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Published: 14/07/2022 (3 weeks ago)

Whether you are trying to watch foreign films, or you just like having text captions on the screen, subtitles are vital in offering you the complete movie experience.
But, sometimes, these subtitles are not very well made and they may have annoying synchronization issues, or serious translation mistakes that could ruin the movie.
Synchronize SRT files and re-encode them to UTF-8
SubtitleTools is a handy software utility that allows you to modify almost every aspect of your subtitle documents and keep the highest standards when it comes to synchronization or translation quality. One of the major problems found in most text caption is the improper timing, which causes the subtitles to lag behind or be ahead of the actual dialog lines. SubtitleTools enables you to fix this issue by shifting time spans and correcting any synchronization mistakes.
The application also supports UTF-8 conversion, which allows the newly created documents to include a wide array of extra symbols and characters used in many foreign languages. The encoding can be performed on SRTs written in any language or dialect.
Edit the actual subtitle text and merge SRT files
To be classified as a fully-featured subtitle utility, SubtitleTools needs to be able to edit the actual subtitle text. Although it cannot create new ones from scratch, the application gives you complete control over every aspect of the SRT file, including row deletion and content addition.
As a nice extra feature, a file merger is also included in the available function palette. This allows you to join to subtitle documents together, ideal for two-part movie files that have been externally merged and you need the text captions added as well. The starting point for the second part can be manually introduced to ensure proper synchronization.
In conclusion
Beside the already mentioned features, SubtitleTools is also capable of downloading subtitles from websites such as OSDB and even upload new ones to the same service, as well as search IMDB ratings and weblinks directly from inside the application.
All in all, there are few things you cannot do with SubtitleTools, while the intuitive interface makes it even easier to achieve the best results when it comes to your movie subtitles.







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SubtitleTools Activation Code is an subtitle editing software that allows users to customize subtitles of any movie.
The software has several features:
Create new SRT files. Edit existing SRT files and merge different subtitles into one file.
Edit any SRT file with unlimited time. Edit the values of subtitles like start time, end time, text style and more.
Download subtitles from
Add caption to video from IMDB.
What’s New in Version
Fixed minor bugs in bug fixing updates.
Install SubtitleTools on Mac OS X
SubtitleTools allows you to change the original subtitles in a movie, so it helps the user and the producer to keep a legal copy of the video.
To install, download the installer file and double-click on it. Follow the instructions inside the setup wizard to continue with the installation process.

SubtitlesFly is a program that allows you to change the subtitles of your video to get rid of the language barrier and enjoy the movie in the language of your choice.
It is very easy to use and allows you to change in an instant the subtitles of your video, or even view the original subtitles.
More about SubtitlesFly:
– Generate SRT Subtitle files from the original AVI file in a single step.
– No need for any subtitles package (extra data, etc…).
– Generate SRT Subtitle files in a wide variety of languages.
– Choose automatically between English, French, Spanish and Italian subtitles.
– If the video file is in AVI or MKV, you can select the subtitles without producing SRT files.
– AVI, TS, MKV and 3GP file format support.
– Generate subtitles using parallel, sequential or both subtitles at the same time.
– Automatic subtitle detection on the text shown in your video.
– Excellent compatibility with the latest multimedia players and video players.
– Generate a single or multi-language SRT file.
– Generate a.tts or.vtt file.
What’s New in SubtitlesFly 1.2.0:
– SubtitlesFly has improved the list of languages, thanks to that users now can enjoy movies in 20 more languages.
– Advanced logo creation.
– SubtitlesFly now is compatible with 3D movies to provide a more pleasant viewing experience.
– Many other improvements and fixes.

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SubtitleTools 2022 Crack is a free subtitle translation and modification utility that was developed with the purpose of making it easy to convert, synchronize, merge, and organize subtitles. The software has been tailored to make creating captions simple, and to integrate seamlessly with any subtitles database, web service, and website.
You can go through this official website to get SubtitleTools full version.

Carbon Copy is a tool that allows you to make backups of your sensitive files in a very safe manner. To see all the options, simply follow the steps below.

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Carbon Copy is a tool that allows you to make backups of your sensitive files in a very safe manner. Carbon Copy is not only one of the safest and most secured compression software, but it also does not really affect file size and integrity.

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Text Captions Editing. Automatically synchronizes the start time with the actual dialog lines. Editing and merging SRT files. Split SRT files into a new document. Add text titles to individual subtitle lines. Translate SRT files to many languages. Compatible with IMDB and/or OSDB. Download subtitles from these movie resources. Download subtitles to them from Google, IMDB and/or OSDB. Extract subtitles from YouTube videos. SRT timeline in a vertical window. Add more than one extension. Support for UTF-8 and ANSI codification.Microelectrode junction potential for the coaxial electrode design.
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What’s New in the SubtitleTools?

• High-quality synchronization
• Edit the actual subtitle text and merge SRT files
• Convert SRTs to UTF-8 format and search IMDB ratings and weblinks directly from within the application

SRI Subtitle Rotator is an advanced and highly customizable subtitle rotating tool that enables you to rotate the subtitles as well as the dialogs in the screen.
What makes SRI Subtitle Rotator powerful is its ability to automatically detect the length of subtitles in the video. As a result, you can modify the subtitles based on the length of the screen video and not the length of the actual subtitle documents. This allows you to add long subtitles easily by simply moving a few lines upward, or delete subtitles from the dialog by dragging it in the wrong position.
In addition to subtitles, SRI Subtitle Rotator also allows you to rotate the dialogs in the screen. This is done simply by dragging the selected area of the screen, or you can use the more advanced technique that enables you to fine-tune the rotation frame.
SRI Subtitle Rotator also allows you to customize the coloration of the subtitle depending on the dialog coloration, and even highlights the subtitle text with any color when the dialog is in focus.
SubtitleRotator Description:
• High-quality synchronization
• Edit the actual subtitle text and merge SRT files
• Convert SRTs to UTF-8 format and search IMDB ratings and weblinks directly from within the application

The HRT Subtitles Ripper is a video subtitle converter that allows you to change or add subtitles with just a few easy steps. Unlike most automatic subtitle converters available, HRT Subtitles Ripper allows you to specify the language, the subtitle position, and the format in which you would like the output subtitles to be written.
It is completely free to use, and you can simply use it as a standalone software or integrate it into your own application through the API.
HRT Subtitles Ripper Description:
• Change or add subtitles using its simple wizard
• High-quality synchronization
• Convert SRT to MXF and keep the original format of the video
• Support for many languages and subtitles formats

SubtitleRipper is a powerful and advanced subtitle converter that allows you to modify the text caption of any video. It has two modes of operation:
• Convert SRT documents to MXF (MPEG-2 Transport Stream) and MXF files can be read

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