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Password protection is a basic security method and is used by all computer and application features that require confidential data. However, advancement in technology now makes it possible to have your account details accessible by simply looking at the camera. This is called face recognition and Rohos Face Logon Free profits from it, letting you log in this way.
Quick and easy recognition
Besides having the application installed on your computer you also need to connect a webcam. Once you start the face registration process, the camera is automatically detected, as well as several pictures taken of your face to build a login database.
Smile to log in to Windows
Bear in mind that the application is strictly dedicated to allowing you to login to your Windows account, without any other login replacements. The overall design allows you to update registered faces, not because something might happen, but you can login with a smile, frown, or even in different lighting environments and creating a database with diverse pictures further personalizes your account.
See who tried to log in
What's more, the application also keeps track of every login attempt, letting you see who wanted to use your computer. This list can be managed and in case you want to allow someone else to login to your account, exceptions can easily be made.
The application does not offer full control ever who can login to your Windows account. In the lock screen, a small window appears and displays camera feedback and once recognized, you are sent to the desktop. However, if not recognized you can still provide the password and it would have been useful to disable this feature for enhanced security.
All in all
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Rohos Face Logon Free is a handy utility you might use not only for more safety, but to reach the desktop in the blink of an eye due to the fast detection. Available options let you cleverly manage stored password and faces so you can literally log in with a smile.









Rohos Face Logon Free Download (Updated 2022)

Rohos Face Logon Free is a handy utility you might use not only for more safety, but to reach the desktop in the blink of an eye due to the fast detection. Available options let you cleverly manage stored password and faces so you can literally log in with a smile.

How to Use?The installation is very easy – install the program, turn on the Webcam and wait for the processing to be finished. After that, you can select any of your Windows accounts to login to. It’s as simple as that!

Additionally, Rohos Face Logon Free allows you to restrict access to your computer, so no one else will be able to access it without your consent.The application operates in the background and can be controlled in the program options.

Rohos Face Logon Free Features:

– Quick and easy recognition
– Much faster login
– Notice who tried to log in
– Bookmarks support
– Easily change the colors
– You can optionally save your face to the disk

How to Crack?1.Connect the Webcam and install Rohos Face Logon Free on your PC.
2.Once the installation is complete, start Rohos Face Logon Free.
3.After choosing your Windows account, you will be asked to connect the webcam.
4.You will be able to access the desktop with your new password in seconds.

About: Rohos Face Logon Free is developed by Rohos. We all love Facebook, right? We do? Good, but please read this! -Facebook is frequently changing the privacy policy. That is why they call “Facebook Security Alert” sometimes. This security update was done to point out our maximum attention to ensure the safety of your personal data.

Rohos Face Logon Free Activation Code is compulsory for every RoHo user. Every user is encouraged to register with Rohos Face Logon Free as we find it important to stay ahead of the game. Rohos Face Logon Free Coupon will always be a valuable resource for you to keep you in the loop. Whenever you’re in need of a coupon, you can always visit our website and download it.

Rohos Face Logon Free can not be used in conjunction with Rohos Face Logon Free Software Download or Rohos Face Logon Free Serial Key.

Rohos Face Logon Free is a suite of multi-function software for personal PC. One of them is

Rohos Face Logon Free For Windows

Rohos Face Logon Free is a simple and fast way to log in Windows without the need for a password. In addition, you can also keep track of the people who have tried to log in to your account and make exceptions for people you trust to use your computer.
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Samsung Workplace Plug-in for Windows 8
Samsung Workplace is a part of Samsung’s backup and cloud service, which provides a comprehensive solution that is aimed at helping consumers to secure and protect their personal information. Basically, the application is working as an additional login, which is embedded into the Windows desktop environment. Thus, anytime you log in your Windows 8 system, you are able to use this cloud service without having to introduce a password. This is a very convenient feature but it has a downside. It seems to be very complicated to use and one could get lost in the interface. Sometimes it does not show up on the login screen because it is not sufficiently launched.
The Samsung Windows 8 Data Security Overview
The Samsung Windows 8 Data Security Overview is a neat tool that offers an interesting overview of data we use on our computer and is the thing you’ll notice first. It appears on your desktop and is like a mini inbox. By using it, you will always have the latest information about your data at hand. Moreover, it brings you a very intuitive presentation on your cloud service. On the left side you will see the most recent articles about your data. The most useful thing is that you can use the button on the top right corner to start up the backup and the log in to your account. As you do that, the cloud service will back up your data and give you a chance to log in. The application does not have a password protection so you might want to add a password to it.
Samsung Windows 8 Apps
The Samsung Windows 8 Apps is a new feature in Samsung Business Center that works along with the cloud service. It consists of two tabs: Apps and Settings. The first one, Apps, allows you to use the most popular applications that are already installed on your computer. The second one, Settings, is a complete management panel that permits you to control most of the things in your Windows system, such as automatic updates, antivirus, password protection, and more. The application is shown like a folder on your desktop, which is similar to the Dropbox interface. It is convenient because you do

