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Stranded Deep V0.03 – Hotfix 2 (64bit) No Survey No Password 2019 __LINK__


Stranded Deep V0.03 – Hotfix 2 (64bit) No Survey No Password 2019

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Stranded Deep v0.03 – Hotfix 2 (64bit) no survey no password 2019.
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Bugs Fixed (PC/Linux):
1. C# – Memory leak when password has special chars.
2. C# – Class Missing of unknown extension
3. Java – Class Missing of unknown extension
4. Java/C – Not remove files under changed and not update files if changed.
5. Java – QuickVeriFile – Failed to Remove Temporary files
6. Java – Skynet – Failed to Remove Temporary files.
7. C/Java – Auto Login when no password.
8. C/Java – QuickVeriFile – Failed to Remove Temporary files.
9. C/Java – Overwrite *.tmp in CPT with *.txt
10. Java – Remove New Files with Old Version is Good!.
11. Java – Remove Old Files when Exist.
12. Java – Remove Text Files from TextArray.
13. Java – Remove files from TextArray when not changed.
14. Java – remove to old files with failed remove old text files.
15. Java – Remove temporary files failed by processId.
16. C/Java – Remove temporary files failed by processId.
17. Java – password use wrong with special chars in password.
18. Java – Remove Temporary files under different name folder with old version is good.
19. Java – Remove Old Files when Exist.
20. Java – Remove New Files with old version.
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