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NameElden Ring
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The Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG developed by Game Dev Story.

The game depicts a story of a hero who rose to become a great hero after coming to the conclusion of the war in the Lands Between.

A level-based action RPG, which offers unprecedented freedom of character creation, and rich online gameplay that allows you to connect to other players and to travel together, where you can directly connect with other players and travel together.

The game supports player-versus-player battles where the action is fast-paced, and player-versus-environment battles where there are environmental effects and a vast and detailed landscape.

※ This is the English release version of the game. The Japanese version will also be released.

◆ ◆ ◆ Welcome to the lands between! ◆ ◆ ◆

◆ The Land Between ◆

The Lands Between is an ancient region far from this world. The circle that constricts the Lands Between resembles an endoscopic image of the heart. It feels as if it is moving as if its center were turned like a hand.

The lands between is the width of the endoscopic image of the heart; there are three routes that cross over the lands between, separating them into two groups: The Territories Between and the Central Territories.

The Territories Between is a region bordered by the territory of a terrible dragon.

The Lands Between are connected through the lands between to the six major nations and seven continents of this world.

◆ The Location of the Lands Between ◆

◆ The Territory of the Dragon ① The Dragon’s Territory

For years, the dragon named the Olom, which roars from its territory, has been controlling everything inside its territory.

The dragon’s territory is a region of deeply underground tunnels that have not yet been explored. The territory of the dragon does not have a border; they freely roam the entire region.

In the past, the territory of the Olom had no activity, but as the people of this world began to move into the territory, the dragon began to exert its power and demanded it to give its territory to them.

It does not want to have a line outside its territory, so it has secretly given its power to this era. There are the towers of the Olom, which are the dragon’s


Features Key:

  • A Free-Roaming World
    In open-ended game play where the world is open to search, explore, and conquer. Journey to the center of the world’s challenge.
  • Discover Unique Adventures
    With a variety of events, rich quests and challenging tasks, experience the thrill of turning the tides of history.
  • A Core System for Crafty and Devious Players
    Encounter dungeons that include unique and interesting traps. With the ability to do sidequests, various jobs, and character professions, the player will never run short of deeds to embark on.
  • Customization Mechanics
    Create a clear strategy with a variety of equipment, spells, and skills. Customize your character to match your play style, and then master its combat-oriented abilities!
  • Control the Role of Magic
    An analysis of the element of Magic: overground and underground! Exploring the islands of the Thousand Eyes means replacing familiar magic with new elements and possibilities, and there are plenty of parts waiting to be discovered.
  • Unique Features
    Gather wind, raise the dead, and revive the ancient dragon… in battle, all it takes is a little care.
  • Different Play Styles
    If you have played MMORPGs before, you will find the strengths of RPG games brought together with the graphics of an action game, along with an awe-inspiring musical score and robust story, all in a package you can enjoy for a long while.
  • High-end Graphics
    Tarnished is a new fantasy action RPG that features gorgeous and elaborate graphics, and is priced at less than $20 USD.
  • See more at:

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    “I was playing the game for about an hour, and I was very surprised about the game’s style and its ability to feel different every time you play. Since I was bored, I started to play it over and over until my interest was revived!” –

    “It’s fun to think about and play the game. I particularly enjoyed using magic to manipulate the environment!”

    “A few minutes into playing, I was suddenly swept away by the story and the sense of freedom in the gameplay. I think this is because I have played RPGs for many years, and I was looking forward to a strong new experience after some time. I was excited to be able to explore a new world.” –

    “In particular, the battle system was refreshingly easy to understand, and had a lot of fun possibilities in execution. I am looking forward to exploring this new world in depth, and developing my character!”


    Supporting Characters:

    ● Crios the Adventurer

    Mysterious and very beautiful, he is a powerful adventurer searching for powerful elements in the lands.

    ● Senkei the Blacksmith

    A power-hungry young man, his dark moods provide an unpleasant atmosphere around him.

    ● Maric the Dragoon

    A man with a fast, powerful body and a master of the sword.

    ● Anton the Cavalier

    A brave and blunt man who carelessly causes trouble and seeks a new challenge.

    ● Keres the Magician

    A young girl who has been forced to give up her true form.

    ● Nyla the Fencer

    A man who strives to conquer a world.


    Players can choose the character that they want to play as, and you can use them to travel through the Lands Between.

    ■Playable Characters

    ● Senkei the Blacksmith

    His mysterious goal, the secret of the souls of the dead.

    ● Crios the Adventurer

    On his search for the powerful elements, he saved Harkot’s soul.

    ● Maric the Dragoon

    He was deceived into fighting as a knight by Rorrie.

    ● Anton the Cavalier

    He goes on a rampage to avenge Rorrie.

    ■Non-Playable Characters

    ● Queen Irene


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    -An Action RPG designed for the life of a hero

    -A variety of characters for you to customize and grow

    -Fight while traveling with ‘Recurrence’

    -Enhance your character’s swordsmanship, magic skills, defense, and health by fighting

    -Various dungeons for you to fight in

    -You can experience online play together with up to two people


    -An Action RPG that combines a variety of unique controls and gameplay systems

    -A variety of varied jobs and systems

    -A variety of character customization systems

    -8 Swords, 3 Weapons, and 2 Magic Attacks

    -Various Unique Swords and Special Abilities

    -A deeply integrated Online Multiplayer experience

    -Fight while traveling with ‘Recurrence’

    -Fight by enhancing your character’s swordsmanship, magic skills, defense, and health by fighting

    -Various dungeons for you to fight in

    -Several Characters to Raise

    -A variety of Dungeons, Items, and Items of Items

    -A variety of Characters to combine

    1. Action Points

    Action Points exist in the game world to allow you to perform actions by leveling up. Action Points are used to perform the following actions:

    ◆ Perform Special Skills, for skills that can only be used by a specific class of character

    ◆ Summon and Turn a Summoned Creature

    ◆ Walk

    ◆ Cast Magic

    ◆ Attack

    ◆ Special Dungeon (note: this action points are consumed when doing quests for dungeons)

    2. Skills and Special Skills

    ● Perform actions with Attack Points

    -Perform special skill actions that can only be performed by a class of character

    Special skills are activated by the following actions:

    -Attack Action Points are consumed when Special Skills are triggered, and this Action Point will be recovered at the end of a round.

    Special Skills will appear as a dark shadow over your head and will explode as a special effect.

    -Perform a Special Skill on a creature in battle

    -Select a Special Skill from the menu

    ● Perform abilities with Ability Points

    -Ability Points are consumed when using abilities that require an Action Point, and will be recovered at the end of a round.

    Ability points are used to unlock skills and special skills, and to perform actions that require a specific ability.

    -Trap Attack (Note: This


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Both the Steam release and the iOS release in Japan will support English. We’ve prepared a release window for Xbox One and Steam in Europe. For details, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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    I will try my best to keep up a high quality of content. Let me know what you think of this release. See you on the next one!

    Title: Orange Knight Chronicles III

    Developer: Square Enix, IntiCreates, Adhipa Labs, Inti Creates, Paper Tree Interactive, Studio Ghibli


    • Story unfolds after the events of Orange Knight Chronicles II as Marie and Kuro gather under Don Cosmos’s command.
    • Stars Luca Roland, of Yu-Gi-Oh! fame, as the mysterious woman of Krossaria.
    • Controls implemented for the original Orange Knight game. Add the game to your Steam library!

    Release details:

    Date: Friday, March 16th



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