Rohos Face Logon Free Download

Watch and log every face that entered your home or company. The application is perfect for parents who are worried about their children.
Account is protected by a one-time password that changes each time after entering the correct date and time and is generated from the application.
Remotely control your laptop from any web browser. Send remote desktop commands, shutdown, lock, restart, or log off the computer (if supported by the remote desktop server).
Remote login available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003.
Remote Control over Telnet/SSH and Secure Shell available for Linux and UNIX systems.
Remote Control available for Mac OS X.
Easy to use and configure. Handy utility which immediately starts working on your computer to protect your home or company.
Browse your address book using the map view. Send automated and personalized messages to your contacts using the e-mail send function.
Support of more than 100 languages for spell checking.
Support for passwords saved to web and USB cards.
E-mail support.
Support for the following protocols: SSH, Telnet, Secure Shell (SSH), RDP/RDP (Remote Desktop).
Supported application protocols are: SFTP, FTP, SSH, RDP/RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol).
Unattended installation, disables the user interface. Can be customized.
Very intuitive and easy to use. New users are welcome.
Easy installation, no time consuming wizard to configure.
No modification to the original operating system is required.
Installation is fully automatic, a simple drag and drop.
Save your username and the time you were logged on.
Simple and intuitive registration process.
Transfer data between computers using a USB card.
Personalize passwords using the password editor.
Tired of being spied on?
Switch off the webcam when the laptop is turned off.
Configure new time format with Windows computers.
Change location for remote desktop images on the map.
Allows simultaneous operations between several computers.
Easy configuration with the ‘Remote Control’ mode.


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Google Play reviews now use Google+ so it’s easier to see opinions from people you care about. New reviews will be publicly linked to your Google+ profile. Your name on previous reviews now appears as “A Google User”.

Google Play reviews now use Google+ so it’s easier to see opinions from people you care about. New

What’s New In Rohos Face Logon Free?

DoubleClick-powered search and elimination tool that provides powerful text and binary file search features with the addition of a new program database, which allows you to search and eliminate programs, drivers, and other unwanted files.

It provides an interface that is easier to use, including additional information about the newly found file or program, such as the vendor, version, and application data.

Search and elimination of multiple files and folders at the same time.

One-click file or folder elimination.

Priority-driven displaying of file or folder elimination results.

* Based on the DoubleClick Search engine.

New features:

New database allows you to easily search the Microsoft and third-party database of software products in order to find the exact file you are looking for.

Search for software in the DoubleClick database:
Type in the search criteria as fast as possible. Search criteria processing efficiency is on its peak.

New features:

No need to manually search for the file in the new Search database.

No need to manually remove unwanted applications from the new Application Elimination database.

Search and remove applications or driver easily by clicking on its bar in the main interface.


In addition to the pre-defined search criteria, you can also define your own. It is very convenient.

Dynamic display of the search results:

Toolbar: In the right-hand column of the tool box there is a “Find Now” toolbar, which allows you to navigate through the results of the search and find the software you are looking for.

Tabs: In the left-hand column of the tool box there are 16 tabs: 1) results, 2) newly found, 3) database, 4) files, 5) folders, 6) memory, 7) additional, 8) Internet browser, 9) program elimination, 10) uninstallers, 11) working areas, 12) templates, 13) help, 14) bookmarks, 15) software section, 16) dates. You may switch between these tabs quickly and easily.

Cross linking:

You can link the program’s name to the name of the product page in the new Internet database.

In the list of newly found products, links to the company’s website are given automatically.

Template Database:

Templates allow you to create a new file from scratch or to modify an existing file, which will ensure that the newly created

System Requirements For Rohos Face Logon Free:

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