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STROKE Networking is a beautiful icon collection specially designed for companies dealing with communication services, business development and peer- to- peer networks.
This set includes icons for network technologies and site management such as satellite, video conference, broadband, cookies, virus, security and cluster, media players (control panel, amplifier, audio, loop, shuffle, play list and more), hardware components (cellphone, router, cable modem server, network card, firewall, switch )commonly used file formats (JSP, PHP, ASP, including different figures for files and folders containing such formats) and general internet functions and components (similings, port, password and login). Additionally, each category has a complete subset of adds-on that expands its functionality (add, remove, save, configure and more).


Download ✶✶✶ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download ✶✶✶ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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STROKE Neon Snapshot is a beautiful set of modern icons set specially designed for start-ups, computer games and web applications, with a wide range of preview samples from our icon set of 100+ icons.
This set includes icons for software products (CRM, CMS), application design and debugging (code, components, cell phone), product management (project, estimate, sale and more), internet communication technologies (internet phone, HTTP, TCP/IP, VOIP), office and business (editor, debugger, template, post-it) and other applications (hypertext, banner, business card, news feed).
Not only that, it contains a complete set of adds-on that expands its functionality. One of them allows you to add your own text to the icons.

STROKE Neon is the perfect icon set for software developers and graphic designers that want to design software products, games and user interface elements. It contains a range of popular software and web application products developed by your favorite software and web applications. Together with our newest icon set, Neon Snapshot, STROKE Neon provides a set of high-quality icons that are ready for design, use and print.

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The main goal of STROKE Networking is to provide a rich and complete library of icons for all network related applications (e.g. wireless, computing, e-mail, databses, web, multimedia, databases, hardware, network solutions and other) to help the graphical user interface designers communicate your products better.
STROKE Networking is a product of Videcoder Ltd.
STROKE Networking License: Free to all non-commercial and non-profit users.

The main goal of STROKE Networking is to provide a rich and complete library of icons for all network related applications (e.g. wireless, computing, e-mail, databses, web, multimedia, databases, hardware, network solutions and other) to help the graphical user interface designers communicate your products better.
STROKE Networking is a product of Videcoder Ltd.
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>STROKE Networking can be used for:
– Business Development (work)
– Sales (clients or sites)
– Software Development (pages or programs)
– Networking
>Also, STROKE Networking can help your users to get easily connected to any other Internet site, through the use of its hyperlinks that you can include in any document!
>STROKE Networking was designed to be very flexible so that you can change the context, format and color (excluding the background color) of any given layout.

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What’s New In?

STROKE Networking is a set of beautiful Internet icon for website projects and applications.
All icons in this set are organized into the following categories:
1. Networking and Transport Services
2. Domain and Site Management
3. Tools and Utilities
4. Internet Media and File Format
5. Internet and Computer Applications
6. Internet Navigation
7. Information and Message
8. Mail and E-Mail Client
9. And many more…
Each icon is provided as transparent png and scalable version.
A PDF zip version with a detailed instruction is included in the download.
STROKE Networking includes:
– web site background,
– web browser,
– mail client,
– bulletin board,
– calendar,
– internet access control,
– custom URL,
– bookmarks,
– news and email readers,
– image gallery,
– image view,
– virtual keyboard,
– news feeds,
– chat,
– image viewer,
– weather,
– weather maps,
– date,
– time,
– alarm clock,
– alarm and timer,
– clock,
– locking and unlocking password,
– bank,
– calculator,
– modem,
– clock with calculators,
– speedometer,
– stopwatch,
– inch,
– alarm clock with stopwatch,
– alarm clock with stopwatch and compass,
– windows,
– help,
– exit.
When using the icons in your web page or app, please give credit to the designer.
Need help? Contact us at:
For questions and bug reports, please visit our forums:

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System Requirements For STROKE Networking:

Minimum Requirements:
Operating System: Win XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Recommended Requirements:
Operating System: Win 7, 8, 10
Processor: 3 GHz Quad Core
Memory: 2 GB RAM
For the Beta program we have:
2GB for all Beta players
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Two more Wasteland Beta updates since the