displayed on the subject. This is to ensure that no unauthorized persons use your ID.
    We plan to add various forms of online communication supported by the Nintendo Account such as the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app, so please stay tuned for more information in the future.

    The March publishing conference was held at the 51st Annual General Meeting at Akiba-No-Mieru Onsen.
    At the meeting, a video message was shown where the brand manager of Square Enix, Motohide Eshiro, announced that the game has been elected as the No. 1 best-selling game in the global market for the Nintendo Switch system for the first time. The context of the video message includes thoughts on the pleasure of experiencing the game on the portable, Nintendo Switch system, the emotions of the creators, and the wisdom of the market.
    For more details on the nomination results, please refer to the


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