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An independent fantasy action RPG for online and offline play, Rise of Tarnished, is being developed by Star Story Co., Ltd. in collaboration with Professor Emeritus (PhD), and author of the successful fantasy novels “Dragon Sword” and “Dragon Hero”.

The name “Rise of Tarnished” was chosen as a play on words of the phrase “Rise of the Spirit Beast”. An Elden spirit beast (also known as an “Spiral Knight”) is a powerful enemy appearing in the game. Both “Spiral Knight” and “Tarnished” are terms that appear in the story. In addition, although the game is an action RPG, it is designed as a game in which the player controls the results of in-game events. Hence, the “spirit beast” is a concept that embodies the power of development within the game and the “Tarnished” concept is one of the legendary weapons of an adventurer.

The major goal of Rise of Tarnished is to provide an open fantasy fantasy action RPG full of excitement, and to reach a wide audience. We also hope to be able to tell a multilayered story that, above all, weaves together the various thoughts of the characters.


Rise of Tarnished is a fantasy action RPG developed by Star Story Co., Ltd. It consists of a free-to-play online and offline first person view. The story of this game is based on the popular fantasy novel series “Dragon Sword” and “Dragon Hero” by Professor Emeritus (PhD).

Game features:

New fantasy action RPG.

Unique online aspects that connect you to others.

A vast world full of exciting and overwhelming events.

A plot that will leave you with a high sense of satisfaction.


Story The story of the game is based on the popular fantasy novels “Dragon Sword” and “Dragon Hero” by Professor Emeritus (PhD). The only daughter of a priest who fights alongside a dragon is saved from a dragon’s attack by a legendary long-lived warrior. In the course of saving the heroine, the hero receives a famous, legendary treasure called the “Dragon Sword”. While the hero vows to return the sword to the priest, the maiden decides to live alone, which leads to a tale of sorrow and pain.

Visuals The original game was developed


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Great skill system, in which your quality, and of course actions, influence greatly
  • You and your companions are guided by a grace that will bring you to the top in the Elden Ring, and strengthen

    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG with a unique story, an open world, and an epic Drama Born from a Myth.
    • Fight Foes of All Shapes and Sizes
    The lands between are full of enemies of all types, but you can also team up with other characters to fight against even stronger enemies as you play.
    • UI that has been Improved
    The UI has been simplified so that you can more quickly check your game data. In addition, you can quickly choose new actions using the hot keys. The UI has also been improved, making it easier to use the game.
    • Fantastic Gatherings and Deals
    Equip a variety of new weapons and armor and fight alongside a partner to decrease their danger level.
    In addition, a “skill gathering” feature allows you to gather skills that allow you to make use of a new weapon or armor. The “trade” feature lets you carry out effective battles by allying with a partner.
    • A New way to Play
    Take advantage of scenario quests, which ask you to fight a number of enemies, and complete them in as few battles as possible. The results are reported as “gifts,” which you can use to enhance weapons and armor. This method works in the same way as items.
    Freely combine a wide variety of weapons and armor with a variety of particles to build your own tactics.

    Key Features


    Elden Ring Download [32|64bit]

    The game opens with the introduction of the main character’s voice actress, who gives out a rather upbeat and cheerful introduction. It is worth mentioning that this is the first time I have heard this voice actress on the game, and it was a welcome change. It was certainly nice to know this character was voiced by the same actress who voices as the main protagonist of FATE (a Fate-inspired RPG series) and understand this character as such. The demo begins with the player exploring a world covered in dark, ominous clouds. As the player proceeds further into the game, the landscape changes. The player is able to see plenty of grass, strange rocks, crystal lakes, and many strange and terrifying wildlife. These are all new environments that are very impressive. It was also interesting to see that these environments are also affected by the clouds. The more clouds there are, the more dense these environments become. This is helpful to create tension and suspense. In fact, the more ominous and tense the environment becomes, the harder it is to traverse and the more enemies that seem to pursue you. Of course, this is nothing that the player can’t easily handle with the right equipment. The enemies that appear are typically unable to attack. However, one or two might be able to attack the player. The player is able to move freely around the environment; there are no lines of death and no enemies that teleport behind you. There is, however, a very handy quick save that can be accessed at any time by pressing the down button. It seems like the game has been well designed and has a significant amount of replay value as there are still tons of places that the player can explore.

    The controls are fairly standard for the RPG genre. There are four main attack buttons (One for primary attacks, two for secondary attacks, and one for super attack/Offensive magic). There are four different available weapons. Each weapon has a different primary and secondary attack and each weapon also has a charge attack. Charging the weapon is simply a matter of holding the primary button and the secondary button while it is in your inventory. There are also four different types of armor for the player to equip. Each


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    Jazzier, crazier and tougher than ever

    You can have it all in a battle.
    All familiar elements of social interaction and item use have been reworked to work better together.
    New ability and equipment items have been added for each class.
    The comprehensive character screen is a vital tool to build a compelling character.
    Jazzier, crazier and tougher than ever.
    The most customizable online role-playing game.
    New Weapon System
    All class-specific weapons have been rebalanced and are now individually customizable with respect to their usability.
    New Feat System
    Players can equip a variety of feats according to their personality and play style.
    New Equipment System
    Equipped armor and weapons can be customized with accessories.
    Equipped accessories can be attached and removed at will.
    New Skill Points
    All playable characters will have more skill points, allowing them to increase skill levels more easily.
    Old Skill Points are not regained from experience points.
    Battle of the Masters
    Battle of the Masters is a new mode for beginners. Special rules give rise to a variety of new challenges.
    More Bonuses
    More bonuses, more equipment and more rewards.
    New Warrior Character Skin
    The top ranking character skin, created with the cooperation of the legendary designer, Daum, will be added as a reward.
    New Warrior Character Skins
    New Warrior Class Skins have also been added.
    New Class Skins
    New character classes have been added.
    New Item
    New items have been added.
    New Mount
    The Unicorn mount has been added. You can ride it and it will follow your commands.
    New Magic
    New magic has been added.
    New Dungeon
    A giant version of the unknown dungeon has been added.
    New Puzzle
    A puzzle-like dungeon has been added.
    New Monster
    A variety of new monsters have been added.
    Fight the minions of Vel’Koz!
    In the blackened wasteland of the Fields of Decay, a huge monster emerged from the devastated soil and attacked the forces of order.
    Fight against this new monster, Vel’Koz!
    – Battle the Horrors of Vel’Koz
    Vel’Koz is a fiendish hero of the Elden Ring who was recruited by the Archmage.
    Vel’Koz wields the power of the Void, the chaos that lies at the root of existence.
    A legendary monster who united the power of chaos with a labyrinth made


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    • Seamless multiplayer play so you can feel the presence of others
    • Season Mode: Play a brand-new quest in the Northern Lands or the newly added Southern Lands
    • A new versus mode where you face off against yourself to improve your battle skill

    * Limited quantities per region.

    About Nippon Ichi Software

    Nippon Ichi Software is a studio best known in the Western world for its well-received action RPG series, the Disgaea series. NIS America is pleased to bring the epic conclusion to the Disgaea saga to global audiences in Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten – Pillars of Eternity.

